Miller-Heidke, Kate - Zero Gravity Lyrics

Hey you
It's me again
Hey you
Stone in my shoe

I've been aching
Feeling low
You're so heavy
I have got to let you go

I'm going with ze-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-ero
Zero gravity
I'm free

Hey you (hey you, hey you, hey you)
Lock with no key
Hey you (hey you, hey you, hey you)
Earth with no sea

I've been freezing
On the ground
You're so heavy
I can't let you keep me down, anymore

Oh ze-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-ero
(And it feels like)
(And it feels like)
(And it feels like)
(And it feels like)

Nothing holding me down
Nothing holding me down
Nothing holding me down now
Nothing holding me down
Nothing holding me down
Nothing holding me down
Nothing holding me down now
Nothing holding me down

(Nothing holding me down)
(Nothing holding me down)
(Nothing holding me down now)
(Nothing holding me down)
(Nothing holding me down)
(Nothing holding me down)
(Nothing holding me down now)
(Nothing holding me down)
(Nothing holding me down)
(Nothing holding me down)
(Nothing holding me down now)
(Nothing holding me down)
(Nothing holding me down)
(Nothing holding me down)

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Miller-Heidke, Kate Zero Gravity Comments
  1. Preshant Kevish Kharag

    January 2020

  2. Trent May

    Anyone still watching and wondering how this only came 9th? This is the ultimate multitasking!😂

  3. Jonaaa XCX

    Everybody is like: "What a great performance" or "She was robbed!"

    And there's me asking myself: "How tf did they get on these sticks?"

  4. yutubve

    La puesta en escena es una puta locura, pero original como ella sola

  5. quinten de wilde

    Woww, I did not knew glinda dit compete in Eurovision. I thought she only did Wicked. Except from flying in bubbles she can also fly and sing on a swinging pole!?!?😱😱😱 a real witch she is

  6. Mota

    High and high and we travel Univerese...

  7. Atlantis Greekboy87

    Coming back for more 2020?

  8. Cool Ari

    I love you and your voice you are my idol and authority. It is a bautyfull song and text. I want to sing like yoy.

  9. Mimi Zarri

    Wonderful staging the Best in the contest 👏👏👏👏

  10. Dennis Lyne

    sia is better

  11. Trent May

    Wowwwww and I thought that Dami Im was robbed... This is beyond robbery.... 9TH FUDGING PLACE?!?!?!? I’m so sorry that this happened Australia you deserved so much better (9th is still amazing tho tbh, and winning Semi Final 1).

  12. Yatter Knox

    So unfair, she deserved to win or at least she deserved being in a better position 😞

  13. Daniil Pirozhkov

    You know what, if Electric Fields (love them, very good song) would go to Eurovision, we would never see this masterpiece though...

  14. MatSKULLZ

    Wow. Just wow

  15. Henrik Kristensen

    is still historic, an amazing performance! Yes, Australia belongs in the Eurovision.

  16. Kevin Pacheco

    2020 And I keep thinking this should have won

    Trent May

    Kevin Pacheco can’t agree more🇦🇺💙❤️

  17. Ivan Sean

    This song is the counterpart of La Forza...

  18. Dürdane Baydoğan

    Our favorite europen country

  19. NCC 1701

    Seriously. Thats an awful song. Especially the male back up singer.... WTF

  20. Cassandra Rodén ft From Russia With Metalheads

    Happy new year!!!

  21. Дженифер Лопес

    высший пилотаж

  22. Mezahir Hesimov


  23. הפלנטה של נטע

    Kate:*nothing holding me down*
    Me:but you can clearly see the pole...



  25. LifeIsGrey

    Such a moving climax! It was exhilarating !

  26. Гопник

    0:42 Crowd singing along with her gives shivers down my bone. I can't even begin to imagine how incredible she would've felt then. Best performance and song. Deserve all the love it gets and much much more really. <3

  27. Eddie Poole

    geile show, aber scheiß lied.

    αντίκα πολεμιστής

    Hast du überhaupt die Lyrics und das Lied verstanden?

    Eddie Poole

    @αντίκα πολεμιστής die lyrics schon. aber die musik kackt voll rein.

  28. Stefano Pinna


  29. Leonie

    I just wanted to say that she was trying to describe the feeling of getting rid of a depression because I think many people don't know that and for me it makes this song even more special

  30. Mattiaxish

    This is still a winner for me. What a talent, who can sing like that on a moving pole.....

  31. Ardan

    If you press the play botton in december 31 at 23:57:44 pm you will start the new year with the epic part.

    Trent May

    Ardan I wish I saw this earlier!!!!!

  32. Vlad Shidlovski

    das ist beste

  33. RockandroIIer

    Thank you Australia !

