Mike + The Mechanics - If Only Lyrics

Still waters always run so deep
I've heard you cry in the night And talk in your sleep

Why would you want to,
Keep it all inside?
Now you're alone,
With nothing but your pride.

If only you'd listened to me
Cos I still want you now
I don't want to be free
If only you listened to me
Cos I still feel the loss
And it won't let me be

I've tried talking long into the night
But nothing that I tried to say
Ever came out right

There's no point in crying
My tears have run dry
I hope that you're satisfied

If only you'd listen to me
Cos I still want you now
I don't want to be free
If only you listened to me
Cos I still feel the loss
And it won't let me be

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Mike + The Mechanics If Only Comments

    La voz de Paul carrack es una poesía se echa de menos a youngy

  2. mariusz blaszczyk

    the 80's, my best, and the end of an era

  3. Al Huggins

    i guess this could be anybody (but sometimes our pride is the only thing that keeps us strong). very few are taught how to express ourselves openly without others judging us as thinking it's ego when in fact "pride" in who we are is just the opposite. it's called "loving ourselves" because if we can't do that, we have no sense of self worth and we'll look at others the same way. this is the first things we should teach our children well because pride is what drives us to always be better...

    laurel june

    I'm going to listen to this again! The words are powerful, however at the end of the day I would rather have my pride and be alone then settle for anything less!

    Al Huggins

    oh, so you knew Freud too? hahahah

    Lorraine Ashby

    You have to have a certain amount of ego - it gives you  sense of self, empowerment, independence and strength. Balance is the key - to value others in the same way.

  4. Ks Prorok

    Класс,супер Paul Carrack!

  5. Al Huggins

    i guess this could be anybody. very few are taught to express themselves so what do we do about it. teach your children well....

  6. dlpine71

    Smart girl!! :))

  7. Rolph Artieda

    Still waters? not for me, not for you and this.... I know, I know, i know looking back I can only say that "everything IS the way it should be" no use in crying or being obsesive it ain´t worth it, but I can´t deny I still remember you,

  8. Claudia Noriker

    das waren tolle zeiten damals...

  9. intoxa

    @themoshmenace Sorry, but i only have this copy of the song, and it's cut at the end - yeah. I uploaded it, 'cause i coudn't find it on Youtube, and i wanted to send it to someone special. And no, i'm not embarrased, cause it brings me so much memories. Peace!

  10. medindom

    Desde luego, Mike and The Mechanics es un grupo infravalorado, no me cabe la menor duda. Tengo todos sus discos y tienen una enorme cantidad de temas buenísimos. Es de lo mejor que he escuchado.

  11. intoxa

    @medindom Yes, the song is great, but not so popular, and I don't know why...

  12. medindom

    Mike and the Mechanics - If Only. ¡Qué grandes recuerdos me trae esta canción! Me encanta.

  13. mweiford

    What a beautiful song. Thanks for posting. This wasn't released in the U.S.