Millencolin - Melack Lyrics

So what if I don't understand
I'll always be an equal man to myself
I don't know who he is, I don't know what he thinks
But he gives me a sign, I wanna read all the unknown lines.

There's a man outside my window, he has no control.

When I travel deep, it's like a mystic sleep
I got my feet on the ground
I'm on my way to the unknown land.

Now it's time to get concrete
Feel the inside of me deep
when he calls me I won't open up the door
Oh, will I have the chance to rule my life like before

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Millencolin Melack Comments
  1. Matt Smith

    7:41 -- New Girl by Suicide Machines

  2. Matt Smith

    Thanks for the upload!


    pain 13:34

  4. Sebastian Gustafsson Oh, life goes on.,