Migos - Peek A Boo Lyrics

[Hook: Quavo]
Peek a boo
My diamonds Pikachu
Pikachu (eww, fuck out my face)
No way, I don't wanna look at you!
Peek a boo
My diamonds is shining, hurting your eye
Peek a boo
Look at you
You think that you bad, you know that you not
Look at you
Peek a boo
My diamonds Pikachu
Peek a boo, (peek a boo) peek a boo, p-p-peek a boo
Peek a boo
My diamonds Pikachu
Pikachu (eww, fuck out my face)
No way, I don't wanna look at you!

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Walk in the club and my diamonds shine
Gotta notice they invisible
Young nigga hands in everything
My nigga think I need tentacles
My mansion looking historical
24 karats are running around my portrait
Try me leave you a memorial
Off in the river they finding you snorkeling
My bitches addicted to Michael Kors
Very "sadiddy" items just like Tom Ford
I got the white like a chalkboard
Break in the trap you gon' pay for it
20 pairs of Christian Louboutins
Pick a shoe, pick a shoe, pick a shoe
They asking bout what it is to beef with you rappers
Sorry I don't want an interview
Thundershock the pot like Pikachu
Where is my revenue?
They investigating like the Blue's Clues
Momma said try different avenues
Most of my people they didn't believe until I turned into a Hercules
Ever since day one we took off
I talked to God, he said 'Murda please!'


[Verse 2: Offset]
Double R Ghost nigga peekaboo
Broke as a bitch nigga, pitiful
Locked up doing time, Lambo no mind
Jesus pieces, nigga spiritual
I just woke up in a mansion
Wondering how the fuck did this shit happen
The blogs, they say I be snapping
Making a movie, lights, camera, action
I'm beating the pot, knuckles gotta fraction
We invented the flow niggas got it packed
When we walk in the club we the main attraction
Too much smoke in the room, breathing like Toni Braxton
These bitches they loving our personality
You niggas so sweet I might catch a cavity
I'm the king of this shit nigga I'm your majesty
Drinking lean and my bitch drinking Daiquiri


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Just left the jeweler
I bought a Yacht-Master, the master yacht
I just bought a Bentley Mulsanne
They callin' me samurai the way I chop the top
Steve Nash, I pass the rock
Shaquille O'Neal how I block a shot
Three Amigos I might chill at the sharks
Booting your bitch up with molly rocks
That Rolex ain't real if it tic-toc
They asking me when is the mixtape gon' drop
Peekaboo all of my diamonds shining
Glisten my diamonds in China
My necklace dripping down my spinal
I'm richer than Richie no Lionel
Lil' kids they call me their idol
Cause I inspire and you expire


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Migos Peek A Boo Comments
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    Beat was nice but everything else from vocals to the video absolutely shit!!

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    love the dark skin women in the video

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    Offset have the best verse

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