Milian, Christina - Don't Be Mad Lyrics

My favorite dress, my favorite shoes
My mirror said your gunna make them drool
I'm out here dressed to kill with major sex appeal
Dont care how much they look they still cant get a feel
Its like im on a runway show they taking pictures when I step on the floor
They look at her she looks a bit reserved
I think I need to go, and have a word with her

Why you lookin at me like you wanna start with me
You need to check your man cuz his eyes are all on me
Dont be mad. why she mad? dont be mad. why you mad? dont be mad.
Why she mad? girl she mad. yea she mad.
I ain't flirting with your man he choose to flirt with me
Dont let this cute face fool you boy ain't knowing me
Dont be mad. why she mad? dont be mad. why you mad? dont be mad.
Why she mad? girl she mad. yea she mad. haha

I know im stacked from front to back
But that dont mean you gotta act like that
See girl its not my fault they see me in my plot
In the beauty hall of fame they got me on the wall
You need to get that bad look off your face
I'm tryin to stay a lady and not tear up this place
But girl your pushing me closer to the edge
Love me when im mad, you dont wanna take me there

Why you lookin at me like you wanna start with me
You need to check your man cuz his eyes are all on me
Dont be mad. why she mad? dont be mad. why you mad? dont be mad.
Why she mad? girl she mad. yea she mad.
I ain't flirting with your man he choose to flirt with me
Dont let this cute face fool you boy ain't knowing me
Dont be mad. why she mad? dont be mad. why you mad? dont be mad.
Why she mad? girl she mad. yea she mad. haha

Why you lookin at me like you wanna start with me
You need to check your man cuz his eyes are all on me
Dont be mad. why she mad? dont be mad. why you mad? dont be mad.
Why she mad? girl she mad. yea she mad.
I ain't flirting with your man he choose to flirt with me
Dont let this cute face fool you boy ain't knowing me

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Milian, Christina Don't Be Mad Comments
  1. Sonya PALMER

    Kim is full of shit..


    Wtf Kim is really trippin now... the nicki Minaj beef was one thing but this she went off the fuckin deep end

  3. TheTaxburden

    Even Christina milian is too dark to play Kim. Lol. Naturi is beautiful and did a great job.

  4. Niki Oliver

    Kim needs to worry bout her statutory rapist of a boyfriend and leave this girl alone! I am so tired of them bullying Naturi! Kim talkn bout Naturi looks NOTHING like her but Kim looks NOTHING like herself either... tf🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  5. A A

    But, christina milian does not and never looked like lil kim, not then or now🤷🏿‍♀️🙄 I'm confused

  6. Bree Love

    First off Lil Kim how dare you go off on Naturi with your botched ass face.I used to like you but you went too far I will not allow Naturi to be bullied.Bashing dark skin women will not happen not in my fucking watch or else Im dragging anyone who wants to be disrespectful. If you didn’t want Naturi to play you that doesn’t mean you bash the actress how about you bash the casting crew dumb ass they are the people that picked her.If she is given a role she is going to take it just like most actors would have taken the role.Humble yourself and be glad somebody wanted to play you before your face did a complete 360.

  7. Sarah Johnson

    Lol lol she really thinks she is lite skin lol I luv the girl who played her in the movie

  8. Braundi619 HelloUniverse

    Kim aint got no smoke to give... Buuuaaahhh... Old washed up self... She should have been glad ANY one would have even WANTED pretend to be a rapping slut.

  9. A Y

    She looks the most like the old lil Kim. Damn didn't know kim hated her color that bad. Then again all the lightening she has done and surgery is proof 🤷

  10. Ruby Stone

    I lovr kim and she had always bean real and 100% with her feelings so how do people expect her to feel any different just because 10 years has passed she feel how she feel and I'm glad that she doesn't switch up based on public opinion no naturi needs to leave us alone and stop bringing it up so you can stop being addressed to Kim

  11. Leesa E

    Alexa play "Brown Skin" ...

