Millencolin - Random I Am Lyrics

Every morning, it's a new surprise
don't know who I am before I roll the dice
the options is the only thing that I decide
you see, I live for the moment now
I never did before, with all and everything I sweap the floor
random I am, I never give a damn about what's gonna happen next
my wife and kids they left me and my job is just a memory
but that's the kind of price you've got to pay
if you're gonna go your own way
solving problems can be done in many ways

I don't care, I just roll the dice.
It's o.k., 'cause I just have to pretend that I am someone else.

Get rid of all the habits now that's the plan
come on and try it and you'll feel grand
the first step is the hardest step to take
imagination is the only brake
just roll the dice and everything will turn out nice
you can be who you wanna be
do what you wanna do and do it how you like
this is my way of getting through the day, but I still don't know.

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Millencolin Random I Am Comments
  1. daniel chigurh

    when i first hears this song i though his wife and kids where lucky cuz he left his job behind..this is a bummer.

  2. Sean Harris

    The secret to every bit of success, I've ever had in my life.

  3. Mario D. Zmaj

    jesus this is 20 years ago ... I'm getting so old

    marie guettib

    Joint the club 🙄😉

  4. Guilherme Nascimento Costa

    I still don't know.

  5. Eddy Atthill

    One of the best songs ever!


    You are Funny xD

    Michael Jones

    Yup. This song shaped my life.

  6. Punk Greenwood

    For monkeys, Tiny Tunes and Life on a plate are the best 3 albums cuz they are from the 90's and the guys were more ska punk. I wish they would return to their roots. OMFG I wish to go back in the 90's and be young again!!! XD haha


    Punk Greenwood Pennybridge was good too

  7. latoya Merrit

    Great song one of there best !

  8. mike jones

    music thats so good you wanna show someone

  9. squibblejack

    yeah !!!!!

  10. clim1988

    Five views my ass.