Mike + The Mechanics - Someone Always Hates Someone Lyrics

Last night I shook hands with the devil
In a dream that I can never lose
He laughed when he saw me cryin'
At the pictures on the evening news
He said it's not really a dilemma
You're just a little out of touch
Don't think of the situation
Cos it'll make you think too much

Someone always hates someone
Someone always hates someone
Someone always sells a gun
Cos someone always hates someone

A child will be born tomorrow
As open as an empty cup
And we'll fill it with hope and sorrow
The very things that messed us up
We'll ask him to join the congregation
A hindu moslem christian or jew
Pretty soon he'll recognise his brothers
But soon he'll know the enemy too

Someone always hates someone
Someone always hates someone
Someone always buys a gun
Cos someone always hates someone

I died and I went to heaven
In a dream I never had before
A good friend who had gone before me
Had kindly left my name at the door
I looked on the face of the almighty
Couldn't help myself
I started to shout
How come you made a mess of things
How come you didn't work it out

He said
Someone always hates someone
Someone always hates someone
There's so much love for everyone
But someone always hates someone

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Mike + The Mechanics Someone Always Hates Someone Comments
  1. Possum Ridge Entertainment

    Does anyone know what the effect on the electric piano is? It sounds like some sort of modulation on the modulator of an FM patch but I can't recreate it on my physical DX7 or in any of the VSTs I have that support FM synthesis.

  2. MrBigblue88

    This song and Larry Gowans "Holding this rage" would compliment each other with their messages.

  3. Rodrigo Basualto


  4. Dorothy Gambell

    Unfortunately too much truth to the song.....sad but true!!

  5. SiIverDragon

    Play this song everytime a Terrorist attack happens....

    Hub Ert

    SiIverDragon Uriah heep


    s it is very true someone always hate someone

  7. wilsonx54

    There's so much love for everyone but someone always hates someone.Timeless potent lyrics if only the message ever sinks in.

  8. Stephen DelVacchio

    so chill out dude slipknot is the shit just like other take care

  9. Stephen DelVacchio

    no 29

  10. Stephen DelVacchio

    slipknot i am hated is better

  11. crasichineseboi

    @DJWESTYY can't find that video

  12. Susan Robinson

    If only love could overcome hate!

  13. chemetsberger

    I love this song. Great text with fine sound. M&M makes music I love.

  14. R4F4EU

    Precious! I just known "Over my Shoulder".

  15. angelvision

    Yes,and that's why the best songs of Genesis in my opinion are from Mike. Listen to the bombastic songs from Duke - all by Mike!

  16. Ulysses N.

    Yes guys, has a peace of Genesis inside of this song!!! Or not!? Great Mike, a touch of magic and progressive sound.

  17. ludo281160

    I remember me moving in 1994 to where I live now...well this was the first CD I have bought since my moving in 1994. For me certainly a *Pure Gold* CD from Mike+ Mechanics with so much variation on it!!!
    Fantastic music and timeless!

  18. TheUgreenagreen

    one of the great Paul Young song i love is 'when i get over you'

  19. trekie01

    @TheUgreenagreen me too !!!! they were simply great !!! and i have always prefference 4 paul young songs !

  20. gresiu7

    CooL LIRICs***** from AMSTERDAM

  21. TheUgreenagreen


  22. TheUgreenagreen

    i got all the mike and mechanics cd too!

  23. TheUgreenagreen

    doesn't the 1:04 sound like Muslims chanting?

  24. TheUgreenagreen

    m&m's songs: silent running, word of mouth, a call to arms, and maybe other songs, of long ago still applies politically today...unfortunately reminding us of how sad the world can be...

  25. rjmdrum

    Couldn;t agree more.. Only band with 2 great singers, and everything ignored completely in the US One later CD was only available as import... Saw the Living Years tour in Boston...
    None of their albums are available for download in the US on the major sites... Thank god I have all the Cds..
    many don't care about quality music, just negative attitude..

  26. Kalidas Radhakrishnan

    amen to that. One fantastic album, One of the few albums that will last a lifetime..

  27. frododarg

    think of it this way.... we are the priviiledged
    ones who appreciate it!!!

  28. felsner1

    True - and it was so much more than "Over My Shoulder"! Wish somebody would upload "Straight & Simple" and "I believe (When I Fall in Love)"...