Milian, Christina - Someday One Day (Remix) Lyrics

[Lil fizz]
uh uhh yo yo remix fizzo up in this yo dat boi rell up in this
We gon'T yall round sing it to em girl

[VERSE 1:]
Day to day and each night I pray that this ends
That there's someone out there that's gonna melt my heart away
And take me to another place
From the loneliness that's driving me insane

[Part 2]
I get so cold summer feels like the winter
When I'm at home, all alone I just cry
I wish that I could just lie like I'm happy
But I can't hide this hurt inside

But I'll tell you someday I'm gonna find
A guy that's gonna change my life
And I tell you one day just wait and see
True love is waiting out there for me

[VERSE 2: Jarell]
(Uh oh no they ain'Tt for me)
She was so fly, She was alright
She looked like she came down from that paradise
She was so thrown, She was so cold
Cuz she already knew she had it goin'T on
Them pretty A** toes (uh huh), The way she rolls
Everything about her looked so dope
Her independent ways, bills all paid
What else could you ask for now a days (Yeah)

[VERSE 2:]
I'm like an open book just trying to turn the page
Feels like I'm trapped in a maze trying to find my way
Oh my heart's yearning for someone to call my own
And I don't wanna sing another sad love song again

I get so cold summer feels like the winter
And not a full moon of gloom that just cried?
I wish that I could just lie like I'm happy
But I can't hide this hurt inside


[VERSE 3: Lil fizz]
So baby can i get your number
So we can holla...
I'd really like to share some time wit you
and anything or everything you wanna do is cool
Keep it just between us two for you
and someday or one day Ill be in love with you
Your style is very cool and you know I love that boo
So let me take you down south and show you what I do


Someday, Someday

[Rhythm Until Fade Out]

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Milian, Christina Someday One Day (Remix) Comments
  1. Shesoo Pwetty

    Still here 2k19

  2. Ti Pham

    Wow brings back memories.True love is out there still be patience.its rare these days but it still exists!!!

  3. AngelKof Games

    took from Spotify, Shit

  4. Ireon Williams

    2019 and I’m still waiting

  5. Taylor Downing

    This song was so underrated it's a Crime. One of Christina's best songs

  6. andwhat83

    ..she will always be my Ms Milian somehow with this track💝

  7. Cosmic Vibez


  8. butterflybless bless

    Underrated track

  9. The Best


  10. JusMe

    2019.... I've completely given up

  11. Grace

    Ur beautiful inside and out

  12. Emmy August

    Someday. One day. 💕

  13. Hyprotoons Productions

    I reminder Christina had this song, Say I and Tonight on her Myspace page.

  14. りありほ


    毎日 毎晩 祈ってる



    違う場所に連れ出してくれますように って


    この夏は まるで冬みたいに冷たく過ぎて

    家にいると 1人でただ泣いてばかり


    この心の傷を隠すなんて 私にはできない






    「見守ってて 、本当の恋が私のこと 



    [Verse 2:]



    迷路に迷い込んで 行き先を見つけようと足掻いてるみたい

    本当の私を呼び戻してって 心が誰かに叫んでる

    これ以上 悲しいラブソングは歌いたくないよ


    この夏は まるで冬みたいに冷たく過ぎて

    家にいると 1人でただ泣いてばかり


    この心の傷を隠すなんて 私にはできない






    「見守ってて 、本当の恋が私のこと 




    私を 連れ去って

    遠く 遠いところへ


    ずっと 遠いところまで



  15. Tr!gg

    Beautiful song!

  16. MerseyMinded

    This song come true for me. ❤

  17. こじ こじ


  18. joshthemermaid

    This song is still great

  19. Andrew Flood


  20. shesolovely

    Someday, one day I’ll find him 💜

  21. xxxTIN0xxx

    Still my favorite song off this album, should have been a single.

    Kevin Honig

    xxxTIN0xxx Agreed

  22. Dremar World

    I’m really happy I got to tell Christina in person how much I love this song. She said it’s her fave song too.


    Oh wow, that's wassup

  23. angela lewis


  24. Lady T Oates

    College Days...This song hits home

  25. Andrej Svis

    I can not believe it. I listen to this song and see the full reflection of the real state of my soul. Like Christine looks into my heart and writes the lyrics of this song. A beautiful and sweet song, I always liked her, she is so close to my heart.
    Thanks to Christina,I love you.

  26. teetah love.

    Classic .

  27. Mojo K

    This brings back memories. My ex girlfriend in school use to listen to diss when we hanged out. I miss her so much.

  28. Tricee blow

    Love it

  29. u yadz

    Love dis im gona find a guy dats gonna change my life .. oneday 😚😚😚

  30. Nicola Fowler

    2018 and still listening 👌

    Stephanie Sealy

    Nicola Fowler same here

  31. Dexter James

    yo Christina Milian this album is bad just like you Beautiful

  32. Yougle

    Where's the repeat button..

  33. keyon armstead

    How a female i don't know ganna steel my car try to kick in my house door then brake in my house . Then send her kicks to stay the night at my house

    keyon armstead

    And then send her kids to stay the night at my house . I mean who does that.

    Musically Inclined

    WTF you talmbout?

  34. Malibu Barbiie Delish

    13 years later that day still hasn't come =/

    Cansel Akbaba

    Malibu Barbiie Delish feel you girl! Nothing but fake love.

    Self Made

    Lets us pray🙏🏾 I’m still waiting but I know with having faith it will come...


    I feel you

  35. Jameil Lewis

    who wrote these lyrics so strong #oneday

    Lexis La'

    Jameil Lewis she did

  36. Queen2u

    Still bomb.

  37. Tamara Bitter

    I like this but it sometimes makes me think of not good days

  38. James shepherd III

    I use to listen to this song at the bus stop in middle school  thinking of the girl. that's gonna change my life.

  39. Tamara Bitter

    I like this song music clears my mind sometimes

  40. Polette Morales

    I can play this over and over again ♡

  41. Antoinette Butler

    Someday 😞

  42. fabius tube

    why this is not on spotify? :/

    K coli

    fabius tube it is now :)

    fabius tube

    not yet on my country unfortuately ;)

    Mildred Villero

    fabius tube same thoughts. Keep on looking for this from time to time

  43. themirrorsofmymind

    If _The Wiz_ had a _Somewhere Over the Rainbow_ type of song, it probably would have worked.  THIS song would've been perfect.

  44. Teneika Thomas

    reminds me of my college days

  45. spicy

    This music lover

  46. alice campbell

    love it

  47. QueenJellybean

    I'd sing this as a child....beautiful song....<3


    +Jaelieh Evanna (QueenJellybean) oh and I found someone, but you have to be happy with yourself first <3

  48. 노구 며느리 정수

    WOooo Best Song

  49. alfred notting

    Amen! One of my favorite songs from my childhood.

  50. MsAnge3l

    U can tell christina milian has not have it easy in Life with love , if u listen to her lyrics.. and its like all guys just use her

  51. Bianca Mahone

    I grew up with this song <3 Still love Christina to this day!

  52. BabyboyBrowneyes1221

    this, LOVE and the song Miss you like crazy best songs on the album

  53. zolo120mil

    Tied for the Best song on the album...

  54. Guiomar

    she's so underrated


    Just like Mya and Tamia.