Milian, Christina - Stalker Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Rolling through the streets though I got somewhere to go
Driving past your house though I'm creeping on the low
I look up and see your light on through the window
But your truck ain't there so maybe you're not home
Then I get to wondering having all kind of thoughts like
Maybe there some other chick sleepin on them sheets I bought
I'm not usually so damn insecure
But I don't know what's up with you no more

I can feel my heart beating through my chest
A hundred beats per minute pounding thru this fast
Cause I realize I'm in disguise, sanity compromised.
This is getting crazy but your ass done made me be a stalker,
B a stalker I don't want to be a stalker be a stalker but I gotta be.
Dippin in the city inna nothin but my car, with my girls up in the back trying to find where you are

[Verse 2:]
You tell me that u love me, page me everday
So why is it that I don't believe a word that you say?
The rumors or maybe it's the little clues I don't trust you
But I love you what can I do
U tell me that I should relax that I don't got no solid facts
But you dug your last girl, pulled some shit behind her back
Listen up I won't be nobodys fool boy, earn my trust... until then I'm watching you boy.


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Milian, Christina Stalker Comments
  1. Kim Miller

    Spit the turth 100%. Twisted 💝💝💝💝🎅🎅🎅🎅

  2. Daniella Malone

    This hit me deep honestly 💔

  3. Ashley Smith

    Freaken ding dong!! Hahah love you so much chris 💋

  4. Melissa Cook

    Girl, it’s time to write a book 📚 you’re a phenomenal story teller, it’s all in the little details

  5. C C

    I’m happy you got away. Thank you for spreading such an important message. ❤️. Domestic violence and just any kind of abuse is so common it’s sad.

  6. MauiGrl68

    Wow we have so much in common 😢

  7. tatatech1

    WOW!!  Christina, I have watched so many of your videos in the past few weeks trying to catch up since I am a new subscriber and I absolutely HATE that you had to go through everything that you have and it makes my heart ache and my stomach nauseous from some of the stuff that you have been through; but, I have to tell you that you are one of the best story tellers I have ever heard!  I could sit and listen to you tell stories for hours on end!  I just think you are so beautiful, and so bright and vibrant....I just love you!!  I am so happy for the life that you have now and wish you so much success in life girl!!

  8. Amanda Stuchlik

    You resonate so much to me. I grew up in what people might say “perfect” family. I never saw my dad hurt my mom, they were perfect. However, my boyfriend hit me all the time and I thought he did it because he also loved me so much. It made me feel good. It was crazy how he made me think that. I truly thought thAt he loved me so much that’s why he does that

  9. Soffi Paz

    Omg, Christina, you're so strong and thoughtful to put this out there! I wish I had something telling me that when I was younger. Coming from someone who lived in an abusive home I'm definitely sharing this!!!
    Tons of Argentinian love💗

  10. Ahmad Abdul-Ghaffar

    to be honest you look younger than in your 21 year old pictures i thought you were 24/23 when i first saw you, my subconcious refuses to believe an 18 year old son

  11. Makenzie Thomas

    I feel like you’re the big sister I never had

  12. Kim Myers

    Thank you Christina ❤️ for this story ... I have been away from a narcissist for a year now

  13. Barbara Hausmann

    I love watching your videos. You are so real. Ive had a similar life. You should write a book. I actually an thinking about it myself. You remind me of Me so much. You are an amazing woman. Everything you have been through and I know that you are a good mom. What you went through. From licing in a bathroom to being with an abusive man. You have came a long way and you are drop dead gorgeous. I dont miss a video. Let me know when you write that book. love you!!!!

  14. Jenifer Ball

    After watching so many of your videos it's just hit me what a great storyteller you are and that's why I can't get enough

  15. Heather L

    Got real raw and deep at the end there.... I've felt it girl.

  16. Vanessa Bourke

    Anyone who can tell their stories like this is so brave 💕💕

  17. xxsiennastarstorm

    21 year old Christina looks a bit like a blonde danielle brigoli

  18. Sherri Dillon

    Who paid for the damage on the house?

  19. Carrie Halsey

    Oh girl I’m so happy you learned that’s not love and YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER LET HIM KNOWN WHERE YOU LIVED

  20. Natalie K

    Even in your heavy videos that deal with real hard core situations (relationships, life, prison etc) you always seem to bring such a wonderful, positive message to your viewers. The world needs more love like this... more compassion, understanding, kindness... how do parents expect to get an "Anti-bullying" campaign in schools to work, when the kids are growing up, learning how to Bully & cut someone else down from them?? ♥ keep sharing, keep doing you, & thank you so much for all the videos you put out.

