Mike Posner - UberX Driver Lyrics

UberX Driver

He sits in front of me and swallows his saliva
He fumbles in the cup holder for his chapstick
He puts his chapstick on his lips
He opens up his phone
He picks up his coconut water, unscrews the top and drinks it
He screws the top on, puts it down
He swallows his saliva again
He opens up his phone
He picks up his coconut water, unscrews the top and drinks it
Screws the top on, puts it down
He swallows his saliva again
He is doing many many things in hopes that he will stumble upon the magic combination
A certain ordering of chapstick, coconut water, saliva and saliva swallowing that will crack the code of his unhappiness and make him feel better
Meanwhile, I sit in meditation behind him, waiting for him to finish

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Mike Posner UberX Driver Comments
  1. Daniela MusiqueMagique


  2. Karl Juhl

    2020 damn

  3. Thrilla In Manilla

    Mike Posner stopped smoking weed a year ago


    damn i miss these days..

    Big sean...currensy and wiz.....how to make it in america....pharrell was killing shit still...kanye was still pretty new...consequence was out...pac div...fuck man 06-11 i miss it

  5. Diggz Does Games

    Imagine being a goofy downvoting this fucking classic

  6. Faith Estrada

    A good little throw backkk

  7. Orange 420

    Song will never be touched,🤙

  8. young boss


  9. John C

    Damn memories old Sean

  10. Juan Gonzalez Jr

    2019 anyone? Damn 10 whole years

  11. Danny Zamorano

    Who else listening in 2019?

  12. Nick M

    G4SHI 2k19

  13. Chris Larusso

    I wish we could get a Mike and Sean album.

  14. 7vp Tim

    First of 2k19?

  15. FRJ Gaming

    Who listening 2k19

    Emad Rahman

    adda boi

  16. Jesse Cuevas

    This what the white kids thought was smoking music.. I low key hated this song.

  17. Luke

    Everyone here talking about white owls you nasty😂😂 woods are where its at

  18. chazza voutier

    Any still listen

  19. The Walking PotHead

    Yooo I can't believe this song,the first time I heard it mike Posner was a little famous,today Big Sean is soo much more famous then this song.

  20. Maria Juarez

    Honeyberry backwood on golden grams kush, but yes white owl white grape my next choice

  21. Mike Mihalcheon

    Best song

  22. Tabitha Knight

    I love this song it is the best know why because there flow and there rimes

  23. Elama Feagaiga

    2018. Still relevant & underrated.

  24. Christian kohler

    A white grape game a gram of that sticky light green fire... take a cruise with your friends put this song on.... nice

  25. derrick newman

    2018 this shit still fire

  26. Tokyo Slip

    Who listening in 2K18?

    Tanner Sloppy

    this nigga

  27. Cody Baker

    2k18 we still here

    Cody Baker


  28. Dave Hayes

    If u havent smoked and drived to this song u havent lived life yet🚬 🚗

  29. niyla lovescigs

    listin in 2017

  30. Crixus

    This is the best version of the song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. unstablebobgable

    Smoke crack n drive

  32. Josh K

    Still a great song to this day

  33. nnewmann

    Who listening in 2k17?


    Mikes Thrasher

    James Loughmiller

    Shit this 2018 now homie

  34. Dustin Craig

    Blazed so much back in eighth grade to this joint son. Miss those days, nostalgia tripping

  35. Ali Alazawi

    dis shit go hard

  36. Rodrigo González López

    in which album is this song? or it´s just the mixtape

  37. High Life

    I was a freshman smokin hella to this

    Josh K

    This song brings brings me back to the best days in my life. Kicking it with friends and chilling is all you'll need man.


    High Life yea boy

  38. JawSh TheProducer

    TBH thought Big Sean was a sideshow to Posner at the time.

    JawSh TheProducer

    And who TF is Pat Piff lol


    LOL Big Sean old rhyme partner before Ye told him " Nah that other nigga you rap with not cold. We not signing both of yall."

  39. malik hamad

    looking through my old playlist an saw this holy shit tb

  40. Tiago Sá

    do not forget roll the windows up

  41. Jon snow

    Vape pen bruh shit gets me Done

  42. Thirtynine Plusone

    this was me n my bro shit lol still slappin 7.27.16 n 40 said so

  43. Vincent kush

    that's it

  44. Jae Mazor


  45. daniel

    it sucks what happened to pat, but he's back and rapping with Bluffgawd

  46. Rodrigo González López

    This is 🔥🔥

  47. kalitri pts

    took a pill reminded me of this. when he said a song people forgot.. i know he dont mean this one. but you get me.

    Steve Renner

    i think he meant cooler than me

    kalitri pts

    @Steve Renner really?

  48. Doc11Lo

    White grape White Owl for the win.

