Miike Snow - In Search Of Lyrics

Yes, I've been living long enough to be
For the bones I broke I had to make
A living (a living)

But we won't back down from anything
In search of a remedy
No we won't back down from anything
In search of a remedy

Father put his foot down on my games
So in the marketplace I stay calm
And clever

And we won't back down from anything
In search of a remedy

No we won't back down from anything
In search of a remedy

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Miike Snow In Search Of Comments
  1. Noah P

    Been 6 years or so since I found this on Pandora. Still my favorite song by him

  2. rios

    spotify. please.

  3. John Mowbray

    10 years over in a flash!

  4. The Vigilante

    In search of the bigfoot.

  5. The Vigilante

    In search of the el chupacabra.

  6. Sergio Saldana

    1:02 man.....

  7. Konrad Kwaśkiewicz

    This is one of the best. I'd like to hear album version of Miike "In for the kill" cover ...

  8. supermanboss

    I love how the beat get super aggressive at the 1:49 mark . 😤

  9. gfx

    2 0 1 9 !! /👁\

  10. Saymiac

    thanks you Gran Turismo 6 <3

  11. Felicia LaQuan

    2010 fifa wc video game memories bruhhh

    Dr. Kira

    It sounds like an 8-bit video game, too.

  12. Anton Ch.

    Eargasm starts at 4:00

  13. Executive Limo & Taxi

    As good as any electro song I have ever heard!!!!

  14. dante316a

    Best miike snow song ever

  15. marshall collins

    It’s 2018 and I’m still listening to this. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 my favorite song of all time. HTOWN


    God finaly found it back after years ! Love it so much. That intro my gad 1:02 - 1:32 -_- i found back the artist name by searching "album picture + rabbit or deer + ice" Forget that it was a bit of both ^^

  17. Dark Lord Of The Sith Reborn


  18. chris ohara


  19. Jake

    Miike Snow just kills it love these dudes

  20. Michał Bosiuk

    2010 WC

    Enrico Coco

    in South Africa

    Max Schneider

    Enrico Coco I think he means the game


    Thought I recognised it from somewhere other than Gran Turismo as well!

  21. Fj aguirre

    love this jam 😍😍

  22. vimer343 Krajnccc

    KEVIN LEVRONE brought me here!!!!!

  23. T Bunnies

    Best music ^-^

  24. HasAMonitorTan

    this my jam


    Gets real at 4:00


    +AMAGE AMAGE oh yeah it does. so damn real

  26. kretheus s

    hi im gosu

    Tymoteusz Kozłowski

    +kretheus s ło halu gosku

  27. lockplace

    Good work. Never heard sth like this.  Miike Snow = cool bro

  28. Kuta

    Wow. <3

  29. prod. gumz

    i just came here because i heard this in gt6

    Corvette Autosports GT

    +anthony gray make it 3 haha

    Bora Nathan

    Petr Bezpták 6

  30. Gabriel Pacho

    1:02 - 1:32 



    It s for that moment that i love this track ^^

  31. Gareth Oman

    best Miike Snow song by far!

  32. gustavoanmosura

    love this song!!!

  33. Roneified

    I run to this song and the beat hits perfect with my stride - I could run forever so long as I had this playing in my ears


    that feeling -_-


    +Roneified I feel like i get a runners high while listening to this song, there is no way to describe it. I feel like i run forever at a fast pace when listening. It is perfect to get into the zone.


    +AMAGE AMAGE there is no better drug

    Chaz Karr

    i would like to disagree. cocaine is pretty good.

  34. Garrett Smith

    I am soo happy i found this gem

  35. Retired Chand Evil

    the part at 1:02 is so shit

    Sebastian Grundvad

    +Retired Chand Evil are you serious?


    +Retired Chand Evil you mean good shit

  36. Jan T