Mike Posner - Masks Lyrics


It was the saddest smile I'd ever seen
A boat of hope floating on an ocean of fear

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Mike Posner Masks Comments
  1. 玉Petra

    I love how Mike Posner shows himself. Always as he is and as he feels. Love his being himself ❤️ keep on Mike!

    Beard or not beard, what is important is that Mike Posner is beautiful inside!

  2. Cee Eee

    You look much more humble with a beard. Keep up what you love!!!!

  3. Jessica Boisabi

    God bless you heart mike posner 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  4. Jessica Boisabi

    Ow my ow my 😭😭😭mahn you are the bom dude I love your transformation and the new mindset you've taken on about life ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Ken Burton

    See you out there mike.... 🤙🏾 Aloha

  6. Rohan Gupta

    Love you Mike. Keep shining. :)

  7. Lame Kentsheng

    I just love Mike Posner...i feel so much pain but am also moving on somehow💃💃💃

  8. JoMa1830

    I wish Tracy Chapman was my friend
    She would know exactly what to say
    Beginnings always hide themselves in ends
    At some point, I will be okay

    I got high when I met you
    I got high to forget you
    I feel pain, I don't want to
    But I have to, yeah, I have to

    If I want to move on
    Move on
    Move on
    Move on
    If I want to move on
    Move on
    Move on
    Move on
    If I want to move on (move on)
    Move on (move on)
    Move on (move on)
    Move on
    If I want to move on (move on)
    Move on (move on)
    Move on (move on)
    Move on

    Went to see some shaman in Malay
    To hear some things I wanted to hear
    Everyone just wants to feel good
    Everyone just wants to disappear
    Call up girls that live in my hometown
    To help fill up the minutes
    Lit a match and saged my house down
    It didn't make a difference

    So I got high when I met you
    I got high to forget you
    I feel pain, I don't want to
    But I have to, yeah, I have to

    If I want to move on
    Move on
    Move on
    Move on
    If I want to move on
    Move on
    Move on
    Move on
    If I want to move on (move on)
    Move on (move on)
    Move on (move on)
    I know I got to move on (move on)
    Move on (move on)
    Move on (move on)
    Move on

  9. uRi Barcelona

    Bless this man for what he is doing

  10. Cecilia Canelos

    ill be your friend, posner. this video is REAL

  11. Deringdao Bodo

    You're always an amazing guy

  12. AllyMcBeal Leach

    Amazing young man, and he has a lot to be proud of. I'm 72 years young now, but 10 years ago when I was a mere youngster, I experienced 8 of the best months of my life while walking across this incredible country. I don't recommend it for the faint of heart, or the out-of-shape, but I decided I was going to do this, "because I wanted to," so I did it. The most poignant realization that came from my walk was that there are incredibly kind and thoughtful and helpful and caring and loving people no matter where you go. It's a simple matter of reaching out to others with respect and kindness instead of waiting for others to reach out to you. That simple gesture has worked no matter where I've traveled -- or not. Bon Voyage!

  13. Sourav roy

    Hey Mike remember it's our duty to live as long as we can

  14. JeffC Cuts

    One os the best person out here 🙏🙏🙏

  15. Thomas Joyce

    My dad died of brain cancer aswell u helping me bro

  16. It is i Dianne

    Why? "Because i want to" ❤️

  17. Ahmed Ali

    I love you man

  18. 126cardinal

    Blessed with a great voice

  19. Gichohi Nderitu

    This song took me through 2019... God bless you Mike and May you find peace in your new journey. 🙏🏿

  20. sacha mama

    You should come to Laos, Life will be very long. Cause ur gonna enjoiy everysecond in this country.

  21. Yelianis Sk

    0:21 wtf 🤣

  22. Brynhel Bodollo

    You give Inspiration to us. Good Job Mike ^_^

  23. Colin l

    Mikey, I've just gone through two years of grieving (on the othwr sifenof the world) and I'm tired of it and... well... call me... lotsa love, Colin

  24. Alex Raia

    Mike Posner, the only dude not afraid to sing about loss in a positive way.

