Mighty Oaks - Like An Eagle Lyrics

I've been spending my days with my thumb in the air
And people been telling me son you ain't getting nowhere
I shuffle my feet purely out of despair
And now I'm moving to you and this I know my dear

I've seen fields of green, dead and yellow too
Waters bleeding red, oh and seas of blue
I tend to close my eyes and let the wind take me there
Now I'm lost moving without a care



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Mighty Oaks Like An Eagle Comments
  1. rahvavaenlane

    needs some harshness, some slight edge. might come with time and experience.

  2. Pieter Cassiers

    Anybody know the chords?

  3. Mighty Oaks

    Thanks for all the lovely comments! We have now re-recorded some old songs including Like An Eagle which will be released on our new "Driftwood Seat" EP on Feb 1st 2019! Like An Eagle is already available everywhere! Head to our channel for more info. Much love, MO

  4. Michael Lustenberger

    39 people have no heart or no ears...

  5. asami朝美

    This song reminds me of "Life Is Strange", I don't know why.

  6. NSUScooter

    This would actually make for a great car commercial, or any sentimental commercial

  7. 10:11 PM - The power of music

    shared this on the Facebook page of 10:11 PM - The power of music!


    +10:11 PM - The power of music Congrats

  8. Grandpa

    this song just tells how i live.



    Ry Garant

    Videos at the Edge of the Internet pretty uh...thats pretty sad


    @Ry Garant not as sad as exuding pity in youtube comments

  9. Josh Hoyng

    cant wait to see these guys at Lollapalooza

    Nick Heller

    Right there with ya!

  10. Lara K.

    I love mighty oaks!! I've seen them live at a festival in my hometown and it was such a great night and now I was just listening to the majestic playlist and I'm really surprised and happy to find mighty oaks here! :)

  11. pslopez7

    one of the most beautiful tracks on this channel

  12. Ian Papadopoulos

    Hut in the woods ?

  13. Nabet David

    I want to learn this song. I will buy a guitare and sing it for my girl friend...

    James Fehr

    so did u?

  14. DarcyDaviesFilms

    nice <3


    Reminds me of when Gwen Stacey near the end of The Amazing Spider-Man Pt. 2

  16. meltinpotofbullshit

    heard this song at the top of a mountain, in iceland, between Skogar and Porsmork.....i was like.... :l 

    Mighty Oaks

    <3 This song is now available on all platforms, for the first time properly recorded in a studio. Finally!



  17. Oni Ologeanu

    finally i found another chill folk artist..

  18. CrimsonGlory999

    reminds me of how much my parents love me :/

  19. Tom Pratt

    Love this...Mighty Oaks

  20. canetareciclada

    lyric anyone?

  21. GoneTo Scooter

    It's 4:20

  22. Garett Barry

    If Coldplay and Young the Giant had a baby this would be the song

  23. bestrocking

    One of my favourite songs on majestic channel...

  24. Noel Behailu

    coldfustion sent me here

  25. Javi Prieto

    Instant tears... oh boy......................

  26. TheLagonus

    Saw them live, really good!

  27. GS_01-03

    couldnt agree more

  28. eliee4

    Dear next song of the playlist,

    Sorry but I had to play this one again. Incredible piece.



  29. halo hola

    this is a song i hear every time i want to think, this song touch my heart and the love of the people, thanks majestic, you are unique. :)

  30. Les Harding

    Persons! Mighty Oaks: three young men, from three countries, combining three part harmonies, resulting in one unique sound. The Berlin based indie-folk band comprised of Ian Hooper (US), Claudio Donzelli (Italy), and Craig Saunders (UK) writes honest, authentic and emotionally driven songs -- acoustic guitars and mandolins at the centre of their sound,

  31. Les Harding

    Love it !

  32. korrwin

    you're a hero

  33. Giorgi

    It reminded me J.D. and Turk (Eagle!!!) :))) and scrubs in general. They used to use such music in series.

  34. TrueOfficialMusic

    i just cried. it was releaving, it somehow felt like i washed all the pain of the past, all the moments i've been let down or felt alone or hated out. thank you majestic. you are a hreo to many of us.