    Christina Randall

    Awwww thank you so much Natalie ❤️

  21. Stitcheh Vee

    I dated someone for 10 months who wanted a polyamorous relationship. I did not want that but he did it anyway. I went out one night and he got all mad at me and accused me of cheating. He beat me and I was stupid enough to let him stay. He was horrible. I ended up telling my parents what happened and they came by and told him to get the $^%$ out. I am honestly a lot better off now than I was the 10 months I was with this person. I enjoy your storytime so much because they are relatable. Thank you so much for putting your story out there. Love you!

  22. Mara L

    My stalkers are going to get arrested.

  23. Jonbenet Porsch

    Was that crazy guy a Pisces?

  24. Jim F. Mousel

    You are an amazing incredibly talented beautiful person I mean that as a compliment. What you have been thru and what you have become is unbelievable dear. You're so amazing wish you could train the women of today. Don't take this the wrong way but I hope you're husband knows how lucky he is!!

  25. superthunder81

    Very serious issue and it takes a lot of guts and strength to post something like this. I gotta say though "fricken ding dong" had me rolling

  26. Janet Toi

    Sis let me get good Facebook name real quick. I'm trying to see something 🤔

  27. Lushon Noel

    This was outstanding. I wish women would get out immediately instead of staying until they are almost killed.

  28. Lizbeth K

    Christina, ty for spreading your story about unhealthy relationships, abuse, and disrespect. My prayer is that it will reach and help others to change their lives in a positive way. It doesn’t matter what race, creed, gender, socioeconomic status, age, etc. no one deserves to be abuse or harmed by anyone. So many blessings sent out to anyone in a toxic relationship or environment. Please find your way out!
    Prayers for strength! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. Melissa Robbins

    I can relate so much to this story. I'm glad you found your way out and now have a good man.

  30. Sauske

    if he still blames you then he hasn’t changed

  31. Tiffany Smith

    And the whole " look what you made me do! You pissed me off! If you didn't do/say that, u wouldn't have and issue". 🤦

  32. Emy Productions

    Is it just me or do y’all also love the way she says police❤️❤️

  33. Sara

    This is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you know what a blessing you are to so many,

  34. TIM ODell

    I grew up with my dad beating my mom, but I was taught by my mother that hitting a woman isn’t okay and never will be and if you love someone, you won’t ever hit them. I’m almost 30 now and Have never hit a woman, but I’ve gotten into altercations with other guys that I’ve seen hit a woman in front of me.

  35. Georgina Barus

    Even if you did dob him into the cops it would still not be your fault 🤨

  36. Kitty Onion

    If he is still blaming you then he hasn’t changed and he probably still treats women the same

  37. BKats33

    Omg I love ya I had well still have my Jack Russell, Just Me & my dog Jake ❤️💙💛💜💚💗

  38. shay bulone

    Girl!! I went to prison in a similar situation...because I refused to testify against a guy. I won't even say "man"...a male tho. Exact words...I told my family no one else "understood" him. And I loved him...bc he needed someone to love him so he could "heal" from a lot of childhood trauma...probably all the crap he told me was bs. Well, this creep killed his very next girlfriend after me, fled and was profiled on that show "America's Most Wanted." It sounds like something someone would make up, but no, this really was my life!
    Your stories remind me so much of my own...I was 19 when I went into Department of Corrections in Milledgeville, GA. Three year sentence, but I only did a little over a year because of severe overcrowding issues.
    To top it all off, my sweetheart of a Mom was a Pentacostal biggest fear was that she would pass while I was locked up.
    She didn't tho...she lived to see me come home, graduate college and have a pretty sweet life. She passed in 2011 and to this day my biggest regret is what I put her thru. She loved me so much. And never, ever gave up on me.

  39. shay bulone

    Girl!! I went to prison in a similar situation...because I refused to testify against a guy. I won't even say "man"...a male tho. Exact words...I told my family no one else "understood" him. And I loved him...bc he needed someone to love him so he could "heal" from a lot of childhood trauma...probably all the crap he told me was bs. Well, this creep killed his very next girlfriend after me, fled and was profiled on that show "America's Most Wanted." It sounds like something someone would make up, but no, this really was my life!
    Your stories remind me so much of my own...I was 19 when I went into Department of Corrections in Milledgeville, GA. Three year sentence, but I only did a little over a year because of severe overcrowding issues.
    To top it all off, my sweetheart of a Mom was a Pentacostal biggest fear was that she would pass while I was locked up.
    She didn't tho...she lived to see me come home, graduate college and have a pretty sweet life. She passed in 2011 and to this day my biggest regret is what I put her thru. She loved me so much. And never, ever gave up on me.