  25. ArgoXI

    I love Mike Posner

  26. Gusti Komang Ardika

    i miss my Father also dude 🥺😭

  27. B S

    When i was broke. My wife has left me for another guy. It's was really hard for me to be single parents
    And I need to get a job
    My parents they just don't really care about me.
    Thanks mike

  28. The Last headhunter

    Come to Nagaland.
    Cuz I want you to.

  29. Ariff Arshad

    🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 i miss my dad also.

  30. Topgamer 415

    Crazy how much mike Posner has changed but it’s for the better ☺️

  31. zeffer

    Lost my mom to cancer. Lost my girlfriend a month ago. Hurts like hell but it's true, you just gotta move on

  32. Martius

    Fly over the Atlantic and visit one the most coolest festival in world, EXIT Serbia. You need no pill to felt great when you are there. 😄 😄 😄

  33. David Argueta


  34. mick m

    You look a lot like your dad, Mike. I didn't like my dad, who was a hard guy to like, didn't miss him when he died. But I had a son some years later, and he loves me, and is a lot like me. Like this song, I moved on, trying not to repeat the mistakes that the old man made when raising me. You do your best in life. And one of the best things a dad can know is that he'll be missed by his son.

  35. Phillip Lizarraga

    beautiful song! I felt it sincerely and sorry for your lost 😔

  36. Marta Fonseca

    Loved this <3 thank you for the vulnerability and the message

  37. juan ayo

    Live and love

  38. Cassie

    You are so vulnerable and wear your heart on your sleeve. You are amazing

  39. Tahinul Islam Chowdhury Tahin

    This song makes me dance😆😆😆😍 #❤

  40. Chiara Apolinar

    One of the few gentle, honest and free soul artist in the industry.

    I always listen to this song every time I’m upset. It reminds me to always find time to prioritize myself, move on (from all the things that hurts me) only when I am ready, to do things only because I want to, to love my family more each day and live my life to the fullest.

  41. Mike Barricade

    You're an inspiration. Don't stop being who you are. People can get strength from things like this. I did. Thank you.

  42. Andrea C

    Why is this man amazing?!

  43. dewain powell

    I’m upset he never came to FL!

  44. uma baraily

    When ever I listen this song I feel too good and motivate me to be happy in what I have

  45. AAA

    This is very inspiring

  46. Tekashi Mushi

    Who the fuck are these 4k people who disliked this video

  47. Lookat Me

    He's too handsome

  48. melky fully

    If only i had so much f money,i would do anything i want

  49. Gatorkissman

    Congrats Mike. Job well done. You're out here living your best life and impacting others in ways you could never imagine!

  50. Allan Muzenda

    Thanks Mike for producing good and informative as well as heart touching tunes like this. From the video it shows that you've gone through a number of saddening circumstances. Playing your song has brought both happiness and sorrow, some ease in my heart and pain in my heart too. Idk maybe mixed feelings. Being happy while crying. There's more to thos song than the mere lyric meaning. Keep on bro. I love your tunes.

  51. V R

    J cole and Mike collab please.

  52. T Free

    I found this song exactly when I needed to. Not that anyone knows me or may ever even see this but I'm struggling and so broken right now more than I ever could have imagined I would in life. Incomprehensible. I wish I could keep the feeling from this album with me everyday...

  53. dustin bean

    What radical change, so so so amazing. i love this guy.

  54. christine runkel

    This made me very like a baby but also smile like a little kid ❤️

  55. Big Narstie

    Fucking class this video

  56. dustin bean

    Be like, be like, be like be like....so good

  57. dustin bean

    Laughter tears watching this sting of videos, can't explain

  58. dustin bean

    this had a major impact on me. major. words fall short

  59. Pranjal Pandey

    My grandfather has been diagnosed with Bone Cancer. After hearing that news, I can't stop myself from playing this song on repeat 😞😞

  60. Mon Valley truth

    I couldn’t have needed to find this song as much as I do in this point of my life your story is basically what I’m going through right now and it hit home for me thank you for making such great meaningful music 🙏🏼

  61. Nico Rivaud Dj

    You're my inspiration Mike! Keep going! Greetings from Argentina!