  12. Leesa E

    "She don't want no smoke"....Naturi didn't even do nothinggg ; Jesus 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

  13. Cenique

    Kim's image is the image Biggie created. He made her. She's self-loathing, and self-hating. She needs psychological help.


    Ummm.... But Kim.... Christina is Hispanic 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️ #makeitmakesense

  15. Soraya Ayaros

    Kim is still salty about big tossing her ass to the side for Faith then Charlie Baltimore... she obviously has some severe self esteem issues and is projecting them onto Naturi

  16. Sk8board - C

    And please will everybody Obsessed with colorism in these comments STFU About Lil Kim not wanting her to portray her because of her skin color. Kim would have been fine if they would’ve picked a dark skinned woman she also have said that for many years in interviews She just did not like who they picked.

  17. Sk8board - C

    LIL KIM NEVERRRRRR SAID SHE WANTED CHRISTINA MILIAN TO PLAY HER🤦🏾‍♂️ Fake made up blog which was proven years ago. PetTeaBlog feels Naturi did a great job😂 Let’s be honest here😅 Naturi did ok she wasn’t bad but when I 1st seen the movie I didn’t think she was the best choice🤬Why pick this amateur actor at the time to play her?? Now she is a seasoned actress so I can see her playing that if the movie came out now she would have done much better but back then no🤬Lil Kim said what she said🤷🏾‍♂️

  18. Bella Spring

    Last time I checked lil kim was entitled to her OPINION wtf are y'all to tell her how she should feel????? it has nothing to do with Natauri skin color or not liking her she was upset from the door about not having a,say so in the production of the film... she has never been hater or a,jealous person she is living her life to the fullest her feeling is her feelings end of discussion.....

  19. Dreah Abel

    Lil Kim wanted to be light skinned


    Christina Milian? Her voice and energy wouldn’t have suited the movie well. Lil Kim on one cuz this isn’t a movie that she came out her bag to produce. Don’t feel Naturi was being anymore disrespectful than Kim. Throw some shade, u getting it back. Naturi is too classy but I wish she would say Lil Kim I want the whole enchilada so what’s good?

  21. Gwendolyn Davison

    Kim is so pathetic

  22. MissElite

    I love Hollywood unlock !!!

  23. L S

    How is Lil Kim going to go at Naturi like a yard dog then when the girl just stands up for herself, say, she don't want no smoke? Lil Kim needs to have several seats, which she actually could have on her giant fake ass!!

  24. Mita Huks

    Kim you don’t want no 💨 .

  25. Ginger Golds

    Lil Kim USE TO BE A Nice Brown...NEVER Was LIGHT-SKIN LIKE FAITH EVANS...WHO She TRIED TO MAKE Her self Look 👀Like After Biggie DISS HER...Look At Old Videos From 90’s ...SHE CANT EVEN PLAY HER SELF IN A MOVIE 🎥SHE Doesn’t Look 👀 🤭🤔🤣NOTHING Like LIL KIM Big Was Smashing


    Naturi told me to say

  27. prancer1000

    I didn't like Naturi playing kim.

  28. Sunnshyne Sykes

    Fuckin lil Kim!! Confused ass!! Bitch wanna be somebody else so fuckin bad!!!! Ho thinks to highly of herself!!!!

  29. Tasha Bostic

    Naturi did a good job in the movie
    Kim just gone in the head now

  30. Honni Harris

    Im tired of kim make some music

  31. clear as water

    I have no respect anymore for cum bucket Kim. Fuck her.

  32. VAIO1230

    Little Kim only has a problem because she's dark skin she did not want to be seen as a dark skin woman even although she was darker skin before she went and got a skin bleached.


    Naturi did a excellent job playing Lil Kim. Christina Milian might have done a good job also but she do not look like Lil Kim. Too much hate towards her acting the way the director wanted her to act. Check or come up? Job well done! Let's not forget she got one of the leading roles in Power! Great video!

