Mike Posner - Save Your Goodbye Lyrics

Excuse me, your heart is in my heart
Hello, you've taken this too far
Am I just a piece you push in your board game?
Have you been laughing all day long?
You like it when it's hard for me to see straight
You make it go on and on and on and on and on

Save your goodbye
You're everywhere I go
You're everywhere I go
You're everywhere I go, go, go

Beg your pardon, you're standing on my love
Hello, have you not had enough?
Am I just a piece you push in your board game?
Have you been laughing all day long?
You like it when it's hard for me to see straight
You make it go on and on and on and on and on

Save your goodbye
You're everywhere I go
You're everywhere I go
You're everywhere I go, go, go, go, go

Save your goodbye
You're everywhere I go
You're everywhere I go
You're everywhere I go, go, go, go, go

Hey, it's my time to shine
And my sword is trembling
You're back inside my mind
And I can't stop remembering
I say I'm chasing dreams but you know I've been
Running away from, running away from you
Some sort of comfort in your pain
I can't help from taking
No matter how I change
There will be no escaping
I say I'm chasing time but you know I've been
Running away from, running away from you

Save your goodbye
You're everywhere I go
You're everywhere I go
You're everywhere I go, go, go, go, go

Save your goodbye
You're everywhere I go
You're everywhere I go
You're everywhere I go, go, go, go, go

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Mike Posner Save Your Goodbye Comments
  1. Beatrix Kerr

    Scrolled down expecting to see everyone talking about Harkins Theaters bringing them here, who is this Jungkook guy?

  2. bts jungkookie

    Guys, who doesn’t know who jungkook is and why he is related to this.
    Go watch “bts jungkook dance practice” he has done a dance cover for this song.

  3. Lydia Jane

    I am definitely here because of Jungkook🤭 anyone else at this late??

  4. Hatice Toprak

    I come to Hoseok's spotify playlist

  5. I need u

    Jungkook 💜

  6. _banqtaen

    Been brought here by Jungkook lmao ik I’m late

  7. Yoona caca

    I'm here because of J-Hope's JAM playlist. This song is very good, i like it. 💜

  8. Arieee good

    0:08 jimin famous line.

  9. D Ö

    Omg Everyone came here thanks to Jungkook but at that time i was not an Army i did not know that he loved this song but now i am here thanks to Hoseok's spotify playlist Our boy's music taste 👌

  10. Bts 4layf

    Jungkookie brought me here hi guys by the way this song is sick

  11. Whatever Ya

    Thx jhope and jungkook for this amazing song✨👼

  12. namjoon's Umbrella

    I'm here again because of hobi :v

  13. respect EXOs privacy and that’s on god

    I know who Jungkook is but I had this in my old playlist that I’m just checking back on and am confused to where did Jungkook use this song in his videos or something?

  14. Saphire Anabeth

    Yeah totes here bcs of Jungkookie like 80% of the comments xD

  15. Anna Julia Ricci


  16. charlotte

    okay jungkook brought me here but this song is like... beautiful.

  17. echo.0

    Army's are literally everywhere but that's okay because I'm Army too.

    Hello fellow Army!

  18. Kim Jihyung

    Lol came here bc of jungkook😂❤️

  19. zhen

    I'm here because lf kookie🌚

  20. ma.lourdes yolangco

    Anyone else here, know mike posner not from jungkook? (I found this song from jungkook but I knew mike posner from cooler than me)

  21. Elijah Kitagawa

    BTS's Jungkook did a dance cover of Kyle Hanagami's choreography to this. There, now no one's confused hahah

  22. aye_itz _briss

    Lmfaoooooo all the comments are ARMY!!!! Wow, I'm a kinda new ARMY compared to these people who have comments from like 4 years ago

  23. Juliannisa Antjara

    jungkook brought me here

  24. Mystica Martin

    Mike Posner : "You're everywhere I go "
    Me : " You're everywhere I go ARMY's 😍😎"

  25. iich.i

    “beg your pardon”

    *_i see._*

  26. Quiet Scenery

    Thanks to Jungkook I found this amazing song! I really want to cry that his dance to this is only 1 minute long 😭 Best minute of my life but I want to see him dance to the full song 😭😭 Anyone else??? 😭😭🤧🤧💜💜

  27. Asli

    This song is so amazing I can’t 💖

  28. sky h0well

    2018 frens, why am i here thinking about jk?

