Migos - Fight Night Lyrics

If you know me this ain't my feng shui
Certified everywhere, ain't gonna print my resume
Talking crazy, I pull up andele
R.I.P to Nate Dogg, I had to regulate

Public Service Announcement
Where all my rich niggas at man?

[Hook - Takeoff:]
Broke niggas stand to the left
My rich niggas stand to the right
Lil' mamma, she keep looking at me (lil' mama!)
I'm a knock the pussy out like fight night

Hit it with the left
Hit with the right
I'm a knock the pussy out like fight night

Beat it with the left
Beat it with the right
I'm a knock the pussy out like fight night

[Verse 1 - Takeoff:]
If you know me notice that my feng shui
Certified everywhere, ain't gotta print my resume
Talking crazy, I pull up andele
R.I.P to Nate Dogg, I had to regulate
Pocket rocket fire, watch him disintegrate
It's a truckload coming on the interstate
Sirloin steak all on my dinner plate
Your main bitch say she wanna make a sex tape

Rich nigga, I could never be a broke nigga (rich nigga)
Broke niggas I can never get along with them!
Always been hated since a little nigga (always)
It's forever pussy nigga gotta deal with it (rich nigga!)


[Verse 2 - Quavo:]
Float like a butterly, sting like a bee
Rumble young nigga rumble!
Lil' mamma want a nigga like me in the sheets
Ice cube knock it out like Deebo

Now who's that talking that gangsta shit
Somebody gonna kick your ass
When I walk up in the club I better make a thunderstorm
Let them know that this a whole lot of cash

Rich niggas on the right all night (rich nigga)
Broke niggas to the left by yourself (brokanese)
Now who the hell just said that the roof on fire?
Call 911 like Wyclef


[Verse 3 - Offset:]
I'm a rich nigga, I don't like a bitch nigga
Nigga broke nigga, I don't deal with you
All of my niggas, official, My bitches they strippers
My niggas they criminals trying to get to the M&Ms

If your bitch is so innocent, why she sucking my children
Last time I asked I dine and dashed and bitch I go in the building
Bad bitch make it clap let me know ya
Young rich nigga on the couch talking to Oprah

Bottles in the VIP while I stand on the sofa
I don't speak your language Brokanese, I thought I told ya
These bitches they be smokin' on hookah
My nigga ballin' like boodoos
Geeked up in the Double R, I scare ya bitch, Freddy Krueger
Flooded Franck Muller


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Migos Fight Night Comments
  1. Crystal Joseph

    Quavo got the best part with “wumbo young ni**a wumbo” I wonder if he said it first or Patrick from spongebob

  2. Ldm0320

    This beat is perfect twerking.

    I wish I could twerk. lololol

  3. FNN faygo

    Y'all seen yungthug

  4. Scar

    2020 anyone?

  5. Natasha Crook

    Hitachie xxlifelock..xxpower....

  6. carmenjonesrose3

    These niggas look so stupid with all these damn chains on.

  7. Armando Murillo

    This song had middle school mfs saying Rip Nate Dogg not even knowing who tf he is 😂🤦‍♂️

  8. Drane Scrivener

    I thought Takeoff was Rick Ross too

  9. Kareen Nunnally

    Does Takeoff even use autotune?

  10. mr chitti

    Can someone plz tell me the name of those 2 girls fighting?

    Makeena Curtis

    mr chitti the one with the wavy hair is Hot Wingz from the Real Chance Of Love dating show on VH1 years ago

  11. Courtnye Porter

    This was prob the only song takeoff verse was first

  12. Eldon Macaraig

    Still standing to the left in 2020 :’(

  13. Arian Rahman

    How was this ever in despicable 3 that’s what’s confusing me 😂

  14. TINA Barrett


  15. blaze2ization

    R.I.P to Nate Dogg i had to Regulate !!!!