  34. Tyrie xs5

    Girl FCK KIM.

  35. Jeffrey C

    It's not that serious! Naturi is a working actress who audition and got the role. Next!!!

  36. Donna Williams

    I like Kim, but y'all know she didn't like Naturi playing her bc she has dark skin. Kim needs to seek therapy to undue all the brainwashing she's accepted regarding colorism and beauty standards.

  37. Bad Bitch Mia

    Kim get over it.. 20 girls an 10 drag queens can play Kim in a fucking movie too look like a different person in every pic an video we see.. Small shit to a icon chameleon.

  38. Clockwork

    Kim u wont win this battle.. the public will not take ur side

  39. icoleman150

    *Eye roll
    I honestly feel like Lil’ Kim is doing to much. She is not the producer of this movie, she didn’t direct it, etc. Even if she was allowed some say in who was casted, I bet that contract did not give her “final approval”.
    She needs to stop it and how did Naturi come at her? I completely agree that Kim was am being colorist and that she had an issue with her being casted BECAUSE she is dark skinned. That comparison w/ Milian makes no sense cuz old Kim was MUCH darker and was closer to Naturi’s complexion. How they forget

  40. Latronda Flanning

    Kim still addressing this crap after 10 years she is the only one pressed

  41. WonHunnudVEVO

    Most of yall dumbasses need to stfu. Kin minding her business. And nothing about her skin color has changed. Get off her dick. Naturi dumb ugly bald head ass keeps mims name in her mouth so kim spoke out on it

  42. LadyTea

    The ironic part is that pic you posted of both them proves Naturi did favor Old Kim a lot.

  43. reallychris

    Lil Kim: Naturi doesn't look like me. She's too dark
    Everyone: KIM you don't look like you from yesterday. 🤔SOOOOOOOOOO👀🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🙄

  44. Jarolyn Pierce

    Once again the dark skinned black female gets kicked to the side when she’ll be honestly perfect for the role. Talk about stopping the bag. Pitiful.

  45. Daniel Bailey

    Who would wanna be a Lil Kim dusty, ugly , corpse, looking ass anyway Naturi did her a favour.

  46. black Beauty

    Naturi was very respectful when it came to speaking on lil Kim. Kim just love to start unnecessary beef to stay relevant!!! I mean, of course she doesn't capture her likeness now hell ya ass went and jumped in a big bowl of permanent paint! I think naturi did an amazing job playing that role of the back then melanin lil kim.....

  47. XANLY

    Man kim face is disrespectful and naturi hair line is disrespectful boring

  48. Pantsthecat P

    What smoke this put together bitch can't even move when she talks her lips don't even move little kim is a joke now bitch go have someone help your ass sit the fuck down 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  49. Dee Stevens

    Kim ought to be ashamed treating Naturi like that....knowing how hard it is for us sistas. Kim is so wrong!! She just hate herself... Need a damn psych test!

  50. Helena Lane

    That was puffy mess leave that girl alone

  51. Shenyae T

    Lil Kim don’t fuck around with real G’s quick to snatch yo ugly ass off the streets - Tupac

  52. Shenyae T

    I remember when Tupac called lil Kim ugly in Hit em up back in 96. I know she was salty 😂

  53. Shenyae T

    Look at Foxy brown vs lil Kim’s fugly ass 😂

  54. Lmarshell ***

    Naturi did a great job. 💜

  55. Devin Alexander Fairrow

    Kim is delusional asf. DASSIT

  56. Andrea Brantley

    😏That's messed up!... I do think Kim thought she was too dark!... 👎🏼 (Maybe Kim should've had a Chinese lady play the role... cause that's who she looks like now!) lol Real talk, Kim need to cut it out... They picked who they picked, and she did ok! *Respect.

  57. EsquiviasFamBam

    Christina doesn’t look anything like her.

