Mike Posner - Poem With Too Many Complex Rhymes It's Kind of a S**t Poem Lyrics

Poem with too many complex rhymes
It's kind of a shit poem

Skate shoes and scape goats
Bearded mean with shaved throats
I walk around with the same hope that my mother does
She gave it to me
Nose rings and old things
My uncle Joe sat in the cold and slowly sold things
One by one
The sun isn't welcome here
At least it seems that way
Or perhaps an old transgression made by this part of the Earth made the sun uninterested in spending much time here
Shining only enough each year to remind us what we're missing
You can't eat a poem and dharma can make for a marvellous excuse
Here I am again, alone in the city

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Mike Posner Poem With Too Many Complex Rhymes It's Kind of a S**t Poem Comments
  1. warspyking

    I love sorting these comments by newest first and watch people complain about how these aren't perfect rhymes and therefore aren't rhymes. It's just really adorable.

  2. Chem-Z

    - what rhymes with orange
    - no it doesn't

  3. Putra Hidayah

    I like Orange Juice

  4. It’s Gio

    1:24. Thats all I’m gonna say

  5. Joshua Manasye

    How about *"our range"* ?

  6. Walid HADDOUCHE

    Plot twist: Eminem actually started rap with the word orange.

  7. Tom Boii

    Soooo No one ever thought of orange and french? Also this Video proves only that Eminem can use the word orange in a Rap Song but the Word itself didnt Rhyme ever to anything

  8. edward789121

    Everyone: nothing rhymes with orange

    Me, putting my four-inch door hinge in storage: Hold my porridge, george

  9. sirstrongbad

    Looks more like most of the time he isn't rhyming with orange, he's pairing orange with another word and rhyming THAT.. in the very first example the rhyme is all the following "_ill" words : Steal (mispronounced) Hill, skill and bill.


    Tf dude what u saying

  10. angel noyola

    He’s the only rapper that can make orange and orange sound different. But also one of the only rappers that can make the word orange and orange rhyme and still make it sound good.

  11. angel noyola

    I don’t know why but I just keep coming back to this.

  12. someguy004

    None of these rhyme with orange. They rhyme with ornge

  13. Anttertainment Tv

    Wow, Em must really love the word Orange 🤔

  14. Xilin W.

    Top ten rappers Eminem was afraid to diss


  15. Anthony is Okay

    I have a 4 inch dick-

  16. Denny j

    He hasn't rhymed "orange" once just the works that go with it orange JUICE orange HAT. I like m an m but that was cheating my man.

  17. Creeeamy

    "Anything can rhyme if you mispronounce the words enough" -Eminem

  18. Krazy Twister O

    Using the word ORANGE before another rhyming word does not make the word orange rhyme.




    Exactly, people are dumb as hell

  19. eleventeen

    bro u know what rhymes with orange?



    No it actually doesn't

  20. Modern-Walkthroughs

    but he says orange like ornge


    Eminem can make czechoslovakia rhyme
    with orange

  22. Simon Phelps- Gardiner

    Wtf fuck the only thing that rhymes with orange in thise raps is fucking orange but I guess that's prescription drugs for yah

  23. Manisha Bisht

    WTH orange surely does rhyme with spaghetti

  24. Yu4n Gajudo



  25. Anime Addict

    Everyone who disliked listen to mumble rap


    Ironic, to complain about mumble rap while Eminem completely mispronounces words to make them fit.

  26. mintyglitches

    technically none of these are rhymes, theyre assonance, but it skillful af regardless, dudes seriously got a way with words

  27. •Ɑ¡ƙօ _Gɑςհɑ•

    Rover range? Four range?

  28. AL's Adventures

    If this was a try not to cringe, get annoyed and laugh challenge i failed all of them with this video

  29. The Heartless Hero 2077

    Eminem was my elementary school english teacher....

  30. riley grace

    What I got from this is that Eminem really likes door hinges

  31. California Dreamin

    The GOD has spoken!

  32. Gaurang Annigeri

    *Nothing rhymes with orange*
    Eminem: *Hold my porridge George*

  33. Red Tiger Gaming

    I made this in 2 secs orange,storage glory of hornest

  34. cerealfamine

    Song at 0:38?