  29. The Red Rose

    So many people are here because Jungkook. Army i love our fandom


    Let's all agree that our golden Maknae bought us here!!!!!

  31. lcvetaehh

    Came here from Jungkook's dance practice

  32. Jace Idk

    This comment section is actually an army (of fangirls) with them all saying the same thing

  33. Ara.

    Jungkookie brought me. (2018)

  34. Katherine Spade


  35. Smriti Bajracharya

    I am seeing only jungkook in the comments😂😍😍...Yeah i am here due to jungkook my Heartue💜💜 and yeah the choreography of Kyle Hanagami to this song and the way kookie covered it😍👏👏👏

  36. Warita 27

    Estoy aquí por su baile de Jungkook

  37. taes lovelytummy


  38. Margaretha Mariaselvam

    Thx jk for bringing me here

  39. Plummy X

    Appreciate the music, for fucks sake. I’m fed up with this fandom to be fairly honest.

  40. Changing Colors

    Jungkookie brought me here ^-^

  41. Angélica moreira


  42. cuddlejk


  43. Suga Infires Me

    Guys I just love Mike Posner and didn't know Jungkook did a dance cover lol

    Alexx WwhAt

    Taehyung is God 👏👏👏 I'm impressed 😂 btw love your name

  44. pineapple youngjo

    My husband Jungkook brought me here! ♥️♥️

  45. Roms gl

    Coming cause jungkook oppa💋

  46. Georgina Thonday

    Jungkookie oppa brought me hereㅋㅋ

  47. Mariel Parcs

    okay so Jungkook brought me here. And while he was dancing it, I was falling in love with the song because of the smoothness of the beat and I feel like I'm flowing with it. Anyways, Jungkook brought me here. How? watch JK's dance cover. You'll love it. p.s. I didn't know why I didn't post this comment 2 years ago. kekeke~~

  48. Aorangi Ngata-Matthews

    Anyone else here cause of jungkook😂 cause I am

  49. Andrea Faith Vertudez

    Jungkook brought me hereeeeeee

  50. Analisa Acosta


  51. Alexya Esteves

    JUNGKOOK ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  52. ggukl0vs

    All I can think of is JungKook..

  53. AriLoves Cake

    I here becausr of ma boy justin seagull

  54. Luqarius Volpina

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that majority of the views is bc of Jungkook?

  55. rat oppar

    who’s jungkook

    Camila Arins

    peachy jjk ツ the one in your photo

    Alexx WwhAt

    Camila Arins XD

  56. kayle rose2002

    Really like this song !, Thanks jungkookie ♡

  57. brooklyn

    Lmfao I'm back hoesss. Dayumm it's been 2yrs.

  58. BTS • NCT • VAV • EXO • ATEEZ• MONSTA X • GOT7 •

    When you have the same taste in music as jungkook and your just like can you recommend me some more music!!!! 😂😂😂btw love BTS and Jungkook is my bias ❤️

  59. hyunjinshow

    here because of Jungkook 🙋

  60. J鸡

    Okay LSS is real
    Thanks jungkook♥

  61. HI I'm a perso

    Who's jungkook? Is he one of those kpop stars with annoying fans(by the looks of the comments, I guess yes)


    We're not annoying, just persistent of our love, but yes.