  58. coco Brown

    Lil kim needs to sit her old Chinese lady looking behind down somewhere.

  59. LTG TG

    Lil momma did her thang... Kim shld be glad for the check she received n supported her. Christina is not her likeness .

  60. Intricately Tangled

    How old is lil Kim? How old is Naturi? This is sad, Naturi did not say anything untrue.

  61. Melissa Ribeiro

    1:42 bruh you can’t tell me they don’t look Tf alike natori actually cuter

  62. Shawn Carter

    Kim was never as chocolate as Naturi and in that pic of her and Diddy you can tell she got on spray on makeup she's never been that dark in ANY of her interviews and Naturi a dope actress but she wasn't a good Lil Kim she acted nothing like her

  63. The Breezy Family

    Lil kim better stop playing lmaooo 😂😂 u can tell she has an issue with darkskin WOMEN her girls trip show only lightskin women except for chilli...

  64. carmen micheals

    So then what’s the truth according to Kimmie blanco. How did Naturi come at her or disrespect her. Naturi told of her experience of trying to get in contact w/ her. Is it because she’s putting 1+1 and it does in fact =2.

    She didn’t need to have anything in common w/you. How they told your story in the movie was that what happened or no. She didn’t mind collecting a check from it so she wasn’t that offended.

    Kim wanted the standards hollywood treatment given to black characters; to be white washed. Fine. she can do her own life story and have c.m. or whoever not Naturi play her.

  65. Melle Jayneir

    Christina Miliannnn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂even she too probably laughed at that🤔 but then again we all know Lil Kim is a Latina in her head and wants people too think that she is sooooo maybe she could get away with that in her head. Poor girl don't hate Naturi she only hate herself and Naturi and an actress do not have to look exactly like the person she is playing because they are not twins. However she needed to study lil Kim very well and she did a very good job. Shot out too the dark skin girls who loves themselves from within.

  66. MS. Parker

    Kim is Delusional.

  67. Nedra She Ready Williams

    Queen B. I love you but you tripping. Self love is what you need.

  68. 107ashbash

    Love kim but she is delusional if she think Christina Milian is more like her. That's like Aretha saying she wanted Halle Berry to play her!

  69. Kanaan ite

    The Millian story is not real. Lil Kim's PR clearly stated Kim didnt WANT CHRISTINA !!!! So stop ! Lil Kim and Naturi dont look alike period

  70. Resa

    Hell she looked like her cant helped she bleached herself and all the plastic surgery changed her appearance

  71. Bia Bia

    Lmao Christina don’t look shit like her back then you not light skin Kim

  72. emily p

    Kim still hurt from when 2pac called her ugly in hit em up tryna project her self hate on Naturi😒

  73. Queen Kai

    lil kim was so beautiful before that ugly surgery

  74. Lasha Moore

    Christina playing Kim would be Alexandra Shipp PART 2..

  75. Nijah Simpson

    Haaaaaa kim hate herself so much she went frm a BE U T FULL SLIM melenatated beauty 2 an ugly sloppy lookin wyte women of course she thought steal ass christinna milian wud better suit the role ....the fuh she b seein n the mirror.💀 melanation embrass the blessing YAH gave us nappy hair nd all.

  76. real shit

    I wish one time just 1, somebody would confront her on that shit. Like the interviewers were throwing shade at nuturi , smh

  77. palm print

    you see with lil kim it's like she need to know who to calm herself down but too me the woman that play her was on her level and I don't know who she got an issue with the woman that wasn't her colour she need too respect her for the role she played too me it's was like she always keeps bringing up the fact with the colour and the woman that played but lil kim needs to stop going on about her like she wanted her to break down from the hate she already gets from her own lil sucking fans base it's like lil kim always keeps bringing up the fact already but what she needs is help with her career and not an beef that didn't need to get started she the same type of person that would of started somethink out of nothink what an type of dumb bitch she really is

  78. China Luv

    Kim is right she wasn't a good pick
    She's a good actress but to soft to play kim

  79. Kaaay Tv

    Okay you hate how they portrayed you in the movie but that’s not Naturi’s fault. She’s an actress and she was given the movie role to play. Be mad at the producers, writers and director not Naturi but it’s clear little Kim got a lot of self hate. Especially for her darker skin days. She was definitely affected by colorism because she wants to forget she was even dark skin. Lil Kim got serious issues.

