Mike Patton - Scalinatella Lyrics

Addó' sta chella

Nun spónta ancora...
Pe' 'sta viarèlla

Addó' mme ne vogl'í, to ddico...e crídeme...
Addó' se ne pò ghí chi è stanco 'e chiágnere?!

Saglie ‘ncielo
O scinne a mare
Pòrtame a chella

Chella s'è 'nnammurata 'e nu pittore
Ca pitta Capre e parla furastiero...
E i' porto 'mpiétto nu dulore 'e core
E sento che mm'accide stu penziero!

Addó' sta chella

Nun spónta ancora...
Pe' 'sta viarèlla

Addó' mme ne vogl'í, to ddico...e crídeme...
Addó' se ne pò ghí chi è stanco 'e chiágnere?!

Saglie ‘ncielo
O scinne a mare
Pòrtame a chella

A ghiuorne a ghiuorne parte nu vapore...
A ghiuorne 'ammore mio se vótta a mare!

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Mike Patton Scalinatella Comments
  1. Matt H

    Let’s see that no talent hack Anthony Kiedis do this.

    Brandon Wasgatt

    Why does every Patton video have comments about Kiedis or RHCP. Literally nobody thinks Kiedis is a more talented singer, I have never heard that opinion in my life. What're you so defensive about?

    Matt H

    Brandon Wasgatt, It harkens to Kiedis’ comments years ago about him saying “he thought he was looking in a mirror” backhandedly suggesting he was trying to copycat him. The aftermath of comments you read are a result of us thinking Keidis should have made it more of a genuine compliment considering Patton is, in fact more talented, and he should have at least humbly acknowledged, in the very least, that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” but instead, his comment was rooted in competitive based ego and insecurity making him have to eat crow after all these years.

  2. Danilo Cucurullo

    So sorry he can't get the Naples language's accent... :(

  3. John John

    God this is sexy as hell

  4. Paolo Schiattarella

    much better pronunciation than in the album

  5. Mitik gio

    Who wants to listen to the real one sung in real italian should search for Murolo’s one

  6. Fabio Dadamo

    Bravo pure in napoletano.

  7. aVoice InYourHead

    And all the panties just melted off....

  8. Jax 49


  9. svalka

    боже как же это красиво

  10. sαԵαղícօ թαղժҽตօղíմต

    Sensual 🔥💋🔥

  11. Gnubbolo

    bravissimo, asd

  12. So Sonny Baby J. Moore

    True artist ! True talent ! can handle any style

  13. Álvaro Sarcass

    We need a 10hrs "Longa Longa Longa Longa"

  14. Barone Reale

    Beh dalla cover di war pigs vista dal vivo nel 92.... alla cover di roberto murolo! Un grande

  15. Al cuore Ramon

    Pure in napoletano...che artista porca puttana


    "Puttana" here means good or bad..?

  16. R. C.

    Troppo emozionante

  17. Antonio Del Prete

    scarso... peccato per la canzone... a due poco eccellente!

    Leo Falco

    È pur sempre un americano che canta in napoletano, tanto scarso non direi... Anzi

  18. Glass Ball Man


  19. Timliu92

    I cannot believe this is the same man that sang for Faith No More. An absolutely versatile vocalist.

    Jax 49

    WHAT! thats amazing!!


    Real opera singers don’t use microphones or amplification

    Drinking Mercury

    @Sam. he's a metal singer. Eat one if you think this video isn't as impressive as your moms tits 30 years ago

  20. Ewan Mookhoek

    I can't believe I missed this. I only recently discovered Mike Patton and his projects. I live in Holland, I probably won't be able to see this in person. :(

    Canelita lulu

    Ewan Mookhoek Mike es un genio

  21. Adriana Garza

    Beautiful <3

  22. Paulo Martins


  23. Francesco

    non è mai troppo tardi  per conoscerti. Non sapevo della tua esistenza. Sei stato una piacevole sorpresa nel sentire varie cover italiane portate da te ovunque . Bravo,davvero bravo nel passare da un genere all'altro. ciao ,a risentirti

  24. LightOurFire

    guitar tabs?

    Ignacio Reyes Contreras

    tabs are for losers

    chris daly

    @Ignacio Reyes Contreras commenting on youtube videos is worse........ya fuckin loser ;)

    chris daly

    shit...this is 5 years old..................some one love me......

    Martin Deligny

    @chris daly Here's your love

  25. zwelgatt

    2 people are out of their minds.

    Jason Romine

    We're up to five now. Some people are beyond reason.

  26. Joy_ TRM

    Canta per me amore...

  27. jorge15359

    Esa se enamoró de un pintor
    que pinta Capri y habla en forastero
    y yo llevo en el pecho un dolor de corazòn
    y siento que me mata este pensamiento

    En unos días, en unos dias parte un vapor
    En unos dìas mi amor se tira al mar

  28. AddictedCodingMonkey


  29. kaden jared

    only opera i like patton is god

  30. richard coy

    i just got hip to mike pttton wow i love his work and his music the man is great i dont know if i can for give my self for not listening to him a whole lot sooner awesome artest

  31. misstwinpeaks

    such a beautiful song

  32. Gui Porto

    My favorite song from the album, and this version is beautiful!