  40. Emily McClean

    That dude needs to own his actions

  41. Emily McClean

    You're an amazing story teller!

  42. Sophia

    Soul-searching is ONE OF THE MAJOR KEYS 🔑 too LIFE ITSELF!

  43. Sophia

    I’ve been in such a similar situation before... & a very similar type of mental, emotional, && physical abusive from a “child” I was in a relationship with @ a young age..

  44. Curiousman

    Good book. Smart book. Valuable book.

  45. CandyCandy

    He still blames you bc he hasn't changed.

  46. CandyCandy

    Thank God he was arrested

  47. Jessica TACKETT

    Ive been there girl. Last straw was he put his hand on my face and bit my lip. My mom locked me in my closet and gave him my car keys because she knew I would catch a case

  48. Jessica TACKETT

    He sounds like a narcissist...

  49. Angiebear

    My ex actually called the cops on himself cause SHE wouldn’t leave. Now she wouldn’t leave cause he had smacked me on the side of my head/face with my baby IN MY ARMS. When the police arrived they took one look at me...Pulled my sister in the hall and I guess she told them what happened and they would have to drag her out in cuffs before she was leaving me alone with him. They brought me out I did not want to press charges and told them that emphatically. I was so worried about HIM getting in trouble. The Officer looked at me and said well on behalf of the state I am pressing charges and instilling a restraining order on your behalf. This officer came to check on me a few times after. He became an officer because his Father has abused his Mother. And God bless him ‘cause until I got away from it I didn’t think it wasn’t normal.
    To this day he blames me for everything. One of the saddest days(because I have to children with him) is when my son at 5yrs old said to me Daddy said he had to hit you cause you wouldn’t stop running your mouth... WOW. We had a long talk about weather or not he thought hitting was okay etc. of course he did not. (He is a kind, smart young man now and would Never harm anyone) But I can’t get over anyone telling a child that that’s ok and it was his Moms fault. He still uses my kids to hurt me. Sends hateful messages to my Family and my current boyfriend (who is kind to me),trying to turn them against me. It’s been a nightmare. Goodluck and God bless to anyone whom has or is going through anything similar. You deserve better.❤️✌️

  50. LuAnn G

    I wish I could tell my story the way you tell yours. It's been about 7 years now and it still haunts me. Does talking about it all help you or make life more cloudy?

  51. Daily Mommy

    My hubbys ex gf was being abused even though i didnt like her I told ger she deserved better and she needed to up and leave the guy she was with

  52. Colleen Garlow

    Anyone else stumble upon this channel & just started BINGEING this GORGEOUS womans content!? 😁🙏😊

  53. Trisha

    My ex was not only physically but mentally abusive and he was DEA!! He had birds on my car would know where I was at all times. Due to the fact that he was DEA didn’t help me much with cops. It took me 2 years to finally get out and when I started to date a fireman he found out and had him fired from his job. Very sick person who was the law.

  54. Regina Pozzi

    What happened to Peanut!?

  55. merncat75

    So sweet of you to write a handwritten note to all of the elderly neighbors with the intention of trying to put their minds at ease 💞

  56. merncat75

    "James" is not only a manipulative prick but he also doesn't sound too smart 😏😉
    I'm sorry but I would have to laugh at him 🤣 (@23:00) on blaming you for ruining his life.

  57. ilovesamyo

    This sounds exactly like the beginnings of my dad and mom’s relationship. Unlike you, she stayed, got married, with kids. She got beat every single day.. on February 14, 1990, he shot her in the face.
    I bet she never thought it would get that far but as a therapist, I can tell you, it does. It gets worse.

  58. BeeBee5

    I LOVED my Nokia back in the day!! Lol... great video again Christina!!

  59. nicole lentz

    i been in abusive relation ship and he put a pillow over my son face . my son ok, i ended up with his kid and see him once a year.

  60. Peace Love and Paws

    That cop hell yea! Tricked that fool!!!!

