Mike Posner - Gratitude Lyrics

I love you back

Could be worse, huh?
Look where you are
Reading the calendar today it said Park City
We thought we were going to like a dive bar
Could be worse, right?

This piece is called 'Gratitude'
My band teacher told me quote
"Mike, you ain't shit"
But it wasn't until I heard that that I quit
And bought that Motif, made them dope beats
Turned that old car to this window seat
Where it all makes sense
Now God gives me hints every time I burn incense
Don't that make you so incense? Mr. Z
Whoo! I blew up and ain't visit your class since
But wait.. I didn't write this to say I told you so
Because without you I'd never sold out shows
I thought that was worth a page or two
Dear Mr. Z, this is dedicated to you
Gratitude, thank you

My dad called when Uncle Fred died
I didn't want my mom to see me cry
So I got 'em all out on the flight back
People looking at me funny but it's like that
See Uncle Freddie was a good guy
He was proud when I started to win
My aunt told me he loved me
And I swear to God she gave me one of his pens
And the same pen that I wrote this song with
The same pen that I'm about to put my team on with
Cuz he keeps giving me dope shit
People keep on telling me
"Mike you're so sick"

I hope that's enough to change your mood
Change a Utah sky from grey to blue
I thought that was worth a page or two
Dear Uncle Fred, this is dedicated to you
Gratitude, thank you

This verse can never pay you back
A lot of my friends never had no dads
And before we knew I had a six-style
Used to drive me to the studio to rap on the six mile
Showed me that a real man ain't afraid because he hugs, kisses, and cries
April to April stays faithful
Loves, listens, and tries
So when I do find Mrs. Right
Best believe my game gonna be zipper tight
Like you're still making Mom breakfast every morning
You start her car up in the winter when it's snowing
Remember when you broke it down in New Orleans?
I didn't tell you I had my phone out recording it
Said, "Why'd you marry Mom?
Said, "Well, Michael, in my heart, I knew I loved your mother"
And I said, "Is your heart more important than your head?"
Said, "I don't know, you're 28, you've got to figure some things out on your own"
Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is some g-shit
When my son's 28 I'm gonna show him this poem
He's gonna need this

I'm sorry, but I thought that was worth a page or two
Dear Dad, this is dedicated to you
Gratitude, thank you

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Mike Posner Gratitude Comments
  1. C Pendleton

    My P.E. teachers name was Mr. Z

  2. Kaya Ryan

    I could have sworn you were in Colorado, but still close enough! I swear the mountains are like church!

  3. Kaya Ryan

    I feel you!!! 🤘

  4. Joey

    This is one of the most beautiful things I've heard in a while. Thank you.

  5. Nique Rau

    I often think even though the loss took a piece of my heart it replaced it w a piece of theirs that I lost in the physical realm but gained some angels on the ground... "I'm sure your angels are still cheering and very proud of the man you are Mike and graditude for being you 🌱🌳🙏

  6. daxTHEcat of Wales

    almost cried @3:32 you love your dad so much
    may he rest in your arms, in peace and in love

  7. Mark Leo Suminguit

    Youre songs are on my playlist since highschool.
    And now I am a Seafarer.
    God bless you sir. ❤

  8. Carys Stone

    That guy is smart really smart and sensitive too that's why he was one of Tim's friend 💜🎧💜

  9. Valarie Burns

    I Didn't Write This to Say I Told You So 🙏

  10. Nat524Ricci

    You haven’t changed. You’ve grown. I feel you so thoroughly. Xoxo

  11. Nat524Ricci

    You haven’t changed. You’ve grown. I feel you so thoroughly. Xoxo

  12. Jo H

    Poetic. I really like you. Please stay alive. It's the only responsibility you have. Please don't disappoint us.

  13. Maggie Tomaszewski

    I became aware of Mike through his spiritual transformation, then I crawled out from the rock I was under and began listening to his music. As each of us transcends the small, separated self, the effect ripples out into the whole. When a person with a huge platform like this does so publicly and with the sincerity this man has, the benefits can be felt everywhere. Peace is our inheritance and we don't need to do anything special to know it and to be it. Gosh darn bless us, every one!

  14. chachaperu1

    So much wisdom ❤️

  15. Eric Rivera

    😢 wow, thank you.

  16. Amber Christine

    You can tell his father must of been one special man because he raised one hell of an incredible human being. 🧡

  17. Jireh Ocampo

    This message is about accept, respect and honor. You practice humility not by putting yourself down, but by building others up. You're humble :)
    Happy to hear this. Thank you too.
    God is mighty enough to ignite the sun, could it be that he is mighty enough to light your path?
    Mike, look to God and He will strengthen you. Gentle reminder:
    our God is a God of great mercy and grace. Shalom! <3

  18. Daveda Smith

    YIKESSSS!!!! Insanely, soulfully & beautifully touching! Keep spreading all the love, sunshine & positivity the world is lacking!!! ☀️🌈🌺🏖🌼🌸❤️

  19. kenyatta davis

    Why do I love watching this?

