Mike + The Mechanics - Over My Shoulder Lyrics

Looking back over my shoulder
I can see that look in your eye
I never dreamed it could be over
I never wanted to say goodbye

Looking back over my shoulder
With an aching deep in my heart
I wish that we were starting over
Oh instead of drifting so far apart

Everybody told me you were leaving
Funny I should be the last to know
Baby please tell me that I'm dreaming
I just never want to let you go

Looking back over my shoulder
I can see that look in your eye
Turning my heart over and over
I never wanted to say goodbye

I don't mind everybody laughing
But it's enough to make a grown man cry
Cos I can feel you slipping through my fingers
I don't even know the reason why

Every day it's a losing battle
Just to smile and hold my head up high
Could it be that we belong together
Baby won't you give me one more try
One more try

Looking back over my shoulder
I can see that look in your eye
I never dreamed it could be over
I never wanted to say goodbye

Looking back over my shoulder
Oh with an aching feeling inside
Cutting me up, deeper and deeper
Fills me with a sadness that I can't hide

Looking back over my shoulder
I can see that look in your eye
I never dreamed no no it could be over
I never wanted to say goodbye

Looking back over my shoulder
I can see that look in your eye

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Mike + The Mechanics Over My Shoulder Comments
  1. Alex Correia

    1991 - this song is awesome!
    2020 - this song is awesome!

  2. Mellisah sweet


  3. Leonor Kajel

    Fm 94.3 horizonte año 95😍

  4. Vanity Van Uytfanghe

    I love ur voice!!!

  5. Francisco Jose Pereira Moura

    uma das minhas preferidas isso sim é musica

  6. Lisa Davie

    Bloody love this song.x

  7. Cebarna Loains P

    a certain aching in my heart also. remembering the painful past. longing for it but yet not wanting to experience it

  8. rafael Nadal

    I've been looking back over my shoulder all my life a gem of a song

  9. Barbara Grillhofer-Lex

    2020 <3

  10. It's just me

    So much great music out there and radio stations feed our youth such crap these days. 😒

  11. Tariroyashe Matarise

    nyc track

  12. Candy Honey

    Quem mais veio matar a saudade em 2020?

    Verity W

    10th Jan 2020

    Sarah Barros De Abreu


    Armando Theodore

    Candy Honey Eu 😁! O tempo passa mas canções como esta ficam gravadas nos corações para sempre. Bom ano 2020. 👍

    Couto Júnior

    Couto Júnior

    Candy Honey

    @Armando Theodore Exatamente ✌🏽

  13. Patrick pegazo26

    Nostalgia Pura. 😭
    Una canción Sin desperdicios, Perfecta!!!
    Una Melodía Eterna! 💓💖

  14. Xzibit The minstry

    Tony Michael Micky T the mechanic

  15. Everton Souza

    Essa música me lembra duas coisas a copa de 94 e me lembro do meu pai saudades !!!

    Dj Fluxxo

    Nossa irmão que coincidência toda vez que eu escuto essa música também lembro do meu pai ! Saudades !

  16. Rafael Resendiz

    ENERO 2020!!! 👌 FELIZ AÑO!

  17. Nyasha gweks

    Who is here with me January 2020
    Happy new year

    Deana Kouts

    Happy New Year to you too,believe it and it will.

  18. Jorge Javier Chamorro

    Que buena banda que buenos tiempos una de mis favoritas

  19. ANN ONYM


  20. Aline Carolino

    Linda demais 💞

  21. Pini Serumola

    2020 who is with me

  22. David Pragmo

    I don't know why the greatest songs are usually downloadable from Youtube while the shittiest songs are the ones protected and no one can download! This goes to show you that the purity in spirit and the emotion such as this song exudes are not for sale. Money always corrupts good music. Thank you for making the video downloadable. The rewards always come back to you.

  23. Helen Berry

    Happy 2020 everyone!🎉

  24. Coeur 974

    Toujours à écouter en décembre 2019


    Pareille, toujours...

  25. Edgardo llanos muñoz

    Esto si es música!😍🎶🌍🌎🌏
    Saludos desde Chile!😉🇨🇱☮️📻📺

  26. Агроном В каждый Дом


  27. Aleksander Finstad

    My 90s sound 🎶🎸🎶🎤

  28. Thomas Juel Iversen

    This song will always be kept in my memory as one of the Worlds greatest popsongs of the 90´s. Paul Carracks fantastic voice as frontman in Mike & The Mechanics is very memorable and characteristic. I made a heavy rotation on this particular song as a host on the Danish Radios, Radio Viborg and VLR Vejle through the 90´s and 00´s. Thumbs Up

  29. Niomil Peace

    2019 any one?

    Fernando Kamers

    From Brasil

  30. 82garethphillips

    Tony fae hollyoaks?


    😂 😂 😂

  31. Komi

    I just woke up this morning with this song in my mind. Happy 2020 !!

  32. Aleksandr Gordinov

    Парни красавцы!

  33. TheNajain

    Lembro da minha pré adolescência 1995 tocava direto na Jovem pan

    Sarah Barros De Abreu

    Tmbm lembro !
    Dá saudades né ???
    Adolescência, amizades, paqueras tudo nostálgico !!❤🎶🎵🎼

  34. Carole Rutland

    Love it they were brilliant I think they have been forgotten but I never forgot

  35. Patrick P

    Thank god for Baywatch, where i discovered this awsome song.