  61. Mama Bear

    I have zero doubt about a single detail in here. I called each one of them prior to you saying what he did. And sadly my daughter wanted to know who I was talking to, my ex husband still abuses me 10 years after I left & his name really is James. My sweet girl thought I was talking about her daddy.
    That's the level those of us with kids go through. It gets worse when we leave because our love for our children makes them the perfect pawn and weapon for our abusers to use. And no matter what we get put through right down to when he kidnapped her for a month & spent that month telling her she'd never see me again, she had a new mommy now. She lives with severe separation anxiety that mimics asthma, night terrors has had to endure mother's days he threatened to kill me if I kept her on "HIS" weekend yet going by that schedule made father's day really chronologically be my weekend and even though I offered to ket her have her daddy that weekend he still causes huge screaming scenes in the parking lot of our exchange. Threatens to stop court ordered child support. He didn't pay for 6 years but I still let him have her every other weekend because I wasn't punishing her for his financial abuse tactic. Had he not kidnapped her the state wouldn't have hit him for child support AND made him pay those 6 years of back child support. So his plot backfired. He didn't get her & then ended up paying $750 a month child support. But has he stopped? No. He got worse when he got remarried

  62. Melinda C

    If he still blames you for what he did, then that means he probably is abusing his current partner. Just sayin'.

  63. Lisa Boulier

    I know you try to help people who abuse, here is the thing, you cannot change someone who has suffered severe childhood trauma, abuse, neglect. The ones who were too weak to handle it. They dont know love. The strong are the survivors, the weak go on to abuse others. They dont listen to anybody, its who they are.

  64. Hollie Tusin

    I’m so glad you were strong enough to get out of that relationship and not go back.. I was with my ex husband for 7 years and he was highly abusive.. I used to always wonder if I had a target on my forehead that men like that could see.. I dealt with a lot of abuse growing up so I think that’s why I didn’t leave right away with my ex.. it took years to get away and since I have a son with him he’ll never be gone from my life.. it’s hard but having the husband I do now that I’ve been with for over 12 years has shown me that I don’t deserve shit like that.. my husband and my ex are like night and day.. I did learn a lot about myself after dealing with so much abuse and cheating with my ex and I definitely became strong enough to never allow anything like that again. I want the cycle to end with me.. my kids will not grow up witnessing their mom get hit or god forbid they get hit.. hell no.. I don’t even spank my kids.. I’m so glad I got away from him when I did and met my husband.. for anyone dealing with this crap now please get out.. please.. it may not seem like it now but I promise it’ll get better.. no one deserves crap like this! NO ONE! love your videos babe!! Thank you for this one! It really hit home for me.. 💕

  65. Hailey Suarez

    I hope you are okay now

  66. Hailey Suarez

    Hitting and abuse is not love

  67. Brittney Vargas

    I was raised in a abusive household my whole childhood. I was blessed to find my husband 12 years ago. The first thing I did was laid a foundation with him. what i wouldn't put up with in our relationship. If he ever laid a hand on me or abused me in ANY form, cheats he would never see me again. What I went through as a child wasn't my choice but as an adult I refused to continue living that life. Thankfully he is beyond wonderful and treats me well. Happily Married now for 11 years.

  68. Sara Orton

    Love you beautiful girl. You're such an inspiration to me. & you just radiate love, light & positivity. Thankyou for your story. I admire your authenticity.

  69. Ronald Schmal

    I talked with a boss one time, and she told me of when she was married to her ex, and how her in-laws were. From what I was told, the guy would come in, smash all the dishes on the floor, and make her walk barefoot through the broken dishes. She did eventually leave him, but, from what my boss had said, she had spent so much time in That environment, that when she did start dating, she couldn't handle her dates being nice. Like offering to get her a water or something. She ended up going back to him.

  70. Brenda Rife

    Hey girl new sub.. can I ask why you went to prison for?? I'm not judging just trying to get to know you better 😉

  71. Jordan Elizabeth

    Oh my gosh, beautiful- you are speaking to my heart. I went through a similar thing with my ex - I was at one point beaten so hard I had a miscarriage the next day. The neighbors called the cops another night when he was beating me (thank god, he was choking me to the point where I thought I may die when the cops were pounding on the door and I could escape) A few years later he called me blaming ME that he couldn’t join the military because of his charges...manipulative people really have no shame. Thank you for sharing for other ladies - you are right, love doesn’t do that, ever - no excuses!

  72. Anna Bonilla

    You’re a strong woman. I love you and your videos, one of my top favorite YouTubers ❤️ keep up the videos, we appreciate them😍 thank you for your time and dedication you put into these videos ❤️❤️

  73. Cee My Comment

    Your absolutely beautiful in and out but stalking is just creepy .. Glad your okay Christina. The Lord has obviously blessed you in soooooo many ways!! So glad you have a great man who loves you and never put hands on!!

  74. Keri Nielsen

    I feel like the hardest thing when coming out of a really toxic and unhealthy relationship is learning how to Reacclimate yourself back into a new healthy relationship and actually understand and recognize what that is and looks like. Because after being exposed to such unhealthy circumstances for so long, it becomes the norm and your brain is accustomed and conditioned. I guess I would ask girls like you with these experiences, some tips for being able to shut off those toxic learned behaviors from past relationships when trying to enter into a new healthier relationship.... how to attract what you have now after being submerged in all the toxicity and abuse that was all you knew for so long....hope that made sense.

