Miller, Bea - Open Your Eyes Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Water and light
This is us
History falling down
Hope rising up
We're the here and now
All that came before
Can not stay asleep
We're not children anymore

We can fight the dark
This is who we are
There's a new light coming
Finally had enough
Finally waking up
To who we are becoming
Open your eyes! [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Will you be my love
Will you go with me
Are you who I dreamed?
Or just a memory
Will you understand
What I have to do
Will you be the man
The one I thought I knew


Into the deep blue
We'll do this together
Water and fire
Reach higher
There's no turning back

Open your eyes!


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Miller, Bea Open Your Eyes Comments
  1. Caroline

    I want a movie soooo badly, but *not* like the animation. They look nothing like they are described as in the book.

  2. Kajal Muchhadiya

    Hi one like from India 🇮🇳 but this is song is excellent

  3. hanna :0

    Wow...5 years.... You were my childhood.

  4. Xale l'ombre de geek !

    Love u B

  5. Xale l'ombre de geek !

    Open your eyes: Walking Dead: Siddiq's death


  6. Lady S

    it's been 5 years... im speechless

  7. Sand Seal

    It makes be unnaturally happy to see other people who love the Deep Blue series as much as I do.❤

  8. Gerald Forpresident

    Wow just found the book deep blue at the library, didn’t know it was a book

  9. Avis Swiftroad

    Why is the song not in Spotify!? 🙁

  10. Avis Swiftroad

    November 2019? Anyone? 🔥

  11. Rosie Spiller

    It’s all different colours, blue, brown and green,
    In some places it’s filthy, in others it’s clean.
    It can be calm and still, both over and under,
    Or it can rage, and tear worlds asunder.
    Powerful enough to break a bone,
    But patient enough to wear away stone.
    It’s all around us, teeming with life,
    Perhaps in some order, perhaps running rife.
    We know it so well and yet so little,
    And even so, our knowledge is brittle.
    It’s part of our lives but it’s not ours to keep,
    The beautiful world of the unknown deep.

  12. lilia lili

    who listens in 2019 ?

  13. jose lopez

    Wow she was only like 15 or 16 when this came out. So talented for such a young age!

  14. Nana Fahad

    2019? Anyone?

  15. adum jb


  16. Harry Potter chanel

    Which is your favourite mermaid?

    Sand Seal

    Serafina or Astrid. I love Ling also. Agh I can't decide.😂

  17. Tyuiqywt Tyuiqywt

    October 2019? Even 2020 😂

  18. Isabel Kyle

    2019 anyone??♥️♥️🌊🌊

  19. A Dooley


  20. Natalia Herrera

    Amo esta..✨

  21. Kajal Muchhadiya

    I m from India 🇮🇳 🎼 🎵 this English song open eyes is excellent

  22. Eryn Little

  23. Eryn Little

    if anyone wants to read ill leave a link

  24. Eryn Little

    i seriously did write a fanfic based on this song and my fave disney movie!

  25. sunset lover

    Heyo! July 2019???

  26. Eryn Little

    i wrote a fanfic after i heard this song i only have 2 chapters so far

  27. Eryn Little

    out of all their movies which is your favorite

  28. Eryn Little

    do like disney!

  29. Eryn Little

    especially this song!

  30. Eryn Little

    i love your music!

  31. Eryn Little

    i love your music! especially this song!

  32. Eryn Little

    best song ever!

  33. Công Minh Hoàng

    So good

  34. Teala Foster


  35. Ashton Savoy

    2019 ? Where you at ? 🤪

  36. Wang Puppy

    Read all the books... still waiting for the movie... plz ;-;

  37. Queen Miku

    I read all the books and they were amazing

  38. Maria Justice

    not an apology her best album

  39. Maria Justice

    shes the best era of her discografia

  40. ivana xd


  41. gemma lascano

    Who’s watching? 2019

  42. Fury Джек

    i love !! no the like it't

  43. Jaime Lee

    Omg this is the song for deep blue I love those books 😻😻😍😍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  44. Gorgeously Gabbie

    It's been four years man. Damn, time flies. I need a movie about the water fire saga NOW Disney and Jennifer Donnaelly

  45. holytearr

    2019 🤔

  46. Lucille Montague

    The weird thing is that I liked Bea Miller and WaterFire before I saw this, and now I love them both 100000% more!!!!

