Mike Posner - Can't Sleep In Germany Lyrics

Can't Sleep In Germany

I finished the book Dylan gave me and om
It's 3:25AM, I can't sleep
Tomorrow I'm going to talk about myself in interviews
Over and over again
Meanwhile the silence waits patiently
For me to get over myself

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Mike Posner Can't Sleep In Germany Comments
  1. evabadeva

    I heard this at my summer camp.
    turns out freeman went there before

    Dana Nicholson

    What camp?

  2. Saud Alenezi

    very sweet song. i heard it for the first time when i was flying KLM.

  3. Lindsey F

    Where are the German lyrics though? So confused.


    Linzi J
    Wenn du dir das ganze auf dem Smartphone anschaust, musst du auf das Video klicken und oben rechts hat es 3 Punkte, dann kannst du dort Untertitel einschalten! :)

    ...just turn on the captions! :)

    Lindsey F

    PromotingSmoothMusic Vielen Dank :)

  4. PromotingSmoothMusic

    Great song! I hope he won't give me a copyright strike for this. :D
    But if you have any problem with this contact me ([email protected]) or write a comment and I will remove this asap! :)