  75. Jessica Herbert

    I wish my best friend and her daughter would watch this...

  76. alisa debona

    Your James was a classic Narcissist! And I doubt he’s changed.

  77. Summer Holt

    Omg your laugh. Hehehe. Love it sug

  78. Becca Reeves

    Narcissist much, so glad you got out of that situation Christina! I know all too well how that works

  79. Purple Peggy

    Good morning my lovely Christina. when I saw there are actual t-shirts and sweatshirts with Your
    beautiful gorgeous face plastered all over it. omg, I don't ever order online. I will be making a GINORMUS exception. ty I love that you have merchandise. ❤❤

  80. Cantetinza17

    Girl, you can convey a STORY! I'm glad someone called the police. Girl, I remember when Nokia phones were the bomb! I would have gotten a restraining order.

  81. Lindsey Brock

    I don’t have an experiences like that but I do understand how name calling feels I don’t like stupid or the B word!!! I hear ya!!! 💗 so glad to hear another great story time!!💗

  82. Brenda Mason

    He should of been on America's DUMBEST criminals. Christina I know you don't say bad words about people but come on man he's pretty dumb lol

  83. Skylar Clark

    I think a lot of cops are used to responding to a domestic call and having the victim say they aren't sure who the person was who hurt them. Please don't believe that the cops would be offended or mad or feeling like you did something wrong. It's common and totally not your fault.

  84. Liz Ashley

    I’m obsessed with your story time videos. You’re such an incredible story teller!!

  85. Jordan Wolf

    Just watched this video and not even half way in and my heart feels for this story so much. Exactly like this. I finally just got out of a very abusive relationship, it was so hard to get my head to an okay space to be strong enough to know I am more than how I was being treated. I love your videos sooo much, thank you so much for being you ❤️

  86. Liana Pop

    you are such a strong woman!! so proud of you! <3

  87. Scarlet Rose

    Ladies (guys, you too) PLEASE listen to Christina! If a guy (or gal) hits you or verbally abuses you, LEAVE and do not look back!
    My sister in law (after she and my brother divorced) was in a toxic relationship. Her boyfriend drank, fed her alcohol addiction -going so far as to get her back to drinking after she detoxed- and beat her. He broke her arm and she broke up with him, but was sweet talked into going back to him. He took her on a trip and, long story short, she ended up dead. I know in my heart he is responsible but he got away with it despite her parents best efforts to get him put away.

    Scarlet Rose

    YT, why the heck did you edit my comment by striking out part. Ugh. This censoring thing is going too far. Anyway, hope you all can read it anyway.

  88. MatraHeart

    My very 1st bf sexually, mentally, and emotionally abused me for about a year b4 I got the help I needed to finally fully exit the relationship. I kept trying to leave by he was manipulative and disloyal. I’ve been harassed by his family ever since I came out about how he abused me and all the things he did to me. I thought we were “in love”

  89. Kelly Sanzone

    I'm a new subscriber....I can't stop watching you!!! Girl I love your spirit and your vibe!!!! I'm a FAN for sure!!!! ❤️💎💋😘😘😘

  90. Stefania Rivers

    You are just so amazing. You turned your life around so hard, you inspire me so much. ILY 💕

  91. Jessica Elaine

    its crazy how much you remind me of myself. I just love you and thank you for sharing your stories ❤

  92. ag wick

    Christina this is so important thank you for sharing this story!
    yep no calling names !!
    its so true those words cut so deep
    love you Christina!
    im so happy you have Jeremy now!!😍

  93. Meg_Maverick

    Anyone else screaming "call 911!!! CALL FRICKEN 911!!!!!!" Throughout this whole story?? 😂

  94. Sarah G

    Christina tells a hell of a story. The noise imitation at 17:08 had me engaged, yet slightly giggly.

  95. Brittany Kress

    I went through a very similar situation last year, it was to say the least the hardest thing I’ve yet to overcome. I’m super glad you now have a loving husband and beautiful family ❤️

  96. Lauren Stewart


  97. Paula Alduino

    You are honestly the best youtuber I've ever watched, literally no one else I binge watch on here! Such an amazing person, all the best! <3

  98. Lindy Lu

    My 20's were spent in abusive and codependent relationships. If anyone is reading this who is in a similar situation, please know LIFE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE SO HARD. YOU ARE WORTH MORE. GET OUT. ABUSE IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE LOVE.