Mike Posner - You Already Are Lyrics

Sometimes the truth don't come in a pretty melody
Sometimes it rains down, like a thunderstorm in July
Making you ask, "How close can heaven get?"
Sometimes it rains down like a crash symbol under Kevin's stick
Or a nasty strung under James Bone's pick
A pretty note under Jacob Scesne's lip
Or a blues riff, offa Ben's fingertip
Or when Nate plays a funky lick
Oh shit...
Just wanna take this in for a second
We weren't promised this man
Wasn't so long ago I was making beats in mom's basement
Now I'm on the big stage my haters can't say shit!

What's the difference between knowledge, and wisdom?
I looked at the newspaper, filled with the names of crooks, liars, and schemers
And five years from now the newspaper will be filled with the names of a new set of crooks, liars, and schemers
That's why after we do the hits I always take the time to put the guitar down
Because two hundred years from now the words of this poem will be just as beautiful as they are now
Politics is to poetry, as knowledge is to wisdom, that's the difference

And we just want a guy we can memorize
A lover who never lies
A million likes on Facebook
And a neighbourhood that's been gentrified

We're so busy taking the heart, and wrapping it up in a body that's beautiful and tanned and perfect
And wrapping the tanned body up in clothes that are stylish and expensive
And putting the tanned body in stylish clothes inside of a car that makes our neighbour jealous
And putting the jealousy breeding car inside of a garage that makes our neighbours more jealous
And putting the garage inside of a house that makes our neighbours more jealous
That we forget
We forget about the little heart
That's inside of the body
That's inside of the clothes
That's inside of the car
Inside of the garage
Inside of the house

How's your heart feel?
Mine's been hurting lately
We're walking into traffic
Playing Pokeman Go!
Trying to score
We are killing ourselves
We would literally rather die than be bored

Sometimes the truth don't come in a pretty melody
And sometimes it's not followed by cheers

I live how I want
So I wanna live
And I give you what you need so in time
You want what I give

We're running around tryna get perfect
Perfect school, perfect job
But it's not that far
The first step to getting perfect
Is realizing you already are

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