  34. xxTomxx

    2016: Australia sends a woman who looks like Mulan at prom
    2017: Australia sends a guy who looks like he just graduated high school
    2018: Australia sends a drunk woman who goes to too many parties
    2019: Australia sends a woman with tickle issues

    Megan Patterson

    Just shows how little you know about Australia! We have the best singers around and such a diverse culture. Seems like some Europeans are jealous of this. 2015: 5th, 2016:2nd


    I know! I am an Australian too! So I did not mean to offend anyone about their sendings, it just shows how much AU has changed!

    No You

    Not necessarily "change", it just shows how Australia isnt sending the same stuff like Sweden

    Trent May

    Ladal much love from Australia💙❤️😂😂😂

  35. hariel tom

    Elle méritait un meilleur classement

  36. Nick van Betuw

    It's the kinda song for a Disney Movie
    But its great 👍

  37. TD B

    Even if you watch 'the voice Australia' or Australia's Got Talent, you'll see the Aussies are absolute experts at staging and putting on a captivating performance. They just have a strange god given talent for entertaining.

  38. apple pie

    I can't even remember the winner or any other contestants this year, I just come back to this one <3

    Jeff Bruce

    I am the same. This song and performance were unforgettable. Should have been placed in the Top 3

  39. Marlenn

    2:29 I love the moment when they're moving... like flowers... on the wind :D

  40. Larkfeast

    The Judges voted her as #1

    Regulus Arcturus

    They didn't. She finished 7th in the jury vote.


    @Regulus Arcturus I didnt say Jury did I????

    Go look it up. Judges awarded her 1st to win Artistic award.

  41. Gio sleeping


  42. петр петров


  43. Miguel Almeida

    Sergey Lazarev @2016: No one can beat my stage
    Kate @2019: Hold my gravity

  44. AH VoiD

    incredible song and show

  45. AF Aaronfernandezmoda

    La mejor canción y performance de eurovision, no escucharon la voz? Todas las notas perfectas aun estando ahí arriba moviéndose en el aire!!! Porfavor 🙌🏻🌟 brutal no me canso de verlo

  46. World Review


  47. Placuszki mmm69

    Patyki w dupie ma i lata

  48. 12 ijay

    3:05 👌🏻🤣

  49. Travis Wruck

    We are sending SIA next year lol GOOD LUCK to the rest of the comp

  50. philphy101

    Singing on point, but a banger this is not.

  51. בני הגבר

    היא מטורפת!!!!!!!

    World Review

    בני הגבר אתה צודק

  52. Margarita Dubalari

    До сих пор считаю что этот номер один из самых грандиозных за всю историю Евровидения! Бравооооооо!!!

  53. Ben Phillip

    Voice - YES - 12 points
    Dress - YES - 12 points
    Vocals - YES - 12 points
    Staging - YES - 12 points
    Originality - YES - 12 points
    Song - YES - 12 points
    Look - YES - 12 points

    Europeans - “Wtf last time I checked Australia is not in Europe Hihihi Hahaha wtffff oh my goshhh” -1000 points 🙄😤

  54. nenad

    is this Eurovision or worldvision,,,I don't understand

    Regulus Arcturus

    Geographical location has never been a requirement for participating in Eurovision. Check the rules.


    its always so,sorry you don't see it


    I want to say when to vote

    Regulus Arcturus

    @nenad That makes no sense in English.


    im not englishman,again everyone votes for whoever he likes regardless of the quality of the song so he often wins who did not deserve if you understand now

  55. D.O

    Elsa on acid!

  56. Callum

    I wish the UK put the same amount of effort into Eurovision as Australia does!

    αντίκα πολεμιστής

    Standard of the contest? Didn't you read what I said. I said they're to good for Eurovision. Outside of Eurovision this would have classified as masterpiece and would have went well. Kate Miller became only 9th place. No appreciation for real music. This song and performance was unique and outstanding.


    @αντίκα πολεμιστής Did you not read what I said?

    Australia competing (sending songs like this) increases the standard of the contest and can only encourage other countries to not send cheesy pop crap. Let's be honest, most people wouldn't even know of this artist/song if Katie wasn't competing in Eurovision. It's a good performance but not a winner.

    αντίκα πολεμιστής

    @Callum Cause she's not doing pop crap. Eurovision never was about dance floor and pop songs. The chances don't increase at all. How is this not a winner. The standard never was about dance floor and pop songs. This is the most unique performance and song. It's to good for Eurovision since Eurovision turned in to generetic pop fest. Also most of the people competing with pop songs, people don't know them either and yet they do much better.


    @αντίκα πολεμιστής Your opinion

    αντίκα πολεμιστής

    Neither of it is my opinion. They're facts. The effort they give to EuroVision is TOO good for Eurovision. Send a generetic pop song and it will do better. Cause people forgot what Eurovision was actually about.

