Mighty Oaks - The Great Northwest Lyrics

On the seaside
Oh we found our way
In the great northwest
Yeah we lost our sun in the rain
And it’s a long hard road that we must travel now
Oh it winds
I know that we shall one day move as one again in time

Oh my love you found me at the right time
My heart was lost to you at the first sight
Oh my love you found me at the right time
My heart is yours I ask that you be kind

We drove out east to the mighty Cascade Range
Too the place where the water falls from the heights of Snowqualmie
I drove to the north and you slept quietly by my side
Down to the coast we went that night
My love I made you mine


You found me at the right time
Darlin wont you be kind
You found me at the right time
Darlin wont you be kind

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Mighty Oaks The Great Northwest Comments
  1. Kirby Ehler

    Change this to Midwest and you've 100% got the story of me and my now Fiance!!!

  2. Puste Blume

    I want this version on Spotify!! Still get emotional after five years of listening to it :)

  3. Holly

    Just bought tickets to come see you guys in Germany and I can’t wait! Traveling from the USA :)

  4. Seda Atabay

    like paradise 🌾

  5. Kellie Pearson

    I've been saying this for a long time....he sounds like Shannon Hoon. Anyone else think the same?

  6. MiniNara

    I’m proud to be a Washingtonian and north-westerner

  7. CardinalSessions

    📌subscribe to our channel for new sessions every week. and if you have artists you'd love to see here, send them over :)

  8. Dr B

    Hey man, you made me remember the great Shannon Hoon, R.I.P.

    Kellie Pearson

    HJ Bohorquez OMG!!! I have said this from the first time I heard him!

  9. Pixi

    Whats with the illuminati symbols at the start in that tree? :/

  10. Brendow Gonçalves

    whats is name style of the song? i want t found more song like this. I'm brazilian

    Gavin’s Friend

    Brendow Gonçalves it's called Indie Folk ✌🏻

  11. A LikeMindedIdiot


  12. Anna Dvořáková

    what mic did you use?

  13. cami Hildum

    Does any one know the strum pattern for this song?

  14. Broken Club

    @CardinalSessions ich will dass ihr die Jungs hier mal aufnehmt: https://youtu.be/Ux86sBWTuZE

  15. Joseph Myers

    that is so amazing!

  16. laetitia fasel

    how do you call this musicgenre? 😀

    Ty Curry Music

    indie folk rock

  17. Vinnie Dixie

    Hipster bluegrass with virtuoso solos

  18. Oky 84

    _______________Mighty Oaks

    _________Cardinal Sessions

    _______ Perfect



  19. Johanna S.

    you made that apple tree festival for me :) much love.

  20. We Are Kings UK

    Absolutely spell binding talent :) Incredible

  21. Daren Copely

    nice to see liam neeson (on the far right) finally getting back into music :)


    Nice to see him putting his unique set of skills to good use.

    Dan B

    Daren Copely Lmfao. My day has been lame until this comment.

    Daren Copely

    lol glad you enjoyed! i was taken? by his performance?

  22. Micha B

    Fantastisch !!!

  23. Jojo Joy

    Soooo lovely

  24. Kashya

    Wahnsinn! Hammer!

  25. Alexander Reischl


  26. Katrin Grübl

    Such a beautiful song!! 

  27. Penina AA


  28. Penina AA

    I'm laughing about our pop culture xD

    This is music!!

  29. Forest Roemer

    one of the prettiest acoustic songs I've ever heard

  30. Nate808

    I can't stop listening to all of these songs. CardinalSessions... Y'all get it. Thank you for existing! 


    Nate808 deth

  31. Melinda Thompson

    Absolutely breathtaking beautiful song. Love these guys and love the vocals. And scenery :)

  32. Puste Blume

    where can i get this verssion? Its my faforit song since half a year!

  33. Trevor Leaderbrand

    What happened to this EP? It's not on spotify anymore and I can't find it on iTunes

  34. Shawn Ruby

    This seems to simple but I can't figure it out in guitar.

    Diane Laurin

    The great unknown..
    Mighty ots

  35. MrLewbaugh

    pure beauty...this would be an awesome wedding song...


    MrLewbaugh this is our wedding song in September 🙌

  36. bela toner

    Such a beautiful song! 

  37. sweatervestguy

    I only have one word. LEGIT.

  38. Loira Do Bem ზ

    Excelente som

  39. Eva Käfer

    wow!! love it!!!

  40. Sowohl als Ob

    I want his Gibson Songwriter!!!

    Juris Prudence

    I want his hair/beard!!!

    Sowohl als Ob

    haha ok don't forget the glasses ;)

    Dallas Dwayne

    His sandals weren't bad either.

    Sowohl als Ob

    @Dallas Dwayne
    only his wristwatch doesn't fit to him..

  41. Addy Raawr

    amazing <3

  42. Edmund Cooper

    Definitely has some real soul...

  43. Laura Berry

    His voice. Unreal.

  44. Josh Sq

    The perfect mix of alternative and indie. BEAUTIFUL

  45. teichnixe18

    Bellissimo, voci cosi caldi

  46. Marius Dierberg Musik

    ohhhh my god.... wonderful !!!!!

  47. Chris Boys

    I watch this daily.

  48. simon .o

    @CardinalSessions: why don't you burn all these great vids on dvd and sell it?
    - I'd definitely buy it ;)

  49. CARPDM

    Good stuff!