Millencolin - Done Is Done Lyrics

You don't know what you're looking for,
You're lost in the past.
You don't know who you are any more.
How long will it last?

Well, it will last as long as you're gone
In the future or past.
There's a crusher ahead,
Because you mind real fast.
If it was yesterday I would let you go,
Are you happy if the answer's no?
It will soon be the time to make it so, yeah...

What's done is done,
You need to set your ways.
And that is you,
You in your future days.
The space is slim,
So meet my everyone.
So, please, I said
What's done is done.

You don't know what you are any more,
Just know where you've been.
It doesn't matter how it all was before,
Let the present begin.
Big decision for a man in the daze,
To leave the haze, yeah...

What's done is done,
You need to set your ways.
And that is you,
You in your future days.
The space is slim,
So meet my everyone.
So, please, I said
What's done is done,
What's done is done.

Movement is a sign of life, keep moving forward, life,
There is no going back from here in spite of all your fight.
There's no point in blaming yourself for the wrongs you've done,
The game that is really numb, no need to be on the run.

What's done is done,
You need to set your ways.
And that is you,
You in your future days.
The space is slim,
So meet my everyone.
So, please, I said
What's done is done,
What's done is done,
What's done is done.

So, please, I said
What's done is done,
What's done is done,
What's done is done.

So, please, I said
What's done is done,
What's done is done.

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Millencolin Done Is Done Comments
  1. Kuuzza 001

    Rip nhl9

  2. D. Kubena

    Ahhh the memories.....

  3. Matías Zapata

    Que temaso dios mio

  4. Phillip Scannell

    Your mum were awesome

  5. Phillip Scannell

    Fuck off

  6. Petar Martinovic join us and play hockey liga Advantage have Czech and Slovak players

  7. Giacomo Ciabatti

    Machine 15 is a very good record

  8. Vilgot Norén

    Every time you start up a game in NHL 09.

    Black Salami


  9. David Wilkinson

    Big decision for a man in a daze to leave the haze .......

  10. OtoSeli

    *Loadimg screen* 00:00 - 00:24 We're here at Joe Louis arena in Detroit, Michingan. Hello I'm Jim Hughson with Craig Simpson, we've have a great matchup for you tonight between the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins.

  11. A Internet User

    Miss Nhl 09 <3 :')

  12. math 3-8

    The best song NHL 09 :)


    I agree

  13. meloliqe

    NHL 09 <3

  14. mr funny lol rofl lmao XD

    love nhl 09

    Minnesota Wild fan

    mr funny lol rofl lmao XD go wild

  15. FamousGunSyncs

    Amazing song and game xddd

  16. GamerzDailyFix

    Not only was NHL 2009 the shit but this song has a real good message.

  17. The_Worst_ One_87

    Introduzing Colorado Avalanche in the Stanley Cup 2009.


    fake news it was the Pens and Redwings for the second consecutive year in the 2009 final.

  18. DrillMusic Lyrics

    Brings back memories from NHL 09. miss that game:/


    +Hockey Fanatic same here😍

    Marek _vole

    I still play it on PC xD i luv it

    Jayson Green

    Right, if they ever release another NHL for pc I'll just stick with 09

    Vittu Paroni

    I have two NHL 09 game discs and im playing NHL 09 becuz its best game 4ever


    @Jayson Green shitty NHL 07-09 on PC was the not the same as the 360/Ps3 version it was just a shitty port of NHL 06 lol.

  19. PLSZ D

    Back when music was music 

    Vilém Obrátil

    +PLSZ D That's a stupid thing to say...

    Eduardo Althaus

    do u like sushi?

    Phillip Scannell

    Your mum was

    Phillip Scannell

    Really a master peace

  20. Rolands Zajancevs

    1.33 - 1.52 ;]]

    Yakov Polevoi


  21. William P

    tiny tunes and pennybridge pioneers*

  22. Kristína Pastorková

    moja reč :D

  23. AlexOvechkinMVP

    ahhh, i would always skip to this song in NHL 09 whenever I made a terrible trade... good times :')

  24. RussianMen67

    The best song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. UltimatePayback

    thumbs up if u didnt come here for nhl

  26. Lukče BioSe

    0:25 Best ! ..

  27. Jason Jia

    NHL 09 YEAH!

  28. F7Retributions

    I havent even played NHL and I can tell this is the best song on that game.

  29. A.K.

    Well the other option is still available ;)

  30. A.K.

    As long as you love the song, it's alright.

  31. A.K.

    Well the other option is still available ;)

  32. Marric Media

    it's 2013 dude :D nobody cares :D

  33. fang

    I've never played nhl

  34. tomsix123

    paldies, jāni :)

  35. SovereignME2

    Who has 2 thumbs and knew Millencolin before this song?

