Mike Posner - Samsara, Pt. II Lyrics

Samsara part. II

I didn't have a plan after the money, cars and shows
And the worst part is, I know that she knows

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Mike Posner Samsara, Pt. II Comments
  1. Tori’s Art

    Is it just me, or do people sound better without autotune

  2. Dan

    Rip Avicii anyone??


    U just want some likes with a Person who died...

  3. Valeska Krum


  4. Ronnie Alvarez

    Its good than the original

  5. manateeKSA

    Honestly I like this more then the autotune version. If it was recorded in a proper studio it would be even better.

    IsmaeelAlhaj 17

    manateeKSA thank you 🙏

  6. 100 subscribers without a Video

    He’s pretty good

  7. Markella Kots

    It is so freaking good without autotune

  8. Hama_ Gaming

    And people say billy elish is the only one who don’t need autotone

  9. adrex

    Creo que se oye mejor así

    IsmaeelAlhaj 17

    adrex muchas gracias 🙏

  10. irvie firdiana

    Yooooooo nice video 👍🏻

  11. irvie firdiana

    Nice video bro 👍🏻

  12. Cjay PH

    this is so much better

  13. Maja ;3

    Now Billie Eilish or The Backpack Kid XDD

    Always Trash

    Maja Schleich Billie doesn’t use auto tune listen to her real voice in interviews

    Maja ;3

    @Always Trash Um, i don't understand you now. I know Billie doesn't use autotune, so?

  14. Amora Camomella

    So cool😎

    IsmaeelAlhaj 17

    Amora Camomella thank you 🙏

  15. Amora Camomella

    Hai Bro

  16. Cos Ta

    This is so much better than the original

    IsmaeelAlhaj 17

    Cos Ta thank you 🙏

  17. Ryan Lynch

    Secret or no?

  18. 李軒緯

    This is what I need thank you so much

  19. irvie firdiana

    thank you

  20. The Bestever

    Thanks MY DUDE!

  21. Fabien


  22. Annalise Outtram

    Thank youuuu! <3

  23. Cole Mccowan

    The hero we all needed

  24. Se xe

    Billie Next, she’s dope

  25. Terrible Gaming

    This is perfect I couldn’t find this anywhere

    IsmaeelAlhaj 17

    Terrible Gaming Thank You 🙏

  26. Kefirek

    Do more songs like this

    IsmaeelAlhaj 17

    Iscool Ok, I’ll make it soon

  27. Lutfan Hilmi


  28. Lutfan Hilmi


  29. Lutfan Hilmi