Miles, Chris - Till I D.I.E. Lyrics

Tryna get up on these news clips
Broke but I'm rocking that new ish
Swaggin' out and they cannot doubt
I go stupid you know that I lose it man
Who is that number one
I swear to God it's me tho
I go hard on every bar I spit
I'm hard to catch like nemo
I be flowin like a speedo
He go off on every track
Bro every rap I do thing
And I'm hot like I went to hell and back
Spittin hella crack with that crazy rhythm
And they be wishing that they had my flow
Yea I'm underage and I'm underrated
But yo chick wanna elope homie
I'm fly as hell like delta
But stupid hater you penguin fly
Tryna beat me is like
A polar bear in a desert
Man you can't survive
I take any rhyme and make it mine
Man any time I make it shine
You better pay the price or pay attention
Cause I'm blowing up like a landmine
This the last time that I'm telling y'all
I ain't messing around
I'm the king you a peasant homie so better pass me my crown now
Understand and comprehend what I be spitting
Man you know I shut it down like grinch on Christmas don't you get it uh

Flame spittin man you know that I'mma beast
If I was old enough for these party's then I bet I'd be VIP
Ha man Try to step me? not in your dreams
I swear to god I be doing my thing till the day I d-i-e
Yea till I d-i-e
Yea till I d-i-e
Yea till I d-i-e
Yea till I d-i-e

Forget the swagger I'm swankalicious the chicks will love it
The chitter chatter down under me isn't doing nothing
Man you know I'm the sickest until it hits ya stomach
And gets it rumbling man I don't need a freaking introduction
To hop on right back hit em with a syllable the illest on a track
Gotta skin vanilla but you know that he ain't whack
I'm lyrical veteran with a pen, pad, and passion his rap ish
Is blowin up goin up and you know that it ain't stopping soon
Try to do what I could do, I dare you to, you ain't nothing dude
I'm off that I'm on a new grind they sleeping on me no snooze bruh
No uzi but I'm goin off they say who is he well I'm Chris Miles
Gotta sick style with a pencil I kill y'all so enjoy
That last breath that you take got a magic flow Houdini
My replays for petes sake are so big you can't see plays
He be that adolescent that got haters beefing like 3 steaks
Got the game on lock you a key chain
I found yo rap career on e-bay with rebate no debate I deflate these haters brains
and get the beat looking like an inmate cuz I got bars all d-ay
no secret I just speak it so go jump off the deep end like


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