Miley Cyrus - Different Lyrics

[Joan Jett:]
Have you ever taken flack from the bullies on attack
Cause you're different
Ha, they laugh and call you names but that ain't no badge of shame
Just cause your different
Show 'em Miley

[Miley Cyrus:]
People gonna stare, you unsettle them and scare 'em
Cause we're different
Walking down the street when you pass, they take a peek
There's something different

[Miley:] Live your life outside the box
[Joan:] Blow off all the empty talk
[Miley:] They focus on the things you're not
[Both:] Just walk your walk, yeah

[Joan Jett:]
And age is not in years, it sits between your ears
You see it different

[Miley Cyrus:]
It's fun to break the mold and see it take ahold
And now you're different too

[Miley:] Live your life outside the box
[Joan:] Blow off all the empty talk
[Miley:] They focus on the things you're not
[Both:] Just walk your walk, yeah

When you're walking down the block
The traffic starts and stops
Cause you ooze difference
Look, they treat you rough, but you're tough enough
And we're all different, yeah

[Miley:] Live your life outside the box
[Joan:] Blow off all the empty talk
[Miley:] They focus on the things you're not
[Both:] Just walk your walk, yeah

[Miley:] Live your life outside the box
[Joan:] Blow off all the empty talk
[Miley:] They focus on the things you're not
[Both:] Just walk your walk, yeah

[Miley Cyrus:]

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Miley Cyrus Different Comments
  1. Jah man

    Miley is so talented

  2. maring mg

    Yes I've been called different....And yes im different and I liked it... 💙🖤💛❤️

  3. 迫いくみ


  4. Dias Xavier

    Miley you can sing everything.. 😍😘😘

  5. Brooklyn Sharpe

    ily miley sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  6. Freddi Fish

    Always did love Miley's voice it's her antics that always kept me from being an actual fan. Now that she's grown up and become comfortable with who she is I can actually enjoy listening to her.

    As for Joan... come on now it's fucking Joan Jett what the fuck can be said that ain't been said a thousand times before.

  7. freddie doeterniettoe

    Joan Jett is still a babe.

    I wanne sing a long "song" with both of them.

    @the same time

  8. Charles Goh

    I don't understand why do people behave like sheep. Just because she's famous for her antics, it doesn't mean she can sing or that she's a good entertainer. I think people who recognise true talent are hardly impressed with her. BTW, sheep really can't think for themselves. They will follow what the crowd do. Pathetic!

  9. Allison A

    Is it just me or did it sound like Hannah Montana's "Best of both worlds" was about to drop in the beginning lol

  10. La- Lo

    Amo la voz tan versátil que privilegia miley!!

  11. Martin Ramirez Mi5

    Beautiful song and two very beautiful girls. Love them both!

  12. Timothy Manasco

    One of My favorite Songs.

  13. thomas ackerman

    Joan looks pretty good...still

  14. Jacqueline Beaver

    I only watch the video because Joan Jett was in it

  15. reena singh

    Omg ,,,, is there any genre she cant sing.... Amazing singer of this generation

  16. Calista Diesel

    Holy shit yes



  18. junko libertines

    I love Joan. I don’t want to see this. Because of jealous.

  19. nostressannie

    I love it ...thank you

  20. Michael Brookins

    It rock's beautifully

  21. Sławek Enduro Vlog

    Super 😀😎✋

  22. Robert Caskie

    Two highly talented Ladies! We are blessed!

  23. gangsta rebel

    Miley is a versatile artist (country, pop, rock, high notes, love songs) my two idols..

  24. Alicia Briscoe

    Love this Girl

  25. Daniel Adshead

    Great duo😀👍

  26. Richard Garcia

    they sound great together

  27. Hannah Catherraine Beldia

    A multi genre. True talent. Still love her no matter what🖤🖤🖤

  28. hoeindetails 0

    2019 YALL

  29. Barend Vorster

    I have looked at all the artists and she can only be the number 1 at this time.

  30. Hali McEachern

    Put this on Spotify

  31. Mesaque Cláudio

    Meu Nome é MESAQUE CLAUDIO & Tenho um Magnífico Filho que é um Ator e Modelo Fotografico Brasileiro:- ISAQUE RAMON CORREIA CLAUDIO ( Ramon Claudio) & Ele Sonha desde os 15 Anos de Idade em Conhecer à VOCÊ " Miley Cyrus " ( Destiny Hope Cyrus) !!!

  32. Mesaque Cláudio

    Eu e à Minha Família:- Desejamos muito Sucesso pra VOCÊS DUAS!!!

  33. Yasmine 99

    Miley is fucking lucky she can hang out with my FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD JOAN JETT 😭😭😭😭

  34. Shannon Hoyopatubbi

    Joan Jett Is My Mom!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  35. Danny Hughes

    Yes she do' s don't read to good.Boys.of ussr Dr.Dna.Bo! Thanks for food.

  36. Super 191

    Just a gem multifaceted 🇨🇦👍

  37. Given Family

    Brave women with strong powerful message music!!!! So inspiring! Miley forever

  38. clay irwin

    Miley s Tong is in my pants so good

  39. N X

    What happened to her leaving the country (USA) after Trump won?

  40. Languilinpou Languilinpou


  41. Steve lumby

    Both are fuckin awesome

  42. Bill Tremewan

    She does have a good voice.

  43. Gustavo Ibarra

    It does exist an album with this “backyard serie?”

  44. dustyblue

    Be Your Organic Sovereign Heart Speak beyond the Matrix System..deep essence energy prevails w/ discerment wisdom when deceptive dark matter tries many Rabbir Holes & fails...Be Your Brillant Heart Speak Always!

