Mikael, Sebastian - Last Night Lyrics

[Intro: Wale]
Folarin, Double M, G
Slip N' Slide collabo
Let's get it!

[Verse 1: Wale]
What you talking bout?
Know I’ve been to Roma
Well let me call you out
When you put your crown
You got a little style
Let me put it down
Until you walking on the cloud
Look, the time’s now, I’m intrigued
Whenever I browse
I’ll be sure you get things
Yeah, see what I did there
Slip inside of her body
Until she get there

[Hook: Sebastian Mikael]
I can't lie, when I
Watch my baby
Her lip gloss pop, just came from the spot
Hair done too
But girl that was four shots ago
Now you can't believe
That you didn't feel me
Cause you wasn't sayin' that last night

[Verse 2: Sebastian Mikael]
Girl, I swear to God
People pay for a smile likes yours
And I'm loving it, cheaa (and I'm loving it, I'm loving it)
Girl, I swear to God
They'll pay for ass like yours if it wasn't there, yeah, yeah
(and I'm rubbing it, I'm rubbing it)

[Pre-Hook: Sebastian Mikael]
You wanna know if we can make this confidential
Between me and you
(we already did it)
Between me and you
(we already did it)
Remember when I said
I'm tryna find something to get into
I was talkin' 'bout you
(we already did it)
I was talking about you, you, you, you, you


[Verse 3: Wale]
This ain’t real baby
What they talking bout
Ain’t no rapper that’s alive call Folarin out
Now can you deal with it?
I’ll probably win you out
Cause I never tell a woman
Where my body call
Lemme tell 'bout last night
I don't remember much of last night
How I can say it keeping it polite
Ummmm, you left once, but she came twice
So get it right


[Verse 4: Sebastian Mikael]
I swear to God
And I promise I won't tell nobody
Your privacy is safe with me
(and I'm loving it, I'm loving it)
Girl I swear to God
I wanna get plenty time to touch you
(and I'm rubbing it, I'm rubbing it)



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Mikael, Sebastian Last Night Comments
  1. God Child.

    Still feel & sound amazing.


  2. exotic 4-16 mrs Henderson

    Beautiful song

  3. Adrenea Josey

    ...2020, Wale name brought me here, Al B. Sure beat kept me, Mr. Mikael, a new listen for me...

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    2020 and im just now hearing this 🤦🏿‍♀️

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    Lets go in 2020!!!

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    This song didn't get has much radio play as Usher, Chris Brown, & Drake in 2013

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    Grooving still 2020

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    This Song is the Shyt who's here in 2020

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    This song was so underrated

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    I’m actually REALLY young Im not even in high school yet and I came here because when my mom cleans this is what I hear

  15. G Wise

    Sebastian either did one or the other

    Got his bread left the industry and invest

    Leveled up and started writing for artist

  16. Donna Wellington

    You are so underrated. Tune is🔥🔥🔥

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    Damn I'm late on this song!

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    Who still listening to this underrated classic in 2020?

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    I'm mad ass hell because I'm just hearing this and this should have been getting alot of air time on radio stations...

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    This is a nice song

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    Ohhh, can you say slow down? This too good.

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    Damn how old is this song? This jams

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    🎵 SEBASTIAN MIKAEL last night 🔼🔼🔼🔼🎼 ♠

  26. Amia03 _

    Makes me think of my husband when we first met

  27. Candace Pryor

    Every time I see this video....I love in the beginning how this dude did a double take when first seeing this model.....

  28. Brandon Young

    Sebastian look just like me it weird if we’re like I made a song thank Sebastian for making this for me lol a joke way you cool bro! Make more song like this! You can sing bro real good with these type of beats

  29. TraDina Mosley

    I swear i neva knew this was Sebastian i thought that was trey or usher ...he on they level

  30. TraDina Mosley

    This guy is out cold he dont recognition like he's supposed to Wale even good

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    this song hasnt aged well. sounds like bullshit in 2019

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    Shaivon Williams

    Marissa France , Time Flies

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    Joey Sam Vander Rom DEVON324 Object cpb Cow USDOE Drawer TV Stinky the Plant 🧀S🎥🎮 Announcer Bunny Computer Bird Whiz the Robot Devon ft. Sailor Moon Alice Andrea Angel Kaitlyn Female Taryn Hallee Mindy Newspaper Lisa Loud Female 1 Female 2 Female 3 Singing Last Night

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    Man, this is from 2013! I love this song. This is my first time seeing this video only because I just found Wale "On chill" song. Curious here, why didn't they place a a brown sister for the video shot?

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