  20. kenyatta davis

    This made me cry!!!

  21. Ann Jyothi Sunny

    I love this

  22. Albanian King

    He is like Jim Morrison..love u man alll away from Albania

  23. Patrick Terkper Nagmor

    That dark haired lady at 3:10

  24. The GordanRamsayeffect

    Glad to see someone be himself and humble you got my respect dude , Great poem !

  25. Brad Grobbel

    Thank you Mike for pursuing meaning. Very refreshing to see in the music world.

  26. mass

    I found you and myself.

  27. Black Corp

    Im not crying...its dust...let me shut this window on my sadness

  28. little big big

    this guy is getting more and more crazy as the days goes by.

  29. Kattie mackay

    Keep that beard man😍

  30. Mayulin Marinez

    Lo amé 💓🌿🌻🍃

  31. Bogusz

    I love it so much !

  32. jokser100

    Amazing...thank you

  33. Jason James

    Heres proof. Money, fame, and materialistic things... You will never find contentment in them.. Maybe happiness... for a season. I hope you find it Mike. I had everything the world said a 25 year old man should have.. Still broken. Then i found Him⬆. I gave away everything.. "The job", the money, the car, both the motorcycles... I was sitting infront of a fire in the chilly evening feeding my soul with His word by firelight... I was a broke joke.. I owned nothing... But i was completely content and at that moment i realized i found Joy!. In His will!
    God bless!

  34. Groundbreak Studios

    Wow, pretty sure this just broke me. But in a good way.

  35. Shayan. A

    No music?

  36. Frozen Penguin

    I wish i had a friend like mike!! He's such a great human being!

  37. noXus

    This video should have billions of views, unfortunately most of America is busy watching videos about a shutdown and a wall, or terrible content. Sad. Nice job Mike!! Michigan Makes Miracles

  38. j k

    This dude is on a full on self discovery type trip. God bless...big ups from Michigan. Keep representin!

  39. 99v8cobra


  40. Guillermo Lozano

    Damn, speechless..

  41. Kevin A. Msafiri

    You the best

  42. Justin Hateswaspsss

    I hope you meet and collab with trevor hall and nahko

  43. G.A.M.A

    A lot of things changed when he lost his dad. Same goes to Kanye and many others artists and people. Goes to tell parents are our everything. Cherish them while you still have them. I hope I take on such a commitment someday. Good luck brother. Will keep you in prayer. You're destined for something special. ❤👑

  44. Katelynn Wiser

    You have changed so much, but in the best way possible. It’s beautiful and inspiring, truly. You’ve always been talented, but your talent has never shined through as much as it does now. Just beautiful ❤️

  45. Soupin Hyper Space

    Beautiful soul

  46. Jessica Bellew

    Adore you mike posner! Your growth inspires my own. 💜


  47. Tyson Wilson

    I think I love you mike 💚

  48. Lanso Yanthan

    Man I used to find Mike so cheesy and corny n shit. But ever since I came across some of his videos after his dad passed away, I have been blown away!!! He is indeed a true artist among a sea of pretenders. I am now a fan!! All the best in your "Life" travels Mike. Would love to see more.

  49. RH Acct1

    The best part of this was the recording of his dad's answer! Damn that's best memory his dad could leave his son! Heard the Spotify version btw

  50. Devon Meyers

    Amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  51. Krishna Gurung

    Lots of love from Nepal

  52. Hello


  53. Ruba Ghufran

    Was just casually listening to music and this came up.
    Firstly it was just so beautiful that i stopped whatever i saw doing and just actually listened
    and secondly it made me realize how much more of THIS STUFF is needed to be out there rather than the senseless crap that is being produced.
    Love and Gratitude through and through.

  54. NERSHA

    Man I feel like the luckiest person because not Only I saw this video but let this video change me in a way I can't even describe.

  55. An D

    From singer to motivator ❤️😍😍

  56. Chris Thara

    Thanks man! 😁 🙌 You just put a calm smile on my face

  57. Jonathan Pear

    Loving tribute to your Dad.

  58. Shinay nay

    I love your music and the new songs are so inspiring. Grateful for you

  59. Steven Braille

    Tears, you are incredible. Thank you for sharing

  60. Guseai

    I cried.

  61. Katie K

    That was so lovely! ❤️ from Queensland Australia 🌼

  62. CV Anims

    What a genuine human being.

  63. WhudUP Do


  64. Abrar Fazili


  65. iLOVE LiFE

    Mike Posner, I can feel it deep in my soul. You are a powerful being. You are being shifted, please create more music. Please. Please make more music, you have the riggt kind set and vibe in your soul. You make the RIGHT kind of music, I can tell by your last few aomg

  66. iLOVE LiFE

    Hey Mike Posner, if by some chance you are reading this, it was all meant to teach you great lessons. A LOT OF US are going through what you are and we understand it on a deep spiritual level. ALL IM TRYING TO SAY IS WE MEED YOUR ENERGY PLEASE. WE NEED YOUR MUSIC. LET THE EMOTION OUT. PLEASE GIVE US ALL THAT RAW EMOTION, WE NEED MUSIC TO GET THROUGH EVERY SINGLE SHITTY DAY. PLEASE.

