Mike Posner - Quotes, Pt. II Lyrics

Quotes pt. II

'I sold my cleverness and bought bewilderment'
Rumi said that
'I went from negative to positive'
Biggie said that
I don't know why God whispers these melodies in my ears but of course, I repeat them to you

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Mike Posner Quotes, Pt. II Comments
  1. PNW Outdoors

    Still Listening in 2019!

  2. Jaymes Martin

    Great song

  3. Bill Macknowed

    diss my shit
    surry bc what keaping it g alan martin

  4. Daniel Millar

    Great combination of voices

  5. -Troy Silvester


  6. skylerlee71


  7. elisha lucas-biggs

    i thought i was the only one


    Why does everything that feels bad feels so fucking gooood - So True

  9. real human bean

    dude wtf is ur problem yela spit raw theres nothing wrong with listening to both of them, ur very close minded..

  10. 93lesliechow

    if this song dont turn you on, idk what will.

  11. real human bean


  12. timothy davis

    2:00 is when the song starts...

  13. androidlyrics

    Why do you people feel the need to compare MGK, Yelawolf and Mac Miller all the time? they all got different styles. If you don't like someone, don't listen to their music, simple as that.

  14. Brittany Evans

    This song makes me want to "bang a rail"...seriously. ;-) *lays out a line*

  15. BlazinFatSacks

    @primetime8032 Yelawolf > MGK > Mac Miller

    Lim Jahey

    Probably feel stupid now

  16. BitchslapBallsack

    @primetime8032 i met mgk n he is a cool dude but no where near yelawolf

  17. jessecay09

    They should make a video for this song !

  18. ExpertMP5

    @TheSRU45 If u dnt like it dnt listen. Its muzik maybe if u wuld kno how 2 control tht u wuldnt have a prob.

  19. Amp

    @Angealeet 30x a day 2

  20. Amp

    My fav song from this dude. It brings back a perfect moment. ;D

  21. Angealeet

    i listin to this song everyday

  22. Emily Jury

    This song sucks n all of y'all tht got somthin to say to tht can suck my dickkkk! Hahah this shits lamme. Can't get worse

    Lim Jahey

    You're wrong and u do look like a trans lol

  23. huuwit

    the US way of keeping a becks bottle in yours handS

  24. kauffmanxrOwnage

    On the toilet, Feel like my asshole burning

  25. Gregory Thomas

    The 6 people who hit dislike needs to show their lame faces

  26. Gregory Thomas

    This song is sooo fire. Cleveland always got hits

  27. keiara perry

    this song go hard.

  28. melissa retenio

    man they both sound so sexy

  29. Quincy P

    mgk is on fire his a beast

  30. Quanna Smith

    6 people should be set on fire for hitting the dislike button.

  31. xXxNoxInvictusxXx

    Fuck Yelawolf. Fuck his half mullet. LACE THE FUCK UP BITCHES.

  32. Cayruh

    Omg this is my angry song /

  33. Quanna Smith

    Love this, great collab. Plus MGK is oh so sexy <3

  34. dalasfn1

    the can of dip in his pocket

  35. ExpensiveTaste714

    I LOVE MGK!! : D

  36. Ty___ Charles

    i disliked the song because i'm a hipster like that

  37. rlmccoy2222

    4 people are cold aint cant get in fire

  38. splashyent

    *sits down and waits for yall to make the video*

  39. Deja B

    MIKE!! this video hasn't been playing :[ ugh

  40. cherif dagraca

    hes one of the top 5 white rappers

  41. Aaayitsarnie

    unff his voice omg

  42. Aaayitsarnie

    this song doe unff

  43. xHITMAN51x

    i usually don't like MGK but i can stand him on this track. good shit, posner makes it a hit

  44. Chilli

    Dope ass collab.

  45. bweezy80sbaby

    If not better

  46. bweezy80sbaby

    Sure hope you guys are workin on a collaboration album.. Not tryin to compare this to anyone but this is up there with Drake and Wayne

  47. Kelli

    @3rsams Actually its Ohio and Michigan

  48. Kelli

    LYRICS up at Sweetslyrics. com under Posner ....courtesy of meee :)

  49. Leo Roberto

    OMG Mike ROCKS! You fucking guy!

  50. dudewithalaptop

    @USFSoldier1 pretty easy. just listen

  51. dudewithalaptop

    @KingsofMadrid lmfao

  52. alexmsimmons

    they need to make a whole mixtape, this is too good to just stop with this

  53. Dillion McAllister

    Anybody have fucking lyrics for this shit?!

  54. purpleninja141

    He lives that life

  55. Kelli

    Represent Cleveland...Now Mike when you gonna play a big show here instead of some small shows in Kent? You know you can sell 'em out!

  56. Swag Stars Love and Peace

    i am on fiiiire! ........welcome back mike

  57. zoey5258

    nice... kelly go ham

  58. MrUnclemichael

    @FFWDEntertainment Dude wtf are you talkin about

  59. Exum

    @plzcallmebabe ....

  60. cristhian elizalde

    lets gooo... lil cris

  61. FFWDEntertainment

    Thisv is depressing , I got really excited and thought this would be a sick ass track, maybe mike p would stop being fake as fuck and go back to his roots and do a super motivational song with strong message with mgk...but, nope same sell out garbage with no passion, put together with no passion . Mgk , take note mike p is exactly what you want to avoid becoming at all cost, don't sell out and start making bitch music.

  62. ohheysarah

    Hands Up ! This is great :P

  63. Jameson Wood

    Laced Up In Kingston ON!

  64. Nieuw Groningen


  65. Rodolfo Moreno

    Ur welcome
    Sincerely Viewer 301

  66. SEGAraid

    Posners mom can get it, she's bangin like a 4 runner

  67. Clark Kent

    mgk is shit but mike is dope

  68. Kanyon Farley

    Hello Viewer 301, we have been expecting you

  69. Channel Migrated

    so so fucking much better than "YOUR LOVE" haha!!! YES.

  70. KingsofMadrid


  71. MizD

    i like that youre holding that jd bottle... lovee

  72. Jonathan Sanchez

    Smh white people -____-

  73. RodWasOnU


  74. Ed Ewing


  75. drama1er1

    Crazy ass white boys

  76. Duffm4yne

    can we please get a download link?!?!?!? pretty please?

  77. Paul Kero

    If i dont get thumbs up ill kill my puppy.

  78. FiveZeroNin3

    good pic

  79. Nick C

    Mike is backkk

  80. CFrohman

    i needed this collabo in my lifeeeee. lol greatness.

  81. itsComicKid

    i thought i was first

  82. Inky

    not second