  36. AdamSlovakLP77

    Is best song in the NHL09.

  37. O.G. Remon

    a friend of mine bought this cd on the release date:):)
    great music

  38. MWLtube

    I turn on my PS3 in the morning, put in NHL09, wait for the game to load up, hit start, I'd hear this music and I knew it would be a great start to the day where I'd play club with my buds all day long. I know this wasn't that long ago but this song brought a tear to my eye when I heard it and it brings back some great memories! :)

  39. fo3

    Wow a Millencolin song thats over 2min, my mind is blown They certainly have changed. ;)

  40. Cum Jing-In

    @Aulmeyda Your point?

  41. Marric Media

    2 people thought the dislike-button is for downloading :D

  42. Richard

    @LosEagle i play fifa because its beast, but i also think this song is good

  43. Aulmeyda

    Just youtube'd it. Lucky guess, haha.

  44. Aulmeyda

    I'm proud to say that I have no fuckin' clue what "nhl09" is. My guess: National Hockey League 2009.

  45. tatumetalxD

    I'm only saying that because a friend of mine sad he loved Millecolin. Then I said "yeah man they are great" and he said "I love Done is Done". I was like it's good but Leona and Mr. Clean are awesome, Story fo my life too. And he was like.. yeah I don't know those songs. I showed him and that bastard didn't like them. Then I thought yeah you love Millencolin.. sorry for having written too much.

  46. tatumetalxD

    My god ... I feel sorry for those who met Millencolin through some video game, but most for those who still don't know the beginnings of this band. They still rock but it's not the same as they were till Pennybridge Pioneers. I like Home from Home, even got the cd, but before the music is more like get your skate board and do crazy shit all day. Ps. If you met them through THPS it sucks too but maybe you had the oportunity to enjoy the old stuff.

  47. LosEagle

    2 people plays fifa

  48. Ivo Pētersons

    This song is from NHL 09 ;)

  49. wingdingism

    These guys are EPIIIIIC! NHL09 FTW!

  50. ProfileMeBand

    <3 Millencolin!

  51. BrokenError10

    fuck you all with ya nhl :D

  52. Martina Semanová

    The most perfect in NHL....:)

  53. Albert

    lol i love this its like the intro to every game in NHL 09

  54. Tomi Körösi

    2 people werent played nhl 09

  55. Captain Coyote

    (**(*^ Its NOT over -Cc

  56. Paramount Donkey

    @saotjess22 glad you know!

  57. thereiska16

    this should be in NHL 11!

  58. thereiska16

    this should be in NHL 11!

  59. Tomáš Kottra

    2 ppl were not done : )

  60. andy lastbreath

    @SeksGnom in metal not, but they are awesome

  61. Apa10


  62. Yannick P.

    they're not good in rock music.. they're gods!
    also in metal!

  63. carrollshelby222

    N H L 0 9 !!!

  64. Stylerwin

    the best song in nhl 09......great

  65. kiikiikhan

    nhl 2009 great soundtracks all the way:D

  66. ICULookin

    At first I was like too mainstream, but it DOES sound original-ish. This and Protest the Hero are the best on the ST.

  67. Henks LV

    all the songs from NHL 09 are awesome i only dont like 2of them but all the other i find really awesome thank you EA sports for choosings songs wisely

  68. Joshua Crocker

    best song is nhl 09 gets me pumped :D

  69. carrollshelby222

    millencolin is the best

  70. Niklas

    maybe their best track ! so damn awesome !!

  71. Eccthelion

    best song from NHL 09 definitly... others nice are: Airbourne-Runnin' wild, Avenged Sevenfold-Afterlife, Billy Talent ft.Antiflag-Turn your Back, Black Tide-Warriors of Time, Bullet for my Valentine-Heart bursts in the Fire, Coheed and Cambria-The Running Free

  72. Luis Ramalho

    i never played nhl09...

  73. Astatine0936

    me ? i dont play nhl games is it fun? :P

  74. godtheonyt

    2nd best from nhl09 after warriors of time

  75. CZescy

    dessa var på malmöfestivalen förra året :D:D:D

  76. Steven Dakos

    I find Afterlife better, but this has to be 2nd or 3rd for me

  77. Thomas Stude

    i got this song from nhl09 :D

  78. believeland8

    this song is frickin amazing i listen to all the time

  79. ERunit1234

    great song

  80. Tommy Vercetti

    i got nhl 09 and i always listen this song

  81. Tarran Sanders

    awesome song of the NHL 09 soundtrack.