Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The - Zig Zag Dance Lyrics

Are ya ready boys? Yeah! Cause we got a dance number it's called the Zig Zag Zig! Zag! Zig, Zag, 1, 2, 3, 4. Oh tell them about it Dicky Now I'm gonna do a dance and it's bound to be a new sensation A new sensation Before very long it'll rage across the nation It's gonna rage Hold on to your seat- I'm warning you in advance it's the zany zesty zippy ziggy zig zag dance You heard it here first ha ha! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zig zag zigga zigga zigga zig zag. You turn and turn and you turn again. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zig zag zigga zigga zigga zig zag. That's the way that you can also learn to do the zany zesty zippy ziggy zig zag dance Yes look out now Oh these zigs are making me dizzy Now you know why they call them the Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Count them- 1 Mighty 2 Mighty Ha Ha! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zig zag zigga zigga zigga zig zag. That's the way that you can also learn to do the zany zesty zippy ziggy zig zag dance Zany Zesty Zippy Ziggy Zig Zag Dance Yes that's 10 count them. 10 zig zags. Are you counting?

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Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Zig Zag Dance Comments
  1. pat mccrotch

    ONE Mighty Mighty Bosstone! Ah-ah-ah! TWO Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Ah-ah-ahh! THREE Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Ah-ah-ah! FOUR Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Ah-ah-ah! FIVE Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Ah-ah-ah! SIX Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Ah-ah-ah! SEVEN Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Ah-ah-ah! EIGHT Mighty Mighty Bosstones! I'm pretty sure there are EIGHT Mighty Mighty Bosstones! Ah-ah-ah! Maybe 9 if you count Ben Carr! Ah-ah-ah! Whew!

  2. Clay Weintraub

    RIP Jerry Nelson a puppeteer legend

  3. SkaMasta097

    This sounds awesome! Why didn't The Mighty Mighty Bosstones do more swing music like this? Unless they did and I didn't know about it.

  4. Jenna Larson

    How many members are in this band?

  5. Nneameka Okpareke

    I remember when I was younger

  6. Aryiana Telles

    I love boys that did this song good job boys

  7. Aryiana Telles

    I am doing this at waj

  8. Jesse cooper

    JESSE Cooper

  9. Jesse cooper

    JESSE Cooper

  10. Jesse cooper

    JESSE Cooper

  11. Jesse cooper

    JESSE Cooper

  12. Melissa Mulligan

    That guy in the burgundy suit looks like Chandler Bing

  13. Brendan McGinley

    If you want to leave a mark in American pop, you need three S-es: Sesame Street, SNL, and The Simpsons. Bosstones have all three.


    I actually find it kind of hilarious that this is their most popular song in their discography.

  15. Nicholas DiMatteo

    This is a very fun song.

  16. Twentyseventhnote iuyt

    Didn't even realize this was a Sesame Street song at first

  17. John Ironhand

    My kids danced a hole in the carpet until they finally killed their copy of 'Elmopalooza' to this song...

  18. Andrew Ridgway

    2 hours ago

  19. notyoursavior78

    Awesome, I was going through some old burned cds I had from 2003 and I was wondering if this gem made it onto youtube. MMB 4 LIFE!

  20. SoulChango Ink

    It's actually just a regular studio with a cyclorama in Boston. I did the art for this a long time ago. Thanks for uploading! #memories

  21. jennifer henry

    I love The Count!

  22. Mary Milian

    The best!!!!!

  23. OldSchoolAddict

    It's seems that people are forgetting something and it's the time period this came out. This came out in 1998, when ska was incredibly popular

    Michael Vallarelli

    This version is definitely swing and not ska though.

  24. Rubybug98

    Me & my mom loves this song!!

    Nicholas DiMatteo

    Captain Ruby it is the best.

  25. Soloria The Wolf

    my grandma still has this movie.😁😊

  26. Harvey Lee

    a character from my childhood [i was born LOOOONG BEFORE  THIS!!]  plus  a band i use to get f***ed  while listening  to them  am I hallucinating !!?   even tho in sad news the puppetteer who plays the count  passed away  the laughter and joy he brought will  live on  forever  RIP  JERRY  NELSON  !!   HAVE  A  Great  night!!


    Harvey Lee this was what cemented me as a ska fan at age 4 in 98. still a ska fan today

  27. Mr. Meaty Fan 2006

    What Shows From Your Childhood That You Still Like Today

  28. Mia T. Toon

    My favorite song from Elmopalooza!

