Mike Posner - We Don't Chew Gum Lyrics

We Don't Chew Gum

My girl and I don't chew gum
When we kiss I can taste the bong rips and the red wine she drank before she came over
I can taste the hope and excitement she has mistakenly put on me
I can taste the scars from the men who hurt her
I can taste it all

My girl and I don't chew gum
When we kiss she can taste the protein powder and the black beans cuz I'm tryna get jacked
Silly me
She can taste the groupies I made love to on the road before we met
She can taste the lack of scars cuz I never let anyone close enough
She can taste it all

My girl and I
Chew gum

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Mike Posner We Don't Chew Gum Comments
  1. Larissa Figueroa

    His voice 🤤

  2. Jack Daniels

    The clock in my head won't stop ticking, ticking the phone in my hand rings all day long i've been in norway. almost 7 years now i try to pretend that it feels like home maybe I flew too far shooting stars leave no mark

  3. Alvaro Claros

    haha this song make me jaded

  4. Laura van de straat

    smoke to this

  5. Alvaro Claros

    Every place I go I feels so Jade... good song mike Posner !!!

  6. Jack Daniels

    Every place I go, it feels so jaded

  7. Buck Nasty

    are you retarded?

    Alvaro Claros

    Buck Nasty are you retarded ..do buck

  8. MrLatinCeltic

    How long has the likes been on 420?

  9. Sharee Daily

    he is really CUTE

  10. Aaron Strom

    Nice song! It is a morning song.

  11. MEDO

    Morning song!

  12. mmddcc2012

    Lol yes im faded and the beat trips you ooout :D

  13. Ashley Eineder

    The 1 person who disliked this obviously have a perfect life. I'm jealous

  14. Alexander Velez

    Maybe I flew too far?

  15. 2nd2nun2

    he slightly sounds like justin timberlake and joe jonas ... just my opinion

  16. Brandonstreater

    Great song! Thanks for uploading!

  17. mainscoop250

    :O THIS IS THE PERFECT SONG WHEN YOU'RE HIGH!!! i'm in the zone just when i listen to the beat!!! Mike Posner is a beast

  18. Malibongwe senzo Ngwenya

    i am in heaven lol

  19. Jack Daniels

    they say life like shit get use to it

  20. K Marba

    i feel jaded... like the end of a worn blade.. im faded...

    narcotics... hypothetic-ly speaking are bless' ed. i cant come down.. no not today..
    lucid dreaming... flyeein away.
    yeah things are wierd..dark circles and a rugged beard...but i wont slip.. wont come come down off this trip. press 27 from the ground floor.. open doors to my home. maybe i flew too far. shit. shouldnt have taken that hit. wil i come down? ground floor. no more. half my money goes on rent..cz the view i adore

  21. sexybabe09able

    he helps me take my depression away i could listen to hum n his music n not tire of it at all keep doin what ur doing mike posner we luv ya even when u pass on we'll still luv ur music

  22. Jack Daniels

    i feel it, too too far

  23. Mikeyzom

    OMG Mike your my baby!!!!

  24. Gabo lou

    like too much

  25. badgalcandy

    this song is so so so so good like I just can't stop replaying it

  26. Aubrie Phillips

    I love the way he says "I feel arrrrrrrrright" so cute!

  27. Kenya vance


  28. SachaBellamy

    Mike, Mike, MIKE !

  29. jackson steiner

    1 person is already down.

  30. jackson steiner

    1 person is a wanna be

  31. Sarah W.

    Best Mike Posner song. ;)


    I love this <3

  33. Emmy Idz

    love it so

  34. jagr414

    55 people are chicks that think mike posner is hot

  35. ChicagoSnipezzZ

    Better not get any Dislikes

  36. Guoste Bu

    I'm in love with this song!!!

  37. Emma Skinner

    Everytime I listen to this song I fall a little bit more in love with him...

  38. Natasha

    he so ORINIGAL -_-

  39. Stephanie Nguyen

    he's just so sexy haha

  40. Cynthia Thuglife

    this song is insanely good. I love his work. Hes one of the best artists i can think of. Good smoking song too. haha

  41. yen som

    i am so deeply in love with this song

  42. Irinandify

    sex song

  43. Jaqen H´Ghar

    this sux bye

  44. Stephanie Nguyen

    i cannot get over how young he is. and smart too! truthfully i did not like "Cooler than me" that much but i love the rest of his stuff! developing a crush on him for sure...

  45. cantneverdidnothing


  46. Michelle Krumer

    I love this song!

  47. Misana

    oh i'm in love with this