  16. Htx.youngzter 14

    Quavo sounded live on here

  17. Adam Kramer

    I remember always having this song stuck in my head when it came out

  18. Kevybear

    First migos song i heard. This shit still bumpinnnnnnnn

  19. Javen Marianne

    This is the best video ever👍👍😉😎

  20. Inola Wilks

    Takeoff said keep looking at me I would of been like this 😀😃😄😆😉🧐😬

  21. Inola Wilks

    Wheeew Chile takeoff 🛫 that verse 🔥

  22. Tony Kirui

    i thought takeoff was the main guy

  23. Darryl Felton

    Proverbs 17:5 King James Version (KJV)

    5 Whoso mocketh the poor reproacheth his Maker: and he that is glad at calamities shall not be unpunished.

  24. Taylor Tedric

    Watch your step

  25. niggapoopsexbruhh

    Imma knock that pussy out like fight night

  26. Dankdragon

    Your momma, she keep lookin' at me!

  27. Kevin Wanyanga

    Who is still listening in 2019?

    Jacob Reynolds

    Kevin Wanyanga 2020 🍻😎

  28. Jordan Hair

    What was the orchestra song?

  29. Existingskate9 _

    Who listening in December 2019

  30. x_p4

    First song I've ever heard from Migos

  31. Wairimu Mwaura

    This is the best Migos song don't @me‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️


    Show demais

  33. I’m the Goat

    When you hitting it from the back and fight night come one and you beat it up even more while singing along to the song. This song will motivate anything. Hell, it will get you motivated real quick.

  34. Helix Zenith

    Why they moaning during offset’s verse? 🤣

  35. JRDAN AJ

    Thugger in the cut

  36. Tyshell Washington

    Song shoulda been longer than 1:39

  37. Natasha Neill

    Luv this tune..😎!!!#🤲[email protected]***#

  38. weezy. marie candelaria

    Migos I thought you were different. . All the rap in the industry seems to follow one another. I believe you boys have something better cleaner to rap about. Everyone in the industry raps about hos. bros sleeping with the hos. Drugs. Partying alcohol. Why can't you handsome boys settle down and meet a beautiful model lady. And rap about your lady . Rap about your nice cars rap about how you read the Bible . Rap about the beautiful day God gave us. . You are so smart. Be different then everyone else... God will forgive you and have mercy on you. You are good boys just don't stop rapping I want to hear a whole song like this. To me weezy your sis in Christ. Check me out on you tube put my whole name and I'm there repeat the sinners prayer and sin no more. We can make a difference we can make a change.the whole world looks up to you rappers there scared of gangs war murder and violence. This world is going round and round with the same garbage. I have a heart for you migos.... Cuz I have seen the suffering of loneliness when we give ourselves away to evil. Serve God. I'm not saying be perfect just read the word of God daily. He will be there for you. When you seek the Lord he's there I promise. We will rise above. We will overcome the hate and evil. I'm here for you. Teach these young people that there's only one way to have peace in there ❤️ heart... This angry music reflects on alot of things that happen in this world...later on when your in tuned with me I will teach you to get babtized where you get rid of the old you and the new you comes up in the water. Let me know. The Bible stands for basic. Instructions. Before.leaving. Earth. God loves rap don't get me wrong. And he lets you get high on the word of God. I will explain. See the holy spirit part of the god Trinity. Let's the gangsters in heaven get hi and drunk. Check out tbone drunk in the spirit. You tube. He's awesome. He's a demon executer. Look that up too. Ok migos have a good day. Love your big sis louiseweezy🍓

  39. weezy. marie candelaria

    I thought you would of read the Bible ... God and Jesus are king of Kings Aman. We are God's children Jesus is our saviour. Watch what you say and do . Devil comes to steal and kill and destroy..I want you to be happy. Your rapping lately you don't seem happy . Mama.... Um I wish we could connect. I could help you rap.. . Trying to get demons up out of me turn to a beast God's the lion and the Lions a beast eat the demons artery's. That's bad azz.

  40. weezy. marie candelaria

    Shit I don't have money till we'd . It didn't go threw. I'm a broke joke I'm sorry damn I thought I had enough 😔

  41. weezy. marie candelaria

    It's me I found it 😂 I can't wait to see you at the concert. The tickets are ch ap it's the plane air fair. Oh well this is my Christmas present to me. .

  42. weezy. marie candelaria

    I'm knock the pussy like fight night. I'm going to your show . I want to so bad. . I want to meet you guys your like my lil bros. If I save my money I'm going to fly to see u. If I don't have the money maybe in February. But I'm going to try to see you. I'm trying to loose weight too . So I could feel good. And look good at the concert.....