  35. MilkStorm

    No one gonna talk about the background picture of the lyrics?

  36. ObscurousX127

    Loose definition of rhyming.

  37. Asher Rubin Ford

    Got full blown AIDS and a sore throat...wtf🤔

  38. M U G A N

    After this video, I am 100% sure nothing rhymes with orange. 😂 Eminem is nothing but a controversy creating rapper.

  39. AlexProGaming

    The thing is all of the lines he said with orange dont rhyme with it!People mean orange doesnt rhyme with anything because it needs to be alone with the word...nkt with 2 words

  40. 196 IQ Gold Player

    Notice how, in most lyrics, orange is followed by another word. What makes it rhyme is the following word, not orange. He hasn't rhymed anything with orange.
    "Chorus" and "forest" were also highlighted as if they rhyme with it. They don't. "Hinges" and "syringes" kind of rhyme with each other, but not with "orange".
    There's also a bunch of other examples, but generally not once was orange rhymed correctly with any other word.
    This is because, for two words to rhyme, the parts of the word, starting at the syllable that the emphasis goes on and after it, have to be pronounced identically.
    Some examples:
    *Helló - thoúgh*
    These rhyme because, the emphasis is on the last syllable. That is pronounced as "óh" in both examples, therefore they rhyme.
    *pronoúnce - annoúnce*
    These rhyme because the emphasis goes on the second syllable in both words. Also, the second and third syllables are identical (both pronounced as "ounce"). Therefore they rhyme.
    *órange - anything else*
    These don't rhyme because, in orange, the emphasis goes on the first syllable. This means that, for a word to rhyme with it, it would have to have an ending that is pronounced identically just like "orange". Imagine that the word "porange" existed. Regardless of what it would mean, it would, indeed, rhyme with orange, because it's ending is pronounced identically to orange. Now, I'm positive no words end in "orange" except for orange itself, and that's why no word rhymes with orange.

  41. SpiltMilk

    Well slant rhyme and technically he rhymed a word after saying orange but aight lol.


  42. koo44m

    the way “orange” is said means it cant rhyme with other words but obviously if you pronounce “orange” in a different way, you’ll be able to rhyme it.

    it’s the same as if i said “tome rhymes with bloom” but instead of pronouncing “tome” as “tohw-m”, i say “too-m.” obviously tome does not rhyme with bloom, but tome pronounced as “too-m” does (although it starts to lose meaning at this point.)

    so no, orange still doesn’t actually rhyme with any other dictionary defined word.

  43. Alex Bondarev

    never said storage, morgage, marriage, carriage, in rage, to a cage, on stage.. and on and on🙂

  44. Emerge Matic

    Nas allready did this when he said these that aren't there and weed with orange hair he been did this maybe Shady said it first but I heard Nasir say it first you'd have to use poetic licence to achieve this but yes he I a word Smith!

  45. CosmoZero

    4 inch

  46. Ian Lerma

    When genius did actual music

  47. Danny Bowen

    Most of it is rhyming with a word after using orange lol

  48. Ulysses Arenas

    People: nothing rhymes with orange
    Eminem: hold my door hinge

  49. Meowing Duck

    Ok most of these dont actually rhyme with orange its the word after.

    But do i care?

    No. I love eminem.

  50. thomas petroff jr

    Nope, didn’t rhyme orange. Just included it in a sentence. That’s like me saying you can’t rhyme the word “big” and than say “big car”.... stoopid

  51. Sean Schoonrok

    They dont rhyme lol

  52. Dom Sansotta

    You can rhyme one word with a shitload of others . That’s why Eminem is genius

  53. XXNekoXX

    Me:Nothing Could POSSI--

    EMINEM- Hold My porridge,Door Hinge,syringes,extension cord,and my naruto ninja sword.

    And my verses from 1999

  54. Ariel Nunez

    Yeah but that's not what people mean when they say rhyme with orange.

  55. saggest

    Not really but

  56. kwanele Ngcobo

    What rhymes with purple ?

  57. bixy stars

    he used multiple words to rhyme 1 word ....


    bixy stars It’s still considered rhyming...

    bixy stars

    @NoiselessKD001 Yes , but the point is theres no "word" that ryhmes with it. Its obvious that you can use multiple words to make it rhyme

  58. Shane B


  59. Socks and Sandals

    Me: Orange.. borange
    Eminem: So you have chosen death

  60. Jay Iglesias


  61. nichelle harris

    When you purposely mispronounce words yes, you can make words that normally don't work rhyme. Nothing new. Music artists do it all the time.

  62. One Shot /dumb

    Orange storage porage

  63. GxDLY 007

    Nothing rhimes with orange!

    Forest: am I a joke to you?

  64. Lilster

    Hate him

  65. Matthew Mangan


  66. • N - 811 •

    Me: *Hears,
    “My weenie is larger than yours is
    Mine is like sticking a
    Bananas between to oranges.”*

    Also me: *Disgusted but still watches video anyways*


    English deleted itself after this


    Orange is the new black

  69. BigHawt

    "My weenie is much bigger than yours is
    Mine is like sticking a banana between two oranges"
    That hit me

  70. Mr. Alternis17

    Sure imperfects can rhyme with orange but what about perfect rhymes?

  71. Lilboicoen

    Everyone: nothing rhymes with orange

    Eminem: *george please hold my porridge, i have to get a new door hinge from storage*

  72. Yerr


  73. Ted Scheett

    Orange you glad he didn't say banana?

    No, wait...

  74. Tony Kush

    He laughed who just took my orange

  75. rae

    Why does he have a song called “Cum on Everybody” and “Big Weenie”

  76. Kate Corbin

    None of the words specifically rhyme with orange tho? The words that rhymed were ‘show’ and ‘robe’ ?

  77. nadine lavelle

    I didn't realise how much he rapped with the words orrange 😂

  78. lucaml477

    *"Nothing rimes with orange"*

    Eminem: Hold my storage

  79. Zäta

    W8 what? Love Ems music but That diden rhyme :S

  80. Dan Eager

    *Everyone: Nothing rhymes with orange*

    *Me: No it doesn't*

  81. Orange Juice

    This means ......... I can be roasted.


  82. No Context

    Orange is the new Eminem.

  83. Stanislav Moshchensky

    What is that??? Ofcouse you can Rhyme any word IF YOU FUCKING CHEW EVERY BIT OF WORDS, LETTERS AND SOUND! Pronounce them correctly, and then say you CAN!!!!

  84. Gökhan Saraç

    Greatest rapper alive: oRanGe

  85. cody stephenson

    *Orange has disliked video*

  86. Matt Webb

    Em is probably the best but none of that rhymes with orange ffs none at all

  87. Emma

    Those are near rhymes not perfect

  88. crucialdols

    everyone: nothing rhymes with orange

    eminem: hold my dictionary

  89. Jai K •18 years ago

    Eminem, Slim Shady, and B-Rabbit are the best ever

  90. MachineThatCreates

    This proving that nothing ACTUALLY rhymes with orange.

    Blu Rage

    If you wanna get technical then yea, nothing rhymes with orange lol. If you really want it to rhyme you have to get creative and mix words or even change the pronunciation of orange to make it fit. Imagine it's just another accent.


    Blu Rage sporange rhymes with orange

  91. Blake Lecklitner

    Eminem could make any word in the urban dictionary rhyme with spaghetti.

  92. Yash Tiwari

    Donald trump also rhymes with *orange* .....🙄

  93. Ralfs

    nothing rhymes with orange, bruh he adds other words while using the actual word

  94. Fatal Phenomenon

    Eminem: Hold my mom's spaghetti

  95. Clyde Davis

    near rhymes, not true rhymes . & versatility of phonetics

  96. Mika-Animations Vidz

    He’s not rhyming anything with orange tho

  97. Ethanos Car 101

    Technically the worlds he uses to rhyme with orange don’t actually rhyme with orange unless you force it to

  98. Vip-Video Romania

    acknowledge rhymes with orange🤯