  36. Elena Moron

    Looking back

  37. Thomas Lohmann

    I believe more or less every rock song stems from this masterpiece, it was one the most groundbreaking moments in rock’n’roll history that completely revolutionised they way rockstars made music. That singing, the guitar riff, the complex structure of the song, it’s innovative in every single way!


    Good boy Mike , sing it me Boy

  39. wellington mazambani

    That whistling is superb to another level.

  40. frydryk p

    This is the epitomy of a 'chart-breaking' pop song...catchy and perfect from the beginning to the end...
    Carrack's vocals are unsurpassable here.

  41. guillermo rolero

    de mis temas preferidos de siempre....

  42. yukiamerica

    Paul Carrack's voice, man

  43. Sami Vasconcelos de Oliveira

    Gravando na minha fita TDK ! Viagem no tempo

  44. aep agunsya

    Nice song....i love it

  45. Iasmim Chagas

    Eu cresci ouvindo está música, graças a meu pai. Herdei essa bom gosto musical
    I grew up listening to this song, thanks to my dad. I inherited this good taste in music

  46. Mathew Jones

    Chirayne always looking back I never wanted it to be over but we have drifted apart happy U happy


    Que nostalgia + ! Rádio cidade RJ , pqp só lembranças boas !.

  48. None One

    I never wanting say goodbye !

  49. Zelda Verster

    Still a great great song! One I will cherish

  50. Amy Inker

    music really had feeling back in the day mind.

  51. Run Tiger

    Cardi B: I make music
    Me: No you make trash, this is music!

  52. Run Tiger

    You know those songs that give you that warm felling in your that makes you feel like you want to cry?

    This is one of those

  53. andrew mutie

    Listening from Doha Qatar 2019


    Aquém assistindo 2019

  55. Gokulesh dj GKspace

    Amazing song,so many remembers..

  56. Luciane Moreira

    Me lembro de quando traduzimos essa música na aula de inglês no colégio no ano de 96, saudades da professora Solange, excelente professora de inglês 😍😍

  57. Lalylalysoleil Paradisiaque

    J’adore cette chanson! Elle est vraiment chouette et simple. Merci la vie! Mes oreilles sont en extase.

  58. pk traders vlr

    Fantastic track!!!

  59. andre Matos

    Mike Rutherford

  60. lincoln ndirangu

    How is it that an entire lyrics to a song represents my exact feelings.

  61. om zanardi

    love loe love this song

  62. Daniela Ursino

    Diciembre 2019

    silvina trigo rivas


    Diogo Gevaerd

    Dezembro de 2019 ✌🏼🇧🇷🎶

    Richard Gillitschka


    Olivier Lohay

    95 ma fille venait au monde ....que du bonheur!😍

  63. hussa786

    What great voice

  64. komik79

    What can I say...the whistling were a nice touch... Such an excellent yet simple song...

  65. A Fujisawa

    this video really reminds me of my old time...

  66. Alexandre Santos

    Que gato esse Mike,lembra muito um ex que eu transava direto


    Kkkkkkk vc dá marcha ré

    Alexandre Santos

    @TheNajain cuidado com a homofobia querida

  67. Adriele Pires


  68. Walis Oliva

    What a boring video for such an amazing song!?!

  69. TheWatcherBis

    269 persons saw they lost the ability to enjoy the quality music when they looked over their shoulder.

  70. stone rose

    whenever he starts to sing it feels like heaven ❤️

  71. Edison José Gómez ledesma

    Los. Amo

  72. Sergio Souza

    linda música muito top

  73. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy mike i wspanialy the mechanics

  74. Nick Lidstrom

    This only have a million views??????? Im quitting internet.

  75. Gaby Werner

    WFA. Tv www.worldfamousagency.us ( The United Artists ) MAGIC...Xoxo! Rio X New York, 2019 - B R A Z I L.

  76. azapro911

    Took me years to realise this was Mike + The Mechanics, what a reinvention for the '90s!

  77. Sticks L'enfant terrible

    When I was younger I used to confuse the melody of this song with the one of Two Princes by Spin Doctors... Two great classics anyway !

  78. Pedro Moronta

    Every 80s band has a transitional to 90s with great songs, this is one!

  79. Sharky Rider64

    Absolutely Love This Song!

  80. Griffomedia

    2 great Paul's right there. Must have been difficult who to use on vocals having 2 amazing singers in the group. R.I.P Paul Young x

  81. Diego Urbina

    Pedazo de canción.

  82. Vincent Tshezi

    Cape Town 2019 11 13 am 11:14 Xolani Mgqalelo

  83. Edward Kamau Maina

    The songs these guys sung were the best and had good messages not the crappy songs of today

  84. chiguyintexas2

    Still looking back in 2019.

  85. Kutluano Cummings

    I’m 16, my father recommended i listen to “The living years” did that and got hooked to the band ever since♥️✨

  86. Eric George

    Only a million views? For a masterpiece like this, its criminal.

    Vladimir Reznichenko

    It's true!

    Paul Gibbett

    A true classic

    Wellington Alves

    Também acho.

    Miss bree Atieno

    True this is classic


    At 1.4 mill on this reply n it’s still criminal should be at least 10X the views love this song 💙💙💙

  87. Jeff Allinson

    No doubt, Paul has one of the best voices in the business.


    Alguém do brasil 🇧🇷✌

  89. veronica yeboah

    A true perfect song, the best

  90. J Av

    reminds me of my manager when he is looking over to see what I am doing.. the lyrics fit perfectly.

  91. Георги Павлов


  92. marat akhmed

    Верните мне мой 96-й

  93. Michael Plein

    A favourite