Millencolin - Nosepicker Lyrics

You pick your nose while I'm watching
and I'm quite impressed
if you pick again, pick one for your friends
they're leaving you, leaving you all alone
When you're in the mood to do the stuff that you'll regret
then take a knife, it could end your life.

It's your nose that you are picking
It's your choice to pick your nose and think
It's groce to pick your nose like that in front of all your so called friends
but if it makes you feel better than this story's rather sad.

Just let me tell you what i think
I think you really stink
you took my feelings and went away, stay away
is it enough or do you want some more?

I will never open my door for you anymore
if you don't change your way, stay away.

I don't want to ask you another question
about me and you, because you don't care

Nosepicker told me, plug your finger and keep on picking
But don't pick on me, I'm in your dreams in color
and i think I'll stay there for long
Forget the time, it's pointing at you
You must be bad, must be bad, must be rather sad.

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Millencolin Nosepicker Comments
  1. Ангел Пасков

    My picking it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Forrest Weber

    What is the "(bildspel)" part written in the description mean?

    Jim M 75


  3. Rosamel Fierro

    Is your choice ...

  4. doran escobaba

    noch jemand wegen Bonez hier?^^


    Wie kommste auf sone Pisse ?


    Was ist Bonez?


    Bonez MC .. Kopf der 187 Straßenbande

  5. elspleendeparis

    Could someone tell me what the meaning of the song is?

    Forrest Weber

    elspleendeparis I feel like the problem he has with who ever the song is referring to, namely, that they're a nose picker, is just a place holder for any number of other issues between two people (drugs, cheating, etc.)

    Mario D. Zmaj

    People always add meaning to the songs that isn't there, how the hell did you get from nose picking to drugs and cheating? Wth went wrong with your life to be such a negative nancy :O

    Forrest Weber

    Mario D. Zmaj the way he tells them to change their ways and that their actions have hurt his feelings are indicative of a bigger issue than just mining for nose gold. Then again, I could be wrong, it's just my thoughts on it.

    Ангел Пасков

    @telenofunken lmao....cocaine?Dont look for a calf under the bull 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.On the other hand i will ask if you gonna do a handshake with someone after you just saw him picking his nose?

  6. telenofunken

    se tratan de la cocaina?

  7. Archie Moss

    @ithaley Wikipedia em man, pretty sick punk band from Sweden. Not that small so you should be able to find some shit on them. Made quite a few albums but if you like this faster sort of skate punk stuff (like I do) i recommend the albums Life On A Plate and For Monkeys :)

  8. ithaley

    i just discovered these guys and can't find any info on them anywhere, besides that everyone was really young when they remember listening to them, im a skater and love this stuff.

  9. tim bim

    ahh memories..

  10. 50 cent's Financial Advisor


    i got into Millencolin in '96. Their music isnt that hard to find. Their music has featured on video games such as Tony Hawk's pro skater, so i wouldnt say that they aren't famous.

  11. Lucas Fiele

    Great song! is really awesome!
    Millencolin is an exelent band. This is my favorite band :D
    Thank you vert much for upload this video!!!

  12. DKR CREW

    The ska tact in the end really rocks!

  13. felipehxcxbr

    the guitar in this music is fucking awesome

  14. sey1

    since when millencolin isnt famous? If you are listening to Punk theres no way around millencolin. Cd and Live great Band. ANd this song was actually my first favourite Punk Song. Hell how much drinking, fking and rioting :) well about 8 years ago... oO