Mike + The Mechanics - Mea Culpa Lyrics

You can't forgive
And you won't forget
We did something
That we both regret mea culpa

I held my breath while you
Took your time
To tell the world
What's yours is mine mea culpa

You don't need me
You don't need anyone at all
You've got what you desired
You lit the fire
And watched the rise and fall

And in your eyes I could see my face
A non believer
In a state of grace mea culpa

I see no reason for your complaint
You got the sinner
And not the saint mea culpa

I can't say much I can't say anything at all
You tell the story well
Then you retire to watch the rise and fall

You never know what's in your heart
Until you look
You never know what's in your heart
Until you look
Take a look
Just take a look
Just take a look
Just take a look

[Ad libs to fade]

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Mike + The Mechanics Mea Culpa Comments
  1. vicky Ricky

    Remember me my childhood

  2. Intellesque

    Paul Young's vocal is outstanding!!!!! A great song, superbly written and produced. Rutherford and Christopher Neil brilliance!

  3. Vali S Vartan

    ...and, Paul Young's excellent voice...

  4. Javier artola

    IMPRESIONANTE ..... Hace mas de 12 años que escucho esta cancion y nunca me canso de escucharla.... Tremendooooooooo......


    To err is human, to forgive is divine. To remember is good, to forget is better

  6. denise clendinning

    Brilliant song and brilliant album They dont make songs like this anymore

  7. Dean Syrett

    You should do some videos for all the songs on A beggar on beach of gold as good as this one.Would be really good.

  8. Dean Syrett