Millencolin - Punk Rock Rebel Lyrics

Hardcore skater used to be
One of few who inspired me
To get into the punkrock scene
the year I turned seventeen

Our first song ever Danny wrote
For teenage angst he was the antidote
An uncut diamond full of strife
His first demo changed my life

He's a rebel it's plain to see
Punk rock rebel so full of strife
He's a rebel and he'll always be
Someone who changed my life

It takes a lot for a man to stay unbowed
He's the one and only "Svag and proud"
Partners we have been in crime
And in music from time to time

Although most known for his drinking skills
It's not the side of him that gives me thrills
It's the gifted poet I see in Dan
To me he'll always be "the man"

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Millencolin Punk Rock Rebel Comments
  1. tyler Richard Pinto

    It's a good song to

  2. tyler Richard Pinto

    I'm trouble I'm not nice punk rock I'm troubled making punk rock and went to jail for violence and they so violence grows I'm rebellious like next it's more trouble and trouble for ethernet so I'm rebal punk not good like the had before so ha ya it cool I'm punk I'm looking for more trouble a head of me love punk rock rebal punk is for me ya no as to pick people of I'm punk rock going to be hard core on the radio that's me trying break the law and ended up in the hospital for being such a rebel and I'm not a good person rebal punk me punk rock life for me hell ya next is with my bass ball bates witch is called ethernet trouble such. as punks I'm I'm in the trouble are I am the trouble


    Dang man

  3. Crystal Monday

    Actually David Steven Collison brought me here...

  4. Crystal Monday

    Henry Rollins brought me here...


    I found this song on Spotify randomly

  5. Afterburner

    so fucking catchy!

  6. Skyler G

    thank god for drop in tv for showing this song, steve romanuik hitting HUGE JUMPS to this song

  7. Alexandre Faria

    faning the fire song


    Alexandre Faria HECK YEAH!

  8. Vini Andrade

    I can't find a vid of em playing this song live :(

  9. Gerard Jerry

    So true this song !

  10. goomba008

    Hell this album is shit.

    Guido Varga

    goomba008 compared to Pennybridge pionners, Life on a Plate o For monkeys mmm.... maybe

  11. MrPablodiego

    Great song!!

  12. Felipe Faillace Salazar

    HE'S A REBEL!!!!!

  13. Scott Martin