Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The - I Wrote It Lyrics

I wrote it with a golf pencil I pulled out of my blazer
A crest sewn on the chest read "Old Gold Rugby Football Club"
Worn at one time by a man, that at one time went to Yale
Then he worked a while on Wall Street, until the market collapsed

I was in a barroom that was somewhere on the southern shore of Boston
The tender of the bar poured me a whiskey on the house
I had a love for whiskey, I chased it with a beer
I have a love for Boston and I loved writing it there

I wrote it in a notebook that somebody let me borrow
"Don't use all the paper please and if you could bring it back to me tomorrow"
It was a fair request and I was grateful for the loan
I had to jot a thought down I came up with on my own

I wrote it in October and I mention that because
Out of all the months there are I've always liked that one the best
I don't know why I bring this up but there are times I wonder what
Ever happened to that man I wonder after the collapse


I wrote, I wrote it for you
I wrote, I wrote it for you
I wrote, I wrote it for you
I wrote, I wrote it for you

I wrote it in an hour so, