Mike Posner - Pete = Me/You Lyrics

Pete = me/you

Pete searches for purpose in every loss and every win
He comes up with nothing and starts all over again
Pete searches for meaning in every right and every wrong
He forgets to look inside of himself, where it's been hiding all along

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Mike Posner Pete = Me/You Comments
  1. Ruuka

    from grand theft auto V :)

  2. PrEdaToR

    i'll be back in 2055 <3

  3. PrEdaToR

    still watching <3

  4. beefaroni 812

    Lmao gta has good taste in music

  5. Boss Rice Wallis

    I heard this song in the strip club in gta; what channel is it on when it comes to the radio

  6. Miranda Roberts

    That 3D gave me a headache.

  7. Andrew Johnson

    Me: Feeling up a strippers ass.

    GTA V Strip Club:

  8. michalele911

    After 10 years this came to radio stations in Poland. I wonder what I'll find out after next 10 years...

  9. MatsG28

    Hey look is The guy that made took pill of Ibiza, but here from gta5

  10. Aubrey Casey


    me: wait, is that-

    her: no, I'm not Alex Vause from Orange is The New Black

  11. KyotoWolf

    I always thought it was a woman singing

  12. Ace

    This song has some insane transitions for 10 years ago

  13. Esteban Torees

    cuz its your scene you got no doubt

  14. BlackRax 007

    Like se sei venuto per gta

  15. Ana Maria

    Tik tok?

  16. Daisy Da

    people still wearing designer shades thinking they cooler 10 years later

  17. Daisy Da

    great beat yo

  18. Zar kos

    What's the crowd singing at the begining ?

  19. VXP DaRk ツ

    Gta strip club anybody ?

  20. George

    Gta v be like:

  21. Gabriel Fletcher

    1:34 selling replay buttons

  22. John Clark3

    Playing GTA 5 with my friend,
    Friend "See you later bro"
    Me "Yea see you tomorrow"

  23. Alexis Rivera

    Bro this mans had the black beetle challenge before it was even a thing.

  24. PhootPhetishPhilip !

    *In that Federov jacket you're gonna score 5 hole everytime* lol

    🏒. 🥅

  25. Chris

    1:30 chanel westcoast

  26. Joshua Ayala

    Mike Posner has a dope! musical vibe and is a freaking legend. I hope he knows

  27. Grazy Borley

    Essa música é tão Nice Guy... "sua vaida gorda, você acha que é mais legal que eu, né!?"

  28. MzansiXperience Channel

    1m31 is that Chanel Westcoast?

  29. Bengi T

    Dammmnnn i totally forgot this one

  30. Fortnite gaming Videos

    Non stop pop fm radio GTA

  31. anony mous

    New found respect for this now I know he nearly died from a snake bite.

  32. Shaedon Shergill

    I forgot this song existed. Now that I remember it, I can’t stop lovin it

  33. YuckRyann

    This song is truly one of the best bops to ever exist, no matter how old it is 10 years later we still vibe to it

  34. Opal Combs

    how did I get back here in 2020

  35. Omar

    1:21 Was that really how they took Selfies back in 2010? And No I am not that young..

  36. Kenton Truchon

    You never say hey or remember my name and it’s probably cause you think you’re cooler than me

  37. Jared Productions

    Every time I went to the strip club...

  38. absolute mistake !

    his voice is kinda like.,,, he has a sore throat or something

  39. insanity z

    10 years later and this song still slaps💀

  40. Fuck

    Wait till tik tok grabs on to this song

  41. Lipstick Chateau Wine Color

    How does this MV not have more views...I remember when I was 10 this was literally the biggest song

  42. Marcelina Mottu

    2020 anyone?

  43. Hulk181fan

    2020...still on my playlist.

  44. Ali Alo

    Who’s watching in 2010?

  45. TOPI tV

    This song was made so ahead of its time😫

  46. GustAv011

    Gta V ????

  47. Kayla's Korner

    10 YRS AGO

  48. Jokimasterus

    Glasses in this video represent drug effects

  49. Luuk Jentink

    My most listened song of 2019

  50. BEN SHAW

    No ones cooler than this guy

  51. _Paws_

    Before the mannequin challenge was popular...

  52. Jamie Allen

    GTA players—>

  53. CounterHornet

    I think we found Baby Driver's inspiration

  54. Freddie

    3:30 *he predicted that stupid tik tok filter lol*

  55. michael hobbs

    This song plays just like please don’t leave me but with a happy upbeat where pinks song had a sad downbeat.

  56. Josiah Kins

    i always thought this was bruno mars

  57. display 4You

    1:30 channel west coast 😂

  58. Toyko_ Kami

    Me: playing GTA cruising down the street with the homies
    The radio:

  59. Diarmaid Callaghan

    The jew

  60. Amaru Lindsey

    Old gta days right here

  61. BT - 7274

    All these years and I just realized why is he wearing sunglasses in the dark?


    It’s now 2020

  63. FagboworeCGI

    Was that Chanel West Coast?

  64. Green Machine

    Am I the only one who thought this song was sung by a girl?

  65. Patrick Pellegrino

    He was ahead of his time with the trendy beard cut and now everyone thinks they're cooler than me


    GTA V 2020?

  67. Maxturnal

    people dont relize that this song is so close to being a decade old 8(

  68. Lets do this

    Endorses Bernie Sanders. Much love Mike!

  69. Rustedwatermellon

    whats the song from 0:05 to 0:09?

  70. Pradeep Vanam

    I like songs with meaning and story. Like this.

  71. Tyler Smith

    this was the stuff on bro in 2011-2012

  72. Puci

    GTA 5 nostalgia ;-;

  73. Jamie Brown

    Dios mio! Honestly one of my favs back in the day. What a throwback

  74. Bee Grime

    Not 😎er than him then an u ain’t 😎 er than him now

  75. Art Dragon

    20k people hate this because thay hate all non stop pop music

  76. austin falcon

    1:02 is when it starts, long intro haha

  77. Madison Mitchell

    Me at 1:48 finally

  78. John

    So is 2020 and this songs never gets old my GTA BROTHERS/SISTERS where y'all at ♥️♥️😂

  79. Klaas Moyaert


  80. Mark Leitao

    2010 :- cooler than you

    2020:- still cooler than you

  81. Arif

    Can't believe he's Forrest Gump now

  82. Drunk AZN

    Year 2020


    I’ll be bacc in 2025

  84. Serenity

    wearing sunnies inside in case the lights r too bright ya know

  85. mia ashlee

    Me in gta 5: ok let’s put pop on
    The radio: if I could write yo-

  86. Milo

    still fire🥵🤟🏻

  87. Lucas Rodriguez

    Strip club in gta

  88. KasOnTha EDITS

    FALLEN IN LOVE. 10 years how cool I am?

  89. Sofia Fotos

    What is the song of 0:06?

  90. hadesハデス

    this is great so happy it isnt a tik tok song

  91. Thor Odinson

    This was the first mannequin challenge.

  92. Raelyn.i0

    *when you've known this song all of your life but GTA gets on game pass and plays this song and brings you way back*