Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The - Wrong Thing Right Then Lyrics

So here's what happened this time, I'm sure that it's the last time, I'm over going over it, it's over once again. What am I gonna do with me, I blew the opportunity, by saying something asinine, I've gotta watch this mouth of mine. I sure said the wrong thing right then, try to forgive. I'll never say that again, as long as I live. As I remember the events, I'm tryin' hard to make some sense My mouth is my arch-nemesis, you'd think that I'd be used to this. Nothing nice to say, sticks and stones, I blew it now, and I'm all alone, Let me take it back, I was only joking, my mouth is shut but my heart is broken. I sure said the wrong thing right then, try to forgive. I'll never say that again, as long as I live. I sure said the wrong thing Right then I said the wrong thing. I sure said the wrong thing right then I was way ahead, and I should have quit instead I put my foot in it My mouth I hold responsible, what I need now's a miracle. So that's what happened this time, no question it's the last time, If I get out of this one with my skin, I'll mind the mouth that got me in. I sure said the wrong thing Right then I said the wrong thing. I sure said the wrong thing right then, try to forgive. I'll never say that again, as long as I live. You're the one that I need.

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Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Wrong Thing Right Then Comments
  1. Adam Bedard

    Sorry. Not here for Paul Walker. I'm here to listen to the story of my Life

  2. notyoursavior78

    I love this song.

  3. Maria Z.

    Paul ❤💔❤😢

  4. millerhxc

    Wow. I used to chill out to this a lot when I was going through a bit of a messy time with someone who I was really close to. I never knew there was a video! Such a tune. Nice albeit depressing video

  5. fredettaboutit

    Nathan for YOU brought me here

    Idriss Elboubbkraoui

    It's actually Take it back by Rena Wren



    i know. doesnt change the fact that nathan for you did lead me here.. lol

    Idriss Elboubbkraoui

    hah yeah that's true

    Kim B.

    omg that's so funny that's how i find this song too 😂

  6. Hans Zimmer

    one of the Best Bands ever

  7. 1664serega

    Пол Уокер, мы тебя никогда не забудем!
    P.S. From Russia with love.... RIP

  8. GunGuy 2016#


  9. Rosiey productions

    does anyone realise that Paul Walker is sitting in the back of the car

  10. Jairo A.H.

    Been there, done that.. Haha. Great lyrics, fuckin great band!!

  11. Fran Tic

    Sounds like he's in a bit of a pickle ay?  Good song.

  12. fuzzy bosstone

    this shows his voice so well. very underrated song.......

  13. TarekAzad

    RIP Paul Walker.

  14. Marija Spasova

    Only here for paul i still can't believe he's gone

  15. kantapat lerdbunluechai

    RIP Paul Walker

  16. James Emirzian Waldementer Gaming

    RIP Paul Walker
    "Creator of the fast of the furious film series"

  17. Akira Hayakawa

    lol hi paul

  18. All Types Aircooled

    want the instrumental of this at my funeral

    Jolleygoodfellow First

    Patrick erickson I want just the lyrics in my death box.

  19. Salohkin

    I Grew Up Watching Paul's Movies R.I.P. You Will Be Missed 

  20. Majd Zahalka

    Came here for Paul ! I still can't believe he died !

    Lenka Tal

    me too, came here because of him. 

    Joseph Dickinson

    Too many great people dying too soon. If that's the way it's gotta be, I think we should just replace the phrase 'Happy New Year' with 'Horrible New Year'.

  21. Ryan Smyth

    some cool songs from this movie - from this awful movie.  It got a 4% on the rottentomato meter

  22. Malika Primbetova

    Still can't say goodbye...Miss you so much,Paul♥♥♥♥

  23. A. Sz.

    hehehe, first time it seemed to me the men in left side looks like muppet with open his mouth :)

    Cheery Persons

    That's Nate Albert, the former guitar player. That is so funny.  I watched the video again to see what you were referring to and I totally see what you mean.

  24. natalia natali

    i loveeee you Paul !!!

  25. kansuda N

    RIP Paul Walker

  26. fernandezreii

    i am here for Paul.. :'( still waiting for someone to yell 'cut' and he just pop from somewhere saying 'hey, its me, i am here!!' :(

  27. dex213

    I wish that girl in the video was driving the porsche.

    Shoeless Joe Jackson

    I shoot cum on ur daugjter?

  28. utieyed lam

    Paul u will be missed . RIP  still cant believe this... im so heartbroken ..you had such a golden heart. so kind ... good bye paul ....

    Alexander The Great

    He'll always be our brother.

  29. Blessthismess

    Paul ❤️

  30. repooman

    RIP Paul Walker

  31. Carolina Riviere

    Rip paul walker

  32. Ernesto Sanchez

    Im just here for Paul Walker. R.I.P. Paul Walker <3

    Lenka Tal

    me too, came here because of him. 

    Shoeless Joe Jackson

    Hes rotted in the dirt by now scum bag get over it

  33. Elon Zito

    You can see Paul Walker at 2:52 R.I.P.


    what a loss.. shocking

    Jesse Carleton

    he's right in the biginning as well as throughout the whole thing

    Jolleygoodfellow First

    Jesse Carleton I was gonna say the same thing right then.

  34. David Mann

    I think this came from the Meet The Deedles sound track, right?

  35. john mitaras

    awesome song!

  36. Matthew Beattie

    I love this song. I wish it was on one of the BossToneS albulms.

  37. Артур Веселков

    Русские должны быть в топе!!!

  38. Kiaaara

    Paul Walker <333

  39. Ethan Sloan

    This is my childhood right here.

  40. donald tedesco

    I met him hundreds of times, and this was way, way back, and he did me the best favor, they played at the "Garden" and he dedicated the entire set, to my best friend that was just killed, of course I was in the Marines at the time

  41. capone609

    rules to live by

  42. yusuke sohara

    this song is the best!

  43. skatefreak666666

    classic song

  44. Jeremy Hayden

    one of the best songs ever written