Milian, Christina - I Can Be That Woman Lyrics

[VERSE 1:]
Someday you're gonna know
There's more to get than what you've got
You gotta learn to let go
Stop living it up, ready or not
Cuz you don't know what you want
But I can show you what you're missing
You say you've played around and then some

But you've never had it all
All in one woman beofre
The way that you want her to be
Look at me, can't you see?
I'll be everything you ever need

You want sexy, baby I got it
Undress me whenever you want it
Everybody needs somebody
I can be that woman
So take it easy, but take it
Feel me, if you need someone to make you feel this good
I can be that woman

[VERSE 2:]
Time to act, make your movie
You gotta react honey
You've got nothing to lose
But the chains on your heart, the clothes on your back
Didn't I make you get down
Didn't I make you feel better
Ok, we fooled around but you haven't had it all

All that we had was one time
A taste of the best you can find
Step inside
Feel me driving you out of your mind


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Milian, Christina I Can Be That Woman Comments
  1. caramel cow

    This song is surprisingly very electronic and pop for an r&b artist like her in 2004, it’s 6/7 years before its time. I know people say those things quite casually but it’s true in this case.

  2. Michelle Lindh

    Can't find this on spotify :/

  3. wazzobazzo

    does anyone know if there's a pure instrumental for this (really nice beat)?

  4. Gillian Scott

    no i think she sounds like Britney spears. here.

    Gabriel Piro

    Gillian Scott omg that’s the dumbest shit I ever heard.... Christina is way more better then Britney haha

  5. Rory Connell

    She sounds like Kylie Minogue in this and the song itself could easily be a Kylie track imo.

  6. Frederick Bray

    Love dis song she looks like cassie Christina is more talented though

  7. Jane_S

    hahahaha...awesome idea!


    CM needs 2 make more vids. Now she has hot songs but u rarely C vids 2 them. Wazup with that? whose her manager?

  9. anoe hontoa ahnoyei

    @macdelight sorry lol but beyonce is hot!!!!!!! muy caliente!

  10. kayoh

    yup yup

  11. blackdiamond2588

    @princesspolska92 thats her

  12. blackdiamond2588

    @KareenCasey right

  13. kayoh

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOO. cos that is nicole

  14. Nellja N


  15. Sarah Stipanowsky

    she looks like nicole scherzinger...=D

  16. Raz A

    Hey...i love the vid!!! About we had someone who made it look like it was an actual music video! Good job

  17. Taylor Anderson

    take ur middle finger and put on ur nose.
    2.say a name of someone u like.
    3.that person will ask u out or say they love u tomarrow.
    4. heres the thing copy and paste to 2 other vids
    dnt read this(cuz it really wrks). u will gt kissd on the nearest frieday by the love of ur life. 2mara wll b the bst day of ur life

  18. kawaiiaix

    this is a good song...really like it...agree with you... it would have been #1..really catchy. Thank you for putting this up.

  19. BaByXgIrL

    I love this song!! I hate Rihanna but yeah, she still deserves a very little bit of respect XD. As much as I loooooove Christina Milian, I love Beyonce over her.....I mean, both are talented (Christina is really under rated) but Beyoncé is impressive and when it comes to dance moves. Omg, don't ask me to choose..I love them both too much

  20. regoat

    nicole scherzinger nagrał jeden album i 2 teledyski nie porównuj ją do Christiny

  21. tolunay

    Rihanna was one of the hardest working women of 2007 and 2008 so show her some respect.

    I like this video. Great collection of the beautiful ladies in the recording industry. Great job Hoho404.

    All these ladies are beautiful in their own ways.

    Now if I had to choose between Beyonce and Christina Milian I think I would go for Christina because Beyonce has shown such poor taste in dudes. ie JZ for the lose.

  22. reineeni


  23. Grace -m

    yh is her new vid
    called us against the world
    its pretty hot iv seen it x x x

  24. vina amin

    a like your video but a love you a is your fans in be cool beliver

  25. Holdenz

    I didn't know there was people living somewhere other than EARTH! Damn aliens!

  26. John Shaw

    good job.

  27. Gods_eyekerry

    Yeah rihanna is sexy,quite hatin respect her game.

  28. Alexis

    LOL my a**. Rihanna isn't ugly get yo facts together. Shut-up and show respect to Rih. You thought that was funny lol but u wasnt later hater!

  29. FudgeGirl25

    why r the pussycat dolls fergie etc in there?

  30. LovedbySirah

    Great video! :D

  31. shonha1

    She actually has the full package decent voice, good dancer and not too hard on the eyes I don't know why she hasn't blown up. The music biz can b very fickled at times.

  32. Jaz C

    woow I totally love this video!
    really really really great!
    good job done! ;)