  62. spring serendipity

    I've actually discovered so many good songs just from their bombs or dance practices :3

  63. Gemma Murray

    I had no idea this was a mike posner song

  64. Ash Monzili

    I feel bad for everyone who's here because of (Jungkook?) and not Kyle Hanagami.. who did the dance choreography

  65. nas tay

    “aRmyyy AnyOne!!? JuNgCoOk!!1!!1” BITCHASS I LOVE HIM TOO BUT STOP MAKING US LOOK BAD by leaving annoying comments

  66. Little Butterfly

    jungkookie brought me here <3<3 :)

  67. GalaxyOfNeon ._.


  68. Julieta Chazarreta

    JEON JUNGKOOK * screams like Jimin *

  69. commenter후ᄉ후

    Kyle and Jungkook brought me here ;;A;; I've been missing out so much in my youth

  70. Urooba K

    HAhaha most of these comments are about jungkook lmao. He brought us all here :')

  71. Healer josei

    Kookie 🤗🤗

  72. LynxCat7

    I might have definitely came here because of jungkook but I actually thought the song was dope af😝😝😱❤

  73. JJ •

    Jungkook Stan you here?🙋

  74. whatthe fockk

    Jungkook's amazing dance brought me here.. go thank him😂😂

  75. Jaqui Ayala

    Jungkook of BTS brought me here xD. Despues de tanto.... Esta cancion que jk hizo cover me encanto mucho xD

  76. daddy’s boy

    how the hell did jungkook dance to this 😂👏🏻

  77. Park Xylene

    Hello my fellow armys 😂😂😂

  78. BloodyMusicNote

    Is anyone here not because of Jungkook, I'm here cause I love Mike Posner? Like yeah I stan BTS, but I feel a little disappointed because everyone is only here cause they saw Jungkook dancing to it. Like no one is here because they just love Mike Posner, as if he has to get noticed by someone else. I'm not hating I promise, it's just a thought.

    mind of a Stoner

    BloodyMusicNote me ✌️who is jungkook anyway?? is he someone from a movie??

    Tanjiro Kamado

    Jungkook is a member from a popular korean band called BTS :) he did a cover of this song a long time ago

    Mia VMin

    @mind of a Stoner Jungkook is the youngest member of a boy band BTS which you have probably heard of by now so you should watch his dance practice b/c its really good anyway hope you give them a chance

  79. rrad Maxx

    Kookie brought me here!!😍

  80. Florencia Santos Gomez

    jungkook 😱😱😘😘😘😍😍😍

  81. book nerd

    I love these comments. army is sooo supportive and have awesome personality!!💖💖💗💗💖💗💗💙💙💙💚💙💟💖💖💖

  82. book nerd

    me too!! jungkookie brought me here. it's awesome on almost all the videos for this song army fans are everywhere!!beautiful!!😀😀😀😀😢😢😢😢BTW jungkookie has great taste in music!!😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  83. I Need Help With Life

    I just tried to find this song because jungkook was absolutely amazing when dancing to this.

  84. Suyin Yang

    Armys everywhere in the comments

  85. P Rao


  86. Jimin's Butt

    Who is here from Jungkooks dance

  87. Gabyree

    15 year old jungkook brought me here

  88. beatot

    I was just watching a 15 year old jungkook dancing to this awesome music

  89. Rachel Lin

    I'm smiling while I scrolled through the comments. Seeing all my fam here!!! Hello, fellow armys!!!

  90. • Charmaine A. •

    When army's are everywhere now.. I'm here because I'm really depressed again 😂🙃

    Alexx WwhAt

    • El • how're you doing now?

  91. Ada_qn

    jk i am greatful to you..thanks seagull

  92. 김지닌

    jungkook. yes. I'm here because of jungkook.

  93. Iris Liu

    Jungkook brought me here <3

  94. Arsam Ahmad

    Where ma fellow A.R.M.Y.S at ??

  95. Am.r03

    When you thought you were the only one that came here because of Jeong Jungkookie...welp not anymore 😂😂😂

  96. Diana Wiebe

    omg that moment when you find out almost everyone is here for the same reason as you JUNGKOOK!

  97. Lama Mostfa

    now we are a big army♡♡