Mike Posner - * = God Lyrics


* is in the beggar
* is in the thief
* is in the penthouse
* is in the streets
* is in the rose petals
* is in the dew
* is in December
* is in June
* is in the CO2 that's filling up the air
* is in your enemy to whom you wish to spare
* is in the 808s
* is in the flute
and if * is really * then * is in you

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Mike Posner * = God Comments
  1. Bryce Mac

    4th trimester..

  2. Gigi Fristachi

    I wish the commercials weren’t on this album that’s what I get for watching it on YouTube

  3. samantha emily

    so underrated

  4. stylow Flysett

    Yellow gang x (as it should, life couldn't be). Shout you out b. (New) coming soon x king zta x mike Posner

  5. Jodi

    This is my defo my fave actually... sorry about the the now previous 12 lies on other tracks 😏

  6. samuell jason

    O toque dessa música me lembra uma top mas esqueci qual é, alguém poderia me ajudar?

  7. 789dude123

    I won God's lottery, dad's still watchin' me
    That's comradery, woah, woah, woah
    The game ain't new to me, you're nothin' they can do to me
    I ain't gotta wear jewelry, I still shine, I still shine on 'em, woo
    Hair curly, I look like Zeus
    I'm Omar Epps, I got the juice
    I feel like the bars, go tell Bruce
    I'm gettin' close to the truth

    I think I got angels watching
    My life just keeps on unlocking, oh
    I'm gonna make it to the other side
    I think I got angels watching

    Ladies and Gentlemen pose, back with the real
    Second meditation, tryna catch me a feel
    A little bit of presence is all it took
    Beard longer than a David Foster Wallace book
    Nothing's trump's time, ever
    Most underrated, Kawhi Leonard
    George Muresan, I'm centered
    Welcome to the world, fourth trimester

    Tom Hanks said I'm dope
    Don't know where I am, but I'm headed home
    I might pop up in your city, dog, you never know
    And don't forget change, it's like a metronome

    And the beard is like war paint
    Duke game is my only court date
    Outside all year, walkin' towards faith
    My North face isn't ornate
    They shoulda never let me read Borges
    The breakup hit me in a sore place
    This is now a one horse race
    Everybody love me like my name is King George Strait, woo

    I think I got angels watching
    My life just keeps on unlocking, oh
    I'm gonna make it to the other side
    I think I got angels watching, woah

  8. sort after

    dope az

  9. Sally Stearns

    ...and also I got damn good highway angels

  10. Sally Stearns

    thank GOD for new music!!! much needed

  11. German Bankov

    I grew up with your music dude! Your songs have a place in my heart like no others! Keep sharing your beautiful lyrics with the world! We are very grateful! Love and Respect brother! <3

  12. death lizard

    WawawA I'm happy to see both the name Mike Posner and Mike Shinoda

  13. mid-air Jae

    Awe what a guy <3 I love angels<3

  14. jim catalfamo

    i am so digging this tune and Live Before I Die, Nothing Is Wrong Move On, Stuck In The Middle, How It's Supposed To Be

    fabrizio failla

    Man there are acapella versions of the last 3 you mentioned on SoundCloud... They are unbelieveble

  15. Manzo Jacobs

    You killed this for sure. But blackbear would have complimented it so well i think

  16. Shaun Suth

    That vocal 🔥🔥

  17. Youngguy

    Bru, Mike Shinoda and Mike Posner? Make it happen.

  18. Mikey Maine

    Came from the bottom still bloom in autumn 🍂 wit grey goose girls who’s love is falling I don’t stop I spill all emotions on the floor free flow young Mauian keep erything under control watchin Theo Von N Mike speaking like goggins Eatin edibles got a new job while searchin for my heavenly soul passion out to get sum more, lost my dad headin back to Maui to barely Barry him Paia, Maui the troops salute goose bumps a no one comin only me to grab the flag as they folded it up sat down wit my boi as he put dirt upon my only friend tore my soul, dads 1 friend flew me out there’s real ones but he break the mold, flew back out to Texas to raise my seeds n chase these goals, had to copy paste then re run 🏃‍♀️ this track like a posner 3times no making plans to make it till I hit the coast copy diehard discard the host, we all tryin to make the most , SoundCloud YoungMauian, Young Mauian track, we bout to do the most

  19. ray davila

    Like the shout out to King George.

  20. Hayden Hess

    GOOD luck 👍😁

  21. Dancing Souls


  22. Oisin Mcinerney

    This better go viral

  23. Yengghouaa

    Damn this song goes hard af

  24. Anshul gautam

    Came here for mike ,became a fan of Elohim

    Sally Stearns

    Anshul gautam hope you mean u became a fan of GOD?!! 🤣

    Jake Coulter

    In the beginning was the word, and the word was Elohim. This is what the first writings of the bible actually say. Elohim is plural for multiple gods. Didnt think many people knew about this. Super crazy thats what she made her name lol. Just some wisdom!

  25. Justin Bruen

    Best artist of our generation

  26. Twitch

    So glad elohims getting her spot this year

  27. Mille 8208

    I digs it🔥💞🤘

  28. Shawn Lauderdale

    My fav track

  29. Oni Montana

    Dumb ass slap 🔥🔥🔥please put the instrumental up

  30. Chris Cayford

    Yooooooo! welcome Mr posner... to the light

    Qp Kellz

    Isnt it such a beautiful thing to see people so caught up in stardom, turn to the light and create beautiful pieces of art

  31. Dan

    This song is 🔥 🔥 🔥!!!!!

  32. Andrew Larson

    Yo. This shit SLAPS!

  33. Edith Gonzalez


  34. Jaskirat Singh


  35. Sebastian Fasiang


  36. Taran Polzin


  37. Abhay Singh Yadav

    Elohim destroyed this beat tbh

  38. Justin Bruen

    What’s the mixtape called

    Jaskirat Singh

    Keep Going

  39. Felix New

    100% fire!

    Felix New

    110% sorry

  40. Collection of Characters


  41. Emi V

    unexpected collab

  42. Joseph Bartucci



    Joseph Bartucci starseed?

  43. snowboarderslis


  44. Charles Kniple

    Mannnn this shit a banger

  45. DrPhilthy420

    FUCK YEAH MIKE!!! 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  46. Skat


  47. Alien Brain Beats

    This that 🔥

  48. Zakron ,

    Lovin this mixtape