Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The - You Left Right? Lyrics

Sitting in the car with the engine off
and I've got no where to go
I need to be somewhere away from here to think
I rake and rack will you be back?
I've been trying not to crack - Yeah

Yeah you left right?
Yeah you left right?
Are you regretful? Are you?
Are you remorseful? Are you?
Are you successful? Or are you just trying to make it through?

Never felt as fractured as I feel
In all the days I've been alive
I don't see myself collecting me to soon
I sift and sort and come up short
So far past my last resort - Yeah


Did you whole world just shatter?
Are you happy or sadder?
Does it really matter?
Did I matter to you?

Are you better off now
Would you tell me if you were worse?
I don't know what it is that I want to believe
Any decisions that you wish you could reverse?
You left - Yeah you left right?
But you didn't want to leave me

Lying on my back where the sofa was for two or three days now
A hollow empty vacancy in me
I search and seek it's pretty bleak
I'll be here for at least a week - Yeah


Did you whole world just shatter?
Are you happy or sadder?
Does it really matter?
And did I ever matter to you?

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Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The You Left Right? Comments
  1. steven spraggs

    best band in the world

  2. Ernesto Guevara


  3. George Sansome

    Zooms on guys lets see you in the UK

  4. Jairo A.H.

    I wanna know, who was the asshole who disliked this song!? 😠😠😠😠😠

  5. Jairo A.H.

    I wish these guys would come and play in Costa Rica. Wanna go see them live and sing along

  6. Scott M

    What an incredible song.

  7. Sharon Creamer

    #secmusic   #secsunsigns  

  8. Michael Smith

    the trumpets r AWSOME

  9. creativespirituality

    Happy, happy, happy song.

  10. Kayos501

    Why can't they place this on the radio instead of the crap I hear over and over?

  11. Ramonesfan990

    I can just picture Ben Dancing like Crazy!! GO BEN GO

  12. Espartaco Arocha

    Thank you so much! Awesome!

  13. notyoursavior78

    Yeah I got the new 'Tones cd it is cool. It was pretty much a surprise to me when it came out since it had been a whole seven years since their last proper full length. That last one really wasn't that bad it had some kick ass songs. Pay Attention was cool too.

  14. pjfuller

    737 Lives and Gives! What a great disc. Great, great stuff. Good to have Kev back as well....

  15. razor2778

    put up nah nah nah nah nah that song is great

  16. Brian Kelly

    Thanks for uploading SLF. Now I can listen at work.

  17. LambruscoKid

    Oh no kidding? SLF here! Haha

  18. Anthony Cook

    @LambruscoKid Awesome, thanks man. I will be throwing down on Saturday night. I am RomanShowman on the forums.

  19. FART

    love their cover of police beat by ss decontrol

  20. LambruscoKid

    737 indeed :)
    I'll have the rest of the album up eventually.

  21. Anthony Cook

    Thanks bro, mine is in the mail, 737!