    Johnny Test

    Hold this W

    Roy Meriaz

    Fuck yeah

  49. Imran Shafi

    Cruzin tuneage right here

  50. Cody Kafer

    White Owl Grapeeeeee

  51. lyndsey ziegler

    love it!!!

  52. Anthony Lopez

    I love music when I smoke n- drive😎

  53. Maniac

    st8 fire

  54. Esteban Gutierrez99

    ahaha love this song

  55. J frio

    Jeeze, Seans wordplay is insane

  56. Brandon Shaw

    White Owl Mango! That's my shit. Mmm. :)

  57. Hon Danh

    Best song !👌🏻

  58. Ryan Kent

    Wow this brings back memories

  59. John Russell

    big sean just gets bigger and bigger everyday (no homo)

    vAero_ Trxpz

    +John Russell hahahahah

  60. thats live

    what is phylli blunt ?


    its a cigar

  61. Zachary D. Metz

    Man I love this song. My best friend passed away a few days ago and we used to cruz to this song all the time. I'd have to say this was our song bro. I miss you so much buddy. Love you bro. R.I.P. my dude 

    JayGee Cee

    bengals/pacers09 I am sorry that he passed away

    JayGee Cee

    bengals/pacers09 buy

    JayGee Cee

    I feel bad for you

    Jessica Secore

    bengals/pacers09 I'm sorry for your loss.


    r.i.p bro

  62. Lyle Sexton

    GTA V got me here

    Lyle Sexton

    Sorry wrong song bros

    a gonz


    Ahnaf Ahmed

    +Grim RipSpine Same here bro. I also got tis' song on GTA V

    Anthony Sloan

    +a gonz diff song

  63. val vicious

    Mike Posner definitely sounded better in "cooler than me" sorry

    Giang Doan

    @VΛLLYVICIOUS maybe cuz that song came out later..

  64. Jacob Lee

    white owl strawberry is where it's at. I just had to take a drive listening to this song.

  65. Shaun Kjoberg

    Haha needs more bass to kick my sub but dope ass song

  66. Roblox matti110505

    Love This Song I Will Be Driving And Smoking And Put This Song On

  67. AlexThePro Cruelty

    Just Awesome

  68. Dr. Retaliation

    like this song dont mean to be gloating i have it on an mp3 and if you love music visit spotify 100% free even though it says 30 day trial (Reconsniper64) out

  69. Sem DMK

    Gta V !!

  70. DerAgho

    fuckin' awesome song

  71. chamisa chavez

    My smoking song ♡♥♡♥

  72. Keein Sharpe

    Some one should make an instrumental to this beat but keep the first 18 seconds of it


    Keein Sharpe basically until 22 or just keep the hook throughout

  73. randbr66

    can you pleass  bass boost Snoop dogg PROTOCOL   and kurupt ON ONSITE

  74. p0wnage51

    I mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade you wipe your screen

    Zach Varda

    @NephthyesRS Productions lol one dude said he was gonna send gay guys to other guys house lmao this right here made my day 

    jon g

    He knows a lot of those gay guys

    jon g

    No they're not known for that haha the guy just has a gay imagination. Never once have I heard someone threaten to send gay guys to my house.


    @p0wnage51 almost

    Anthony Sloan

    +EndangeredHD RS ik right

  75. Scott McLellan

    but can you drive and twist one?


    i can 
    lol ;)

    Tiago Sá

    i do it every day

    Brandon Waller

    Scott McLellan yes very much..not rn tho I lost my license lol

  76. djangooo Soze

    457 cops have seen this video

  77. FuckingCrazyLunatic

    Download A Matter of Time mix tape just Google mike posner.

  78. Andrea Vaccaro

    I Love This Song! Wish it was available for me to Buy on iTunes or Spodify or Something! Damn!

  79. John Ryan

    this was my fucking hotbox song all freshman year

  80. Antoshka flux-a-nator

    Yoi be gettin jr high blowin fat boo boo

  81. Antoshka flux-a-nator

    Pass the lala we hittin high notes

  82. skrrt skrrt

    The one version in gta v is the bj the chicago version

  83. Real Athen

    Naw the one in GTA V is different

  84. Bass8Boost

    Hi come to my channel for bass boost :D

  85. Jambo Games

    I only really like the chorus

    Thunder Villalobos

    Then you don't really like the some. Just Mike Posner

  86. Leah Button

    Fucking love this!

  87. Nova Mario

    442 disliked cause they to young to listen to this dope song

  88. Isaiah5628

    @bcalvinson datpiff . Com

  89. CutLin.Reggie

    tell me he don't look like lil b right der lol..

  90. robert walker

    Lol been listen to this since I was in 6th grd

    Caleb Gigas

    robert walker ur in 9th now

  91. CutLin.Reggie

    missed when he rapped on these type of beats.

  92. MattTheWeedMaster

    why not hot box

  93. James Roe

    Bankrupt is terrible

  94. Justin Leschkus

    hook is the best *-*