  29. Mia T. Toon

    My favorite song from Elmopalooza!

  30. Zrelia

    I think this is the only sesame street video I've ever watched on YouTube that I've reloaded at least 10 times. 

    Denise Howe

    Zrelia o

  31. disastertruck

    I find it extremely bizarre that I has this CD as a very young child but then older I discovered a bunch of artists that were featured on it completely independent of it

  32. Ryan Webster

    I like this version

    Joseph Dickinson

    I like it too. In my opinion, kinda more upbeat compared to the original version.

    PBS Funding Addict

    I agree with both of you. This version is so catchy!

  33. Gabriel Puchulu

    Is that the best you got?

  34. Dogumentary TV

    Wow this is crazy, I actually filmed this video, I was the DP. The video was directed by Lionel C. Martin. Cool to see my work still being viewed and enjoyed.

    PBS Funding Addict

    Dogumentary TV Well, it's nice to meet you on YouTube!


    Doing a podcast about Ska and talking about this band that I've loved since childhood, and this video came up! This is great stuff, thank you! :)

  35. SuperJNG18

    Though I kind of prefer listening to it than watching it. The special's all fun, and this (along with Kenny Loggins's "One Small Voice" and the finale) is one of my favorite parts, the actual music video's a bit garish. It's charming, in a boisterous, late '90s, "everything's big and flashy" kind of way, but a tad annoying. Plus, at 1:40: Hello, Jerry Nelson's arm!

  36. SuperJNG18

    Same here. This one is a little bouncier and has more of a big band, "Zoot Suit Riot" kind of feel.

  37. Thomasandpokemon13

    am i the only one who thinkgs the singer with Count looks like The Doctor from Doctor who?

  38. James Smith

    By far the best video featuring a math expert who is a vampire.

  39. LamangoKaijura

    Meanwhile, at the Count's house.

  40. Veston Bruno

    This song is awesome! Long LIve Christopher Cerf!

  41. Veston Bruno

    That's Dicky Barrett!

  42. Muppetnerd7

    They do sound pretty similar, but it's the Might Mighty Bosstones.

  43. Ekaterina

    Is it "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy"?

  44. bigd08inga

    this version is kinda catchy. i like this!

  45. Jacob King

    OMG I remember seeing this as a three year old. Bosstones ftw

  46. dylan knox

    this should've been done with the electric mayhem

  47. N Ruiz

    Whats the original version

  48. Monique Star

    @MarshalGrover i think she's the one who supposedly likes puppies with gravy. Yea, I remember that episode. LOL

  49. Melissa Augensen

    I found out where my love of ska came from. :D

  50. Ramonesfan990

    No Dislikes the way it should be!! But man Dicky is the godfather of Ska Music and the Bosstones are truly one of the greatest bands of all time they are no one hit wonder that Vh1 says they are. They are still around kicking major ass!! GO BEN GO KEEP DANCING

  51. coastykid95

    This was my favorite song from Elmopalooza! :)

    PBS Funding Addict

    coastykid95 Same here, along with “Caribbean Amphibian” with Jimmy Buffett and Kermit the Frog and “Songs” by Jon Stewart, Elmo & the cast

    Alex Tavales

    Mine too and I don’t want to live on the moon and Caribbean amphibian.

  52. SkaHead

    THROW DOWN!!!!

  53. Babelfish112

    this is the song I first heard about the Mighty Mighty Bosstones! so AWESOME!!!! :)

    PBS Funding Addict

    Babelfish112 Same here! I wanna go to a Mighty Mighty Bosstones concert so freaking bad!

  54. Phunk Phenomenon

    This shoot was so much fun all of the Dancers were from PHUNK PHENOMENON in Boston :)))

  55. WishesSailorMoon

    SKA ON!

  56. FilmsKayCee

    Do you guys know what her name might be so I can look it up and see?

  57. Kayley Jozefiak

    @MarshalGrover Good Point.

  58. Ian Nopper

    I used to watch the tape of this show ALL THE TIME when i was a young lad. ahh, memories...

  59. BrandonScott1001

    I remember this!!!!!!!!!!

  60. LambruscoKid

    It would be hilarious if they played this at one of their upcoming shows.

    Jeff Leonard

    LambruscoKid I couldn’t agree more

  61. LittleJerryFan92

    Although I haven't seen that show probably since I was a kid, I think you've got a good point there. She does look kind of familiar.

  62. MarshalGrover

    At 1:33, to the left of The Count. Wasn't she on All That?