  67. Faded Sophomore

    Why am I getting Mac Miller vibes 😭

  68. Arjun Magotra

    🖤love from india🇮🇳❤️ Ibiza was mind-blowing

  69. Madrox

    Mike Posner is a true artist who now knows what really matters in life, other people will think that they know it too, but that's not true, Mike does, as Bob Marley did in his days...

  70. Anton Jelic

    This is soo deep man. Love your persona! Keep being you Mike 😀👏

  71. Hayden Spencer

    I should've done this for Poetry Out Loud

  72. Little Beastie

    Can't move on with "Move on" and now, this. Too much inspiration to start the year 💚💚💚

  73. Ahluwalia

    Move On❤🎧

  74. The Whole Dam Family

    I really love u ur my inspiration to do things with my heart! Thanks for all the great moments God gives us and bless everyone! 😊

  75. Mo I

    stay strong Mike.

  76. Kamichi Kora

    Thank you Mike

  77. Michael Farley

    I say, done walk alone....This will help inspire so many people, you have no idea. Then again you might.


    My name is Michael. I turn 33 in April, this has hit more than one with me!!!

    The following I posted on the Move On Video

    That's AMAZING BRO!!! My ex girlfriend lost her mother to brain & melanoma skin cancer that was rapid. She was just 18, i lost mine @ 22 (She turns 30 on Feb 2nd. I'll be 33 April 12th) on Mother's day 11 years ago to a heroin overdose. We have been split up for a year bc I had a terrible encounter with certain drugs that eventually cost me my vehicle bc I totaled it, my job bc of failed DT, and then my relationship with her came to an abrupt stop. We both had our struggles for many years with substance, but this last time she finally got clean and has one of the best jobs she could ever imagine. I spent all yr last year recovering and relapsing. My grandfather, who is legally blind in both eyes, surprised me at the beginning of this year when he agreed to help me get my liscense and a vehicle. He seen that I was trying my best to just stay at home and help with things that needed to be done around the house. He noticed I hadn't been going out, spending nights with toxic ppl and had basically imprisoned myself in my room for my sobriety. I spent 4 months listening to music, making music, and just getting my life back in order. I lost and missed out on 4 jobs last yr bc of transportation issues and he knew I needed help. This week we went and got my liscense, he bought me a 2007 Nissan Maxima, and today paid for the taxes, tag, and insurance. It was the 1st time I have drove by myself legally in over a year. I am more than grateful for what he has done, and will be looking for a new job A.S.A.P. I also got to see my ex today on her lunch break about 4 hrs ago. It wasn't for long but it was long enough for me. I came home and seen this video and it made me Extremely happy and kinda sad at the same time. I felt as if I needed to share this for anyone who may think their life is over. Just be patient and do right by people and your life will change for the better I PROMISE YOU!!! Looking for work might be a little easier than I thought now. Thank you for making this video!!!!!

  78. Michael Farley

    You have had a tremendous impact that will make you the best artist you ever thought you could be... This is the 2nd video of yours that has opened my eyes wider than they have ever been before!!!! Thank you dude!!!

  79. arianna black

    so genuine and so talented. you've grown so much as an artist AND as a person. immensely glad that you're finding yourself and that you seem happier :)

  80. ednane ziane

    sorry i just leave my cave and i'v discover you, i did know who you are , did a little search and i found out you did some hit song and you had a completely different life ... this is strange to understand a person ignore everything about his life, his hope and fear, his aspiration, or what touches him deeply,.Strangely you just understand it , what you have loss, what you want as an artist, being someone new, someone true to yourself and to others.

  81. Pissed up Gamer

    Ur just a person like us tho u have a platform to speak ur mind i wish i was u i wish i coulda told my brother its ok we’re hear for u i wish i could take my dads stroke away pay my mums mortgage and stop listing to u but i cant im broken and i need a man like u

  82. Nick Birge

    I have a crush on your energy.

  83. lexig555

    Why am I crying right now

  84. Young Yoda

    Daam whats that drug?

  85. Michael Emerick


  86. Manon vlogs

    Love it love it love it soooo much

  87. xxzippyxx

    fuark, woke up in a field of motherfkin onions

  88. Cheyenne Dusty


  89. Simithy

    Lets meet Mike

  90. Abdul Rahman Jahari

    Is that rap music? Thats dope

  91. Oscar

    Who keeps pinching me :'(

  92. Manny Ademolu

    I see the light in his eyes. Beard on point too

  93. Felix New

    LOVE this man, so pure

  94. Yvonne Tenoso

    this is just so wonderful

    thank you 😘

  95. Cheese Toastie

    Got me in the feels