Millencolin - Entrance At Rudebrook Lyrics

The joy and the pain, it's all in the game
but right now the joy's far away
we're gonna take it back to how it was before now
so what if we're last, so what if we're gone
you're waiting for that day, but I know it won't come
we've reached the bottom and now we're just looking forward.

For twelve years I've been down
but I'm not whining, I'm still smiling
and I'm still around every night.

Every Sunday or Wednesday I'll be there
with all the other folks biting those nails
and some of us I know that we would die for you
and maybe you think it's just cause I have my smartcard
but forget that pal, tell you what
we're in it and we're in it to win it.

So many hours spent in that building
and all the memories divine
just a few more seasons, then we'll be back.

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Millencolin Entrance At Rudebrook Comments
  1. Oskar Heiße

    another skate anthem

  2. Diego

    I still remember those highschool days skating near the beach... i love this song!!

  3. martin falcon

    Love those Millenconlin days. The best time of my life: rainy/sunny days and skate!

    Karina Danke

    I love U! <3

    martin falcon

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Éder 77

    Same here pal.

  4. _mCmayhem_

    reminds me of my bmx days! goodtimes, good people. damn new generation

  5. Lucas Caldas

    but I'm not whining, I'm still smiling
    I'm still around every night

  6. RabidDog7

    Have this on my ipod forever!

    Tim Bauer

    Still on it?

  7. Cesar Nakashima

    goood times (:

  8. oxygene3131

    They don't make 'em like this anymore
    Shame really...

  9. oister781

    Its been 12 years and I'm still down

  10. Marc Fischer

    30 fucking years old, still skating around...listen to millencolin,nofx,lag wagon...having fun....i love my life :D


    story of my life.. but.. wish i'd skate mor and work less!!!!!

    Zachary Stanaford

    Nice man im doin that now XD

  11. migue zarry

    have a look at this one
    the alternative version
    i´ve just upleade it

  12. loserhero1982

    memories of coming home drunk from parties and blasting this as loud as possible I love this song

  13. Desmond Son aka cloud9savagehenry

    I'm still around every night.


    yeah, we was skating the orical loading bays in reading with this playin on a shitty old tape player. gettting as much in b4 the guards caught us :)

  15. loserhero1982

    so many memories This was my favorite

  16. quenoestamostanmal