Mike Posner - Hate Mail Lyrics

Hate Mail

From Patrick Hickey
'Anyone else wish Mike Posner would just fuck off?'

From Em T
'Wait, Mike Posner has fans?'

From Ryan Shepherd
'That Mike Posner song is possibly the worst song I've ever heard in my life'

From Lindsey Paulk
'Mike Posner is such a sell out'

From Tanya Glenn
'Mike Posner writes the stupidest songs'

Chloe Kerr
'Mike Posner, give up already'

I Dalton
'Why the fuck do I have 'Please Don't Go - Mike Posner' flowing through my head? Like fuck off already'

From Zara Larsson
'I took a pill in Ibiza to show Avicii I was cool, hahaha that line is so motherfucking dark and lame'

From Ron Button
'Mike Posner song is terrible, I definitely think I'm cooler than him now'

From Dylan Orguay
'Ok Mike Posner, die'

From Riley Bata- Batallini
'Congrats Mike Posner, you might've put out one of the worst songs ever'

From Mr. Ramirez
'Mike Posner ain't no damn celebrity, that was just some college nigga with a lil buzz'

From IAmRyanMichaelson
'Took a pill in Ibiza is a horrible song, yes it is'

From Jesse Martin
'Mike Posner is sleazy but I'm glad his- but I like his music and I'm glad he's back, I used to listen to his myspace on repeat in dorm'

From Ju Chanes
'Remember Mike Posner? Me neither'

From Luffy
'Mike Posner sounds like Justin Timberlake swallowed a trumpet'

From Hayley
'Mike Posner used to be bae as fuck now he's so ugly'

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