  43. Sam's Dead

    I literally got this song from Despicable Me 3-

  44. Mojo

    Before offset was in FaZe

  45. Jerrame Elliott

    That sounds like Rick Ross

  46. SirHogieCookie

    Is it ok to like this song as a white person?

  47. Cool Perez

    I heard this from Dispicable Me 3, it sounded good

  48. HOYAH

    Who the Asian chick

  49. Joseph Wiard

    Takeoff is the best

  50. Sneakeraddict987

    I didn’t even know this was the migos

  51. misscritique66

    Def one of their best tracks with TakeOff on the lead

  52. misscritique66

    Back when they gave TakeOff more rap time on a track

  53. Xxxtentacion Youndaggerdick

    They gonna knock the fuck out them bitches if they hit Migos.The Migos will hit the nigga then the nigga is such a pussy

  54. Yung Hustle Records


  55. Nabria Smith

    How can't you get along with a broke nigga if you were one before 🤷‍♀️ I mean idk whatver

  56. Nabria Smith

    This was Migos I lowkey thought this was Rick Ross lmaoo😂🤔

  57. Britt Daniels

    I fought mma fights this was my stage song loved it hyped me i won my #Fight

  58. S 1 S K O

    0:44 THUGGER!

  59. Monique Ellis

    Never knew Young thug had a cameo in the video

  60. Amira bby

    Quavo look different

  61. I_Love_Zero-Two hiro

    Damn offest sounded like fetty wap. Like if u agree.

  62. Michael Mansouri

    Broke niggas I could never get along with em

  63. k m

    Love this beat. It goes harrrrd

  64. Toronto Slaptor

    Who else heard this before and never knew this was a Migos song?

  65. Branden Kinch

    Back when Takeoff was the leader 😂

  66. Chris Oropeza

    If anybody needs me, I’ll be standing to the left.


    Fight night by freedom and Kevin skaggs is much punchin!!!!

  68. Lijo

    clubbing at 40 when I heard this song. Lol

  69. key laurel Ebene

    when I started to really like them...first one i liked was TRAP

  70. Darlene Johnson

    Hey there. Migos let's get it started, a Migos Fight Night versus GEazy 1942 would be great. If you have the correct DJ.

  71. Max Anglin

    You would think it would have more views than this.

  72. P Pepper

    This is my favorite song by the migos

  73. Rose Williamson

    Good luck being rich 😂😂😂

  74. Vincent graves

    💁🏿‍♂️ to the life

  75. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    Had to come watch it when it popped up in my head a few secs ago!

  76. Jennifer Anthony


  77. Chase Mercado

    Anyone else here from dispicible me 3


    0:45 young thug 🐍

  79. Bri Inaccus

    Offset “my bitches there strippers” cardi B😂

  80. Edwin njuguna

    Absolutely amazing ....the migos band....we skrrrr...

  81. Gergeous _KK

    Who watching this 2019 takeoff is the cutest


    "Cutest". Please exit the universe.


    @SIR ALEX THE 21ST lmao

  82. dilaracolada

    he sound like rick ross🥴

  83. lasagna baby

    bru this lit how come i only know now about dis

  84. Panashe Mangunda


  85. Leeann Rice

    TMZ money train chulo

  86. Leeann Rice

    Brittany west car wash at Hooters nfl

  87. Wairimu Mwaura

    This is my personal fav Migos song

  88. AyeeItsAngel

    I thought that nigga Quavo was Lil Techa😭

  89. Victor Njoroge


  90. xXDrizZXx JJ

    Yall so i played this song while showering and i was getting to amped that i started throwing punches following the lyrics, “ Hit it with a left, hit it with a right..imma knock that pussy out like fight night.” That I coincidentally hit my shower curtain causing it to fall off the rack and it hit my head then i slipped......SOOOO i basically fked myself up cuz this song😂😂

  91. psychgenious11

    Who else came here from Despicable Me 3?

  92. Herbert Pervert

    Best migo song by a county mile

  93. ThatBoyNazzy ‘

    Banging to this in 2019

  94. davis brown

    takeoff is the best migo

  95. Ruan Breno

    faite nait