  45. Jarod Simpson

    Hey Miley ... You are awesome ❣️

  46. Barend Vorster

    She likes country and she is the best country singer.

  47. GIMBUS

    This is the Miley everyone wants

  48. Natalia Pallarés Del Olmo

    Oh come on Miley. Are you happy behaving like that? Are u serious?

  49. csaba balogh

    Ez a kurva nem is tud énekelni

  50. Sergio Pinzon

    Súper girls

  51. Greg Vincent

    Just found this . 2 thumbs up !

  52. Eric Mueller

    Miley and 80’s performers. Yes please!

  53. Trubel T

    This smart ass finally remembers what Rock'n'Roll is. Cool Baby.

  54. M Montenegro

    I absolutely love this! Amazing woman! Amazing voices! Amazing song!

  55. Imoji Moji

    Big love to Joan Jett from Afghanistan 🇦🇫

  56. Apply Your Mind

    This song is boring

  57. rogerwalsberg

    Yay Jet! Cyrus..mehh.

  58. Terri Mcgaffigan

    Love Joan Jett! Good move Miley!👊👁👄☺

  59. Robert Lawler

    She just might have found her place,

  60. 955rocket

    Miley sucks , no doubt about it ,

  61. Skidoo Skidoo

    Oooh yaaaaa well done all ......

  62. Hubert G Baugus

    So, pop music still loves old white people in spite of the liberals crying about them? Groovy!

  63. Phillip Webb

    Miley Cyrus turned out to be a deep throat 80’s porn star looking 🤢🤮.I don’t know why people like her .She’s a lucky backyard hillbilly .The only reason her dad became famous is because Dolly picked him up hitch hicking otherwise she wouldn’t be famous .

  64. Carola Lavin

    Different... both secret transgenders

  65. Ares Avery

    Wow amazing😘

  66. by Daniel Chiotis

    Joan Jett is hott and still rocks

  67. Raman Preet

    Met doctor today..He said u can't get cured permanently..So I guess I will be different and stay me forever..Thank you for the song!!☄️

  68. Дмитрий Токарев

    Отлично получилось!

  69. Lucy Faiella

    LOVE IT GREAT SONG🎙🎙🎙🎶🎵🎼🎸🎸🎸🎹🎹🎸🥁🥁🥁🎶🎙🎙🎼🎵🎶

  70. Luiza Chacom

    Joan Jett QUEEEN
    Miley Cyrus PRINCESS
    Perfect duo, love you girls! ❤

  71. Luiza Chacom


  72. Terry Roberts

    Holy shit I like this lol

  73. Julia Beckner

    It sure was a Happy Hippie, Love ya

  74. Saint Jimmy

    Dope as song! Glad Miley got her shit together, she's one hell of an artist!

  75. Yann Marra

    Duas deusaa

  76. andrezapfvrn

    a voz da miley pqp artista caralho

  77. The Autistic Avenger

    #AutismAcceptance #AutismAppreciation #AutisticSelfAdvocacyMovement 🎸🎶 I'm on FB mostly thus far. Music soon 🔊🎵 #BoycottAutismSpeaks and TY for the jam

  78. billy velasquez

    Joan Jets voice has more color and intonation

  79. clay irwin

    The music business is dead in the water may as well give up on the music asshole business

  80. Priyanka Ganguly

    Love this song

  81. Rosa de França



    майла цийроз когда ты уже схлопнешься?ШО

  83. محمود محمد


  84. Maryann Sanchez

    I wonder does Miley read the comments ever?
    Miley if you do any chance you could bring light to the environmental crisis? Your voice would stand out to a lot of people and might help make change.

  85. Randy Rounds

    Miley why dont you just marry me and lets get this done and over with

  86. Ghost Rider 8675309

    I hope miley knows about the Clinton murders and child trafficking. I know that Miley Cyrus will not be a Hillary Or democrats support or now knowing that they are child traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and his best friend Bill Clinton you know Jeffrey Epstein the child trafficker and murderer they got videos of his Island down in the basements and tunnels of people torturing raping and murdering children I know she wouldn't be a Hillary or Bill Clinton voter and supporter after knowing this would she? Of course not she's smarter than that so I heard she's going to vote for Trump in 2020 she just wasn't letting all the record Executives know it I don't know that was a rumor but probably true so everybody vote for Trump 2020 because some of the biggest music stars and Hollywood stars are on video doing bad things to children yes it's 100% correct and true so vote Trump 2020 and let's get these evil people out of this world

  87. Ghost Rider 8675309

    Hillary clinton is on video raping tortuing and murdering a young girl...omg she is horrible person...Voting for Trump 2020

  88. Ghost Rider 8675309

    Trump 2020

  89. Tara P

    I love this song!!! This is my BBQ 'set it off song'......must be blasted. Miley is so talented. And Joan is still killin' it.

  90. Lucy Faiella

    GREAT SONG JUST LOVE IT....🎙🎙🎙🥁🥁🥁🎶🎵🎼🎸🎸🎸🎹🎹🎹♥️♥️

  91. stephen shutt

    I loved that, Joan Jett has definitely still got it. Myley can do any type rock pop country. They went together so well.

  92. Miss Barr

    fucking awesome , LOVE IT !

  93. don schlegel

    Just love this song.

  94. Red Ice

    I'm glad MC didn't go off the deep end like B Spears. I believe her man had something to do with that. She seems grounded. Keep making music and growing. And, JJ you still rock it.

  95. Bebad andugly

    yes that rocks!!!!

  96. LaFay Wydow

    Love the new Miley

  97. TheFiftyYearOld FourTwentyGamer

    Gotta Give Kudos where it's due
    Miley was Born into Music it's innate to her it comes Naturally
    Great to See Joan Jett still Killing it