  47. Tiana Avery

    It’s been 5 years omg

  48. Shirley

    Try 1.25x

  49. heydisme

    omg i remember having all her songs on repeat when i was younger 😭

  50. Nagisa Hidaka

    I really really really really love this song, etc

  51. Michael Rauch

    Still epic

  52. Hayley Gigante

    February 2019

  53. thong daikaxc

    I loving youuuuuuuuu <3

  54. Alexa Breen

    2019 anyone??

  55. Anandita Islam

    2019 anyone? 😂

  56. Meraal Hasan

    The songs nice tho

  57. Meraal Hasan

    The video tho lol

  58. Meraal Hasan

    2019 here

  59. annabettie lurus

    2019 and im here🖤

  60. roses and guns

    she was just 15... OMG

  61. Kruz Alvarez

    2019 anyone ?

  62. 27 07

    2019? Anyone?

  63. Oijae

    Damn 5 years


    I started reading this book and it it really good. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  65. Radica Dimova

    My favorite song

  66. Alexa B

    Legit I’ve been a HUGE Bea Miller fan for 4 years and always skipped this song....
    I’ve been missing out man

  67. anime/cartoon girl 15

    The animation is really gorgeous😍😍

  68. Angelica


  69. Crazy Weirdo


    Im from the future

  70. Angelica Hamillton

    When this song came out U thought there would be a movie

  71. Andressa da silva

    Brasileiro 🇧🇷 link

  72. lynxadventure21 Ana

    Will this song be offered on Spotify? I can't find it.

  73. lynxadventure21 Ana

    An watching in 2018 and I'm willing to bet I still will be in 2019

  74. Ryan

    You are how I imagined Astrid Kollfinsdottir!!

  75. Ryan

    Jennifer Donnelly needs to get on making the movies!!

  76. Ryan


  77. Sleepy time sadness

    She looks different here than she looks now

  78. Ashleigh Gray

    I love this song but I can’t find it on Spotify

  79. Vera Lucia

    Sou brasileira e amo a BEA MILLER 😍😘😗😙❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 😙

  80. Arctic Ninja Fox

    Who’s still listening in 2020?

  81. weffk kock

    Tantos años y sigo buscando el libro :'v

  82. Ireland Mahadeo

    Doesn’t she remind you of Astrid? Any one seen the cover of sea spell? Then you know what she look like

  83. M M

    I make a movie

  84. kirumi tojo

    Bea = sea 🌊🏖〰

    Open eyes

  85. Miaoyi Hu

    I’ve actually read the entire series of Waterfire Saga! :p


    It feels like there shod be a fifth book!

  86. Ali D.

    September 2018

  87. Ulul Azmi

    so beautifull bea miller...
    nice song !

  88. DAMAProductions

    You have beautiful voice!
    I am on Rogue Wave right now, chapter eleven! Great book!

  89. anime/cartoon girl 15

    The animation is sooo beautiful😍😍

  90. ItzKenna

    I just finished he book today!! On to the next one

  91. シtae

    I’m currently reading dark tide and I am on page 300. My friend is reading Deep Blue, one of my friends is reading sea spell and my other friend is reading rogue wave, ikr we are true Jennifer Donnelly fans! 😆 we need a movie!!! Please!!

    Jennifer Donnelly

    I agree! I'd LOVE to see this made into a movie one day! 😉 Glad you and your merlfriends are enjoying the Waterfire Saga!


    Jennifer Donnelly :)


    I’m already done with dark tide and deep blue lol I’m missing rogue wave and sea spell lol

  92. Jaehyuns Bread


  93. khaliq rehman

    OMG!! I love the series I've read all four and they're amazing!!! I really hope they make a movie out of it aswell.whos your favourite character?


    Mine was orfeo without a doubt