  57. sarah m.

    that's glinda from wicked

  58. joe dursi

    fun fact: that high note was a D on the sixth octave

  59. Cynthia F

    Amazing performance! Cannot get enough of this song.. still listening in November ...

  60. Widdekuu91

    Zero gravity, she'd fall of the earth.

  61. Jarrod Camilleri

    I was do scared the pole was going to snap when she was spinning around. Wow. I would have been freaking out up there ! Talented performance.

  62. Dionisis Aslanidis

    Legend says she's still going with Zero Gravity.

  63. Alelduil Siannolenn

    My opinion - THIS is a winner!

  64. DarthCipient


    World Review

    DarthCipient נכון

  65. Maryla Rodowicz

    I also want to rock on such stick

  66. Вика Викунья

    Конец ноября 2019. Захотелось послушать)

  67. Liran Kaplan

    She is amazing!

  68. Izel

    Am Anfang des Liedes: „wtf was ist das denn ?“


  69. nikolygtx

    Weird i always thought that they use English there

  70. The Legoist

    Singer:nothing holding me down

    Me:no kidding

  71. setheurovision94

    This should've been the winner. Not the Netherlands, not North Macedonia and not Norway. Australia, however... wow! Beautiful song, perfect and commanding performance and a unique, groundbreaking staging, all forming a kind of act never before seen in Eurovision, one that I am completely captivated by every single time. This is the kind of song that's supposed to win competitions like this.


    Netherlands did good though

  72. El Australiano


  73. El Pepino Digital

    Por donde tienen metido el palo?

  74. Natali Reis

    Love Austrália 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💞😘

  75. KenDall

    ❤🐋🌺 Australia

  76. S!rum3n

    One thing I never understand about Eurovision is the fact that they allow the show to be hosted in Israel, an intercontinental country, if they win, yet they don’t allow Australia, another intercontinental country, to host it and instead give rights to the UK or some other country. Further reason why nobody wants masterpieces like this to win in fear of triggering anger from the Australian Eurovision fans like myself.

    Jose Uribe

    S!rum3n cause 40 European countries don’t want to take a 20 hour flight. And broadcast the show at a weird time.

    stephen s

    Uh the majority of other Australians I've spoken to are simply happy to be involved and aren't so entitled that we would actually be angry about joining forces with another country to host.

  77. Glen Assenheim

    Even though I'm an Aussie, I've always been fair, but 9th for such an impressive performance, Yeah...NUP.

  78. xXmlgamingXx

    I’m upset it didn’t win the Eurovision!

  79. Knight Chime

    "Thank you Europe!" while in Israel

  80. Elena Coustaury

    ElenaCoustaury. Love you 😍

  81. hi bich

    Greatest song/performance in eurovision.Australia congrats you have been robbed big time.🤣😅

  82. Eva Stapaard

    still love this song....!

  83. loskri7

    For some reason, I only watched this year's Eurovision about a week ago. And while I was watching this performance at some point I realized I was thinking "Ok, how do I vote for this one?...Oh, no, it's October...". I sincerely think, that ever since Australia has joined the Eurovision family, the general level of the Eurovision has improved significantly. It's devastating, that this performance didn't get the eventual place it deserved.

  84. Cristian Valenzuela

    Is my idea, their voice is very similar to Kari Rueslatten (Norwegian singer) nice performance and epic voice, good job Australia

  85. TheGoldenEnderTGE

    *It's big brain time*

  86. Kaoru Shiroe


  87. everlongs

    2009: Last Day On Earth
    2019: Zero Gravity

  88. Daenerys

    She deserves more than 9 place

  89. S G

    Should have won!!!!!!!!!!

  90. P LC

    This was a much better performance than the other ones. No idea how she maintained her breath control

  91. incognitoct

    One of the best performances on Eurosong, ever

    Barbara Petr

    Difficile de faire mieux

  92. Zoran Bošnjak

    wow ... just wow! Song and voice are incredible! I got chills across body while listening. And yes, I also worried she would drop the mic. I think she had backup solution, maybe another one inside her boobs.

  93. Salbelm

    My winner of 2019
    - Voice in point
    - Amazing staging
    - Wonderful dress
    12 from France, well done

  94. Lola Cassie

    I loveeee heeeeeeeeer 😍🌹🥰😒🥰🥰 grettings from Kosovo

  95. nrams nramsa

    Bravo 👏👏😇⭐

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    Luke Saxton

    Eurovision Song Contest why wasn't she number 1!!! Absolutely fucking amazing!!!!!

    Trent May

    Luke Saxton you can fucking say that again!🇦🇺

    MXP Liam

    Trent May you cant say it either 😂

    Trent May

    MXP_Liam what?