  62. XxHUDDLExX

    Mike, your probably not gonna read this but man....you have no idea how much you have impacted my life in such a positive way! Because of you man I learned that to over come any challenge you have to really really believe in your self.❤️ that was the toughest challenge I had to overcome. But with the positive vibes the way you just see life now. And the motivation you brought to the world and the music that kept you going made me wanna keep going man and not give up
    Beginnings always hade themselves in ends ❤️

  63. Lim Najri

    Such a fantastique inspiration video 😍 #KeepItUp #DontGiveUp #MoveOn

  64. Nick Graham

    Mike Posner's message has saved a life.

  65. Warral Van

    He's an inspiration ... a man with a Heart and got to see life in colours and may his Journey be Blessed 💖🙌💯

  66. 2GUYS1GUN

    U got millions, free time, can help ur friends and family, can travel anywhere, don't have a 9-5 job, just be greatful you got a good life, got a shelter, got health etc.

  67. Suman Das


  68. Paulo Kennedy

    Coloquem legenda em português por favor

  69. Sidharth Bansal

    YouTube recommended me this video just on right time... going through a breakup at the worst time of year
    And I am genuinely saying, this song is going to pull me out of tough time
    Thank You for your music Mike _/|\_

  70. Faisal Khan

    Beard was suited you.

  71. Faisal Khan

    Beard was suited you.

  72. Faisal Khan

    Beard was suited you.

  73. bronwynalexandria

    Mike is such an amazing artist - so much beauty in his art and he doesn't fake it. it's genuine - real.

  74. bronwynalexandria

    I'm praying for you - Jesus loves you!

  75. GR8 Reflection Detailing

    Followed you from the start! ups & downs . But looks like your in a happy place dude take it easy & loving your new content 👌

  76. Rimantas Savickas

    God bless you

  77. Raul chavez

    Love the energy your videos have👍

  78. Harsh Raj

    After listening to his podcast with Jay Shetty, I kinda feel like addicted to his music!😍

    Sidharth Bansal

    He got a podcast with Jay Shetty :O
    Definitely going to check it out now

  79. Ahmad Fauzan Zaman

    Dude, i cried. God bless you and your music videos are so inspirational.

  80. Jean-Paul Miller

    Holy shit bob ross that you

  81. Speedy V2

    alot of sad stuffs happend
    but i got a feeling that everyone pushed mike to become something that he wants to be

    never stop bro :)

  82. Alfredas J.

    Good road and luck for u:) nice vid, nice song whats can be better

  83. Skyler Holmes

    Mike your inspiring as F!

  84. Longsam Waii

    So relatable

  85. gorillacomando

    I miss my dad too. 😥

  86. Adrian Zaldivar

    your fans in Cuba love´s you

  87. Chris Toph

    I’m obsessed! Love the new Mike Posner!

  88. Trevor Diprimo

    Mike Posner, it's good to see you well. As Tims father says, one day you will leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember

  89. 3-Star War Academy

    Best song ever ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  90. Zaya Purev

    If only there was a sad reaction button on YouTube 😢

  91. sushant sawant

    I got high when i met you i got high to forget you!

  92. noodles

    jesus christ am i the only one who almost started crying ab his dad

  93. lazyreuvin

    And just like that 2019 is over and Mike's walk is done. Nothing to do but keep on movin' on =)

  94. Cory Richards

    Absolute inspiration, thank you Mike ❤💕

  95. Jessica Herrera Juárez

    Thx u very much

  96. Abhishek Kumar

    Please don't go still the best.