    Young Moskita

    Gui Porto á

  33. TheProggirl

    Mike Patton is 10000000 times better than Gigi D'Alessio! :D

  34. theenigmajjames

    @thepronocup we can do without all the rosetta stone translations buddy ...thanks for comin' out though

  35. thepronocup

    ENGLISH 2 out of 2
    She's fallen in love with a painter
    who paints Capri a talks a foreign language
    and I got my chest the ache of my heart
    and I feel this though is killing me


    In some days (from now) a ship will leave
    In some days (from now) my love will drown at sea

  36. thepronocup

    ENGLISH 1 out of 2
    Small stairway , long, long, long and narrow, narrow
    where's my little love?
    I still can't hear the zoc (sound of the sabot shoe),
    litlle sabot, little sabot along this tiny, rambling road.
    Where I want to escape, this I'll tell you and believe me.
    Where can somebody go if tired of crying?
    Little stairway that climb* up to the sky or go* down to the sea,
    search her for me, find her for me, bring that brat girl to me.

    *[he's talking to the stairway, hence the second person]

  37. thepronocup

    ITALIAN 2 out of 2

    Quella si è innamorata di un pittore
    che dipinge Capri e parla straniero,
    ed io ho nel petto un dolore di cuore
    e sento che mi uccide questo pensiero.


    Fra giorni, fra giorni parte una nave.
    Fra giorni il mio amore si getta in mare.

  38. thepronocup

    ITALIAN 1 out of 2
    lunga, lunga, lunga, lunga,
    strettina, strettina,
    dove è quella innamoratina?

    Non si sente ancora,
    il zoc, zoc, zoc, zoc,
    zoccoletto, zoccoletto,
    per questa stradina sconnessa.

    Dove me ne voglio andare,
    te lo dico, e credimi.
    Dove se ne può andare
    chi è stanco di piangere?

    sali in cielo o scendi al mare,
    cercamela, trovamela,
    portami quella sciaguratella.

  39. thepronocup

    NEAPOLITAN 2 out of 2
    Chella s'è 'nnammurata 'e nu pittore
    ca pitta Capre e parla furastiero,
    e i' porto 'mpiétto nu dulore 'e core
    e sento che mm'accide stu penziero.


    A ghiuorne, a ghiuorne parte nu vapore.
    A ghiuorne 'ammore mio se vótta a mare.

  40. thepronocup

    NEAPOLITAN 1 out of 2

    longa, longa, longa, longa,
    strettulélla, strettulélla,
    addó' sta chella 'nammuratèlla?

    Nun spónta ancora,
    o zuc, zuc, zuc, zuc,
    zucculillo, zucculillo,
    pe' 'sta viarèlla scarrupatèlla.

    Addó' mme ne vogl'í
    t''o ddico, e crídeme.
    Addó' se ne pò ghí
    chi è stanco 'e chiágnere?

    saglie 'ncielo o scinne a mmare,
    cercammélla, trovammélla,
    pòrtame a chella sciaguratèlla.

  41. LesfleursdumalSofia

    Little stairway, long and tight: where is my little lover?
    I can't see her yet with little clogs, on this ruined little lane.Where I wanna go I'll tell you, believe me, where you can go when you're tired of living??
    Little stairway up to the sky or down to the sea, search and find her for me, bring her to me, wretched! She fell in love with a painter, which draws goats and speaks foreigner; I carry this pain in my heart and I feel like dying!
    And so on..:)

  42. K Bravo

    he seems really happy when he finish to sing every song

  43. mistressmystery022

    can anyone tell me where to get the guitar tabs for this? I can't find them anywhere!!!

  44. zsoowiey

    i cant find the translation on the site in the discription... does annyone know the translation, or where to find it?

  45. Valentina

    amazing song

  46. giusi


  47. giusi

    wooowwww i'm sooo impresssed!!! SEI FORTE!!! ^__^

  48. francesco caruso

    un americano che canta napoletano.
    Sembra una favola ma è realtà..
    Grande Mike!!

  49. Roberto Randazzo

    quest'uomo è un vero figo!

  50. Ben Gilbey

    @fellinian thank you very much, this is a briiliant song

  51. Ben Gilbey

    I want the lyrics, if anyone has them.

  52. Nate Mignone

    Napoli per sempre!

  53. zsoowiey

    wow. what a beautiful song.
    just wow.

  54. Larry Carrell

    The man is a God in any language!

  55. Larry Carrell

    The Man is a GOD in any language!

  56. Professicchio

    @krakatica114 As in the best Neapolitan tradition it's a sad, gentle and haunting love song.
    It's basically a first person account of someone looking for his lost beloved one through the streets of Naples ('Scalinatella' means narrow, stairway-like street , typical of the old town)

  57. krakatica114

    Does anybody know what is he singing about ?

  58. felouz

    @0o0ramon0o0 Mike explodes him. nothing to compare

  59. Camilo Baez

    incredibile, Mondo cane

    Saluti da Cile

  60. zhodzec


  61. cezar caruntu

    You might have some problems understanding this one because it's in Neapolitan.

  62. sl1oo

    Man's Genius

  63. Marco Campassi

    yes,i'm neapolitan,he sings in my language,and he does well!!! well done Mike,i watched you with Faith no more and Mr Bungle,many years ago,in Milan and Rome,you were really a crazy guy in that time!

  64. DisGuido

    these is a Napolitan song...sing in Napoetano dialet.

    Patton is a perfect Guaglione.....and sing great!

  65. Hannah Chorlton

    apparently it was ment to be coming out this summer but its now been postponed to early 2009... i cant wait

  66. fernanda vendramini tedde

    this is amazing. thank you thank you thank you!!
    i wonder when the album will come out.