    Mighty Oaks

    Just saw this. Thank you for sharing, that's beautiful. We have now re-recorded some old songs including Like An Eagle which will be released on our new "Driftwood Seat" EP on Feb 1st 2019! Like An Eagle is already available everywhere! Head to our channel if you want more info.

  35. cr miss


  36. mrpoate

    Penis vagina

  37. Mac Obey

    I totally agree !

  38. Sbavni

    Is it possible write lyrycs? :(
    I'm not English!!! Thanks :)
    I' like so much this song!

  39. Mischa Sierra

    So simple but so good

  40. Aleksandar Markovic

    Inner smile for 4:20. o.O

  41. W0rdsling3r

    Good Vibes

  42. Rocio Bntz


  43. laugher020

    4:20 :P

  44. Brock McGoff

    you, uh, wanna talk about it?

  45. RobBobLoblaw

    It's great what this person is doing. Exploring music taste and sound. Giving new perspective. Look and see what time and chime can make. Why can't anyone sit back and relax? Absorb new sound, maybe feel a little profound. Find it in you to accept difference for once, that sound will change.

  46. knowncorn

    Thanks made me want to pee

  47. Z lee

    No , not really , i hate him now

  48. Elliott Kyle

    wow...that blended perfectly. thanks =D

  49. kid mecha

    At first I thought it was David Choi...

  50. Falco

    before playing; google the word ''Rainymood'' Click the first link. Thank me later =)

  51. Jack A.

    thanks! ;)

  52. Z lee

    While listening to this song , he has told me .. that he loves me ... i am in love

  53. Hagen Zillmann

    Thats not standard, that's high grade..

  54. Jack A.

    can anyone give me names of songs/artist like this one? would be nice :)

  55. Sullivan

    Length of song: 4:20.


  56. Adem O'Byrne

    0:05 skip the yawn

  57. Tylor Cater

    lmfao "friday nights?" more like lonely monday nights after the crazy "friday nights"

  58. Michael Banich

    No we are not all gay

  59. yuliyakov

    Thank you!! <3

  60. bg andgrow

    Anyone notice this song ends at 4:20?

  61. Carla Cabiddu

    niice.....very relaxing

  62. Tijmen

    250th, going pretty fast

  63. O S

    lonely on friday, you must be mad?

  64. gardenstate91

    Where can i find the lyric of this song? I love it soo much!! Thanks.

  65. Chikomborero Jeso

    Hhh...Alright have a good time thinking hands look like faces man.

  66. Chikomborero Jeso

    No it doesn't. If your face looks like that go get yourself checked out.

  67. Alexis

    omg this song is so beautiful !

  68. Tymbr Lord

    this kinda has a Mumford & Sons tone to it...i love it :)

    Юрий Комаров

    Yeahhhh I see what you mean

  69. answeryt

    like your pictures.

  70. TheColdsurfer

    just woke up ! first tune of the day ! wow!!!! gonna be a good day ! thank you majestic

  71. L00Wheeler

    Driving home today into the sunset listening to this, bliss.

  72. Karla

    I love this!!! Beautiful beautiful music.

  73. Chikomborero Jeso

    *facepalm* What face looks like four fingers?

  74. Charlie Foxtrot

    so I'm in bed with my computer dimmed, lights off, and eyes shut. I'm just at absolute peace while listening to this right now. The thoughts, emotions, and overall happiness I get from the videos from MajesticCasual shares with us are a privilege. Much Love

  75. Anna

    :D u just made my day

  76. paingamecopyrights

    Not really what I expected to hear but I can't hate on this channel

  77. Jack Toohey

    that's one sexy hand in the foreground of the picture.

  78. sludders

    awesome! love this

  79. MetaIicDzn

    love this chill music aye!

  80. Tony Hill

    you never cease to amaze me majesticcasual. even when you go from flylo to folk, different and i love it.

  81. AudioInjectedSoul11

    Folk? Something new!

  82. acidboy88gt

    this just flasht me like wow

  83. jstrra

    @spoocyguy she's my girlfriend. :]

  84. spoocyguy

    This picture looks just like a good friend of mine and the song reminds me of her too :)

  85. Blair Gauld

    check out trLanQLe music its hell chilled vibes

  86. Claudia Lopez


  87. Stephanie Holloway

    You never fail to put up the best music.