  80. Hustle & Motivate Trucking

    So lil Kim think she looks Puerto Rican 😂

  81. Syreeta Foster

    I agree Kim period ...

  82. Jas

    Christina Milian play Kim 😒 Beast please. Christina Milian is what she spent all her money trying to look like.🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😭😭😂😂

  83. Joslyn Grose

    Kim color blind as hell what in the entire fuck does her and Christina have in common tf 🥴😂😂 she lost me on this one. Why put down another sister just to make yourself feel better..sorry your momma and daddy didn’t tell you how beautiful black is 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m tired of this shit

  84. red velvetcake

    Fucking Christina milian? What kind of crack she smoking

  85. Gigagreenglo88

    Lil kimberly is a latino in her mind that's why. I wish our people would stop hyping that botched idiot up and pay it dust. Naturi already had kfc thrown on her by her 3lw group member due to her being darker skinned, so kudos for her for not taking the botched barbie's colorist bs.

  86. Stating the Obvious

    Lil Kim is retarded!!!

  87. Naturally Ray

    She probably dont want ppl to get on her before and after look lol

  88. Windlilly Lawson

    i thought the idea was to have someone who resembles you play you. millian would not have been right. but the movie was 15 years ago, let it go!!!

  89. Cuban Baddie

    Kim..... GO TO BED🚮

  90. Dee__ 88

    Calm down, Kim, you was never light skinned anyway smh why ppl come for Naturi??? She's a beautiful black woman, who doesn't have self-hate💯😭❤

  91. Jeffries Creations

    Christina don't even have any roughness in her body to has play kim!! So idk wat she's talking about, tht would've been the worst thing ever!!

  92. Monique McLaurin

    Naturi killed it! Lil Kim I love u but I have to disagree with u on this one. Christina doesn't even look like the new u yet alone the old beautiful u. U should've played your own role if you're gonna act like this towards an amazing beautiful black sista who really looked more like u and knows how to act very well. She did your role justice and I loved how she represented u. Show love to your sista who honored u. Black women need to support and uplift one another. This is disappointing coming from u!

  93. jordanhearns87

    I agree with you 100% Kim need to stfd she just got finish looking like a tanned Ms piggy and want to clap at that woman girl please focus on a few more surgeries hell at least ole girl embracing the skin she is in

  94. Tuchung Lee

    I loveee me some Christina Milian. But stop playing I would laugh if they casted her as Kim

  95. omenlightenment

    Kim is reaching. And I mean way far at that. What does she mean Naturi couldn't represent her because they has nothing in common. Exactly what does she and Christina have in common ? Certainly not looks. Whatever reason Naturi took the role she did great job ,period. As a matter of fact it isn't relevant. Kim should ask herself, what has she done herself for a come up. All that smoke bs can die down, no one is afraid of bleached ass. I think someof that bleach went to her brains and got in her damn eyes. Even Ray Charles can see ,that Christina is in no way a match to play that role.

  96. Gloria Smith

    I guess Kim wants us to forget that she was once dark skinned

  97. Hello Me

    Kim can't even say smoke right. This movie is super old. Seems like hate to get on again. But she better ask Evelyn what that Colorism stuff gets you. Kim was a all the way chocolate woman. She made and thought it was a secret. Get your black beauty checks Natori.

  98. GotThat2020vision

    Why did she want Christina Milian to play her other than her being light skinned? Christina's not even fully black lol

  99. Alesha James

    Lil Kim is looking really foolish