Milian, Christina - Dip It Low (Remix) Lyrics

Christina Milian
Fabolous (F-A-B) (Oh ho)
State Call Baby

[Verse 1]
Says he wants you
He says he needs you
It's real talk, then why not make him wait for you
If he really wants you
If he really needs you
Really got to have you
Take your time and feel him out
When he's a good boy
I mean a really really good boy
Why not let him lay with you
That's when you give it to him good

Dip it low pick it up slow roll it all around poke it out like your back broke
Pop ta pop ta pop that thing
Ima show ya how to make ya man say Ohhhhh [X2]

[Verse 2]
You getting bold
He growin' cold
It's just the symptoms of young love
Growin' old
You think it's time
And you're thinking of leaving
But give it time
It's late at night
He's coming home
Meet him at the door with nothin' on
Take him by the hand
Let him know what's on
If you understand me
Yall come on

All my ladies wind it up
If you know just how to move (mooove)
All my fellas jump behind
And show her what you want to do (show her what you got daddy)

All my ladies wind it up
If you know just how to move
All my fellas jump behind
And show her what you want to do (ouuuh..wouh ouh)

[Chorus X2]


Babygirl the way u pop ta pop ta pop that thing i might stop that shop and cop u things i drop tha top and hop that thing
Sometimes i stop my bop to pop my things u sure no how to make a man say ohhh
And how in the world can a man say nooo

The way u grind it up on tha wall wind it up like a doll and you kno i'ma barcadi lime it up until you fall
Line it up until u spall and have them other chicks throwin vomit up when they find me up in the mall
Like most men i like ketchup with a model but I ain't used to movin' slow like ketchup in a bottle
The best things come to those who wait for it
Ima be straight for it before its too late for it
I want you to dip it low pick it up slow roll it all around poke it out and make me say ohhh

[Chorus To Fade]

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Milian, Christina Dip It Low (Remix) Comments
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    Love Christina!!! Bring it on-Forever Best Movie! 2020?

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    Best Era Or
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    Rafael Henderson


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    My Tina Cambria tell my babies I caught you we are in the State of Florida marry they took off from Maine you took off with my Warren and Tywaun you didn't treat them right we got that my men under the label Boston Public Health Commission member ID number

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    It's about to be 2020 I still love this song/video!

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    The men and the black paint are giving me hollywired sex abuse ritual vibes....sorry in 2019 this looks like insight.😖

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    Damnnnnn and she still fine in 2k19

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    Back when cultural appropriation was called cultural appreciation.

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  13. ed j

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    Rory: I can beat off to this

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    Still one of the hottest woman on 🌍

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    god damn, this woman is STUNNING. just drop dead gorgeous and sexy af 🥵 and her voice and dancing just kill me every time

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    Does she look like a robot in this video. How can anyone drop like that and not get injuried? Something not right about that.

  22. Alabode

    Does anyone 👀 that she is really a hologram in the dancing scenes? 👀🤟🏽

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    When they used to really dance.


    Now they just shake their ass.

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    Fine as hell bruh...13 year old me went crazy when this came out lol

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    hola que tal - That only applies when yte people steal blk culture, then try to act like they created it.

    hola que tal

    @TheDamsel not really.. apparently it also applies if you wear clothing from another culture
    Like that person who said "my culture is not your prom dress" to thr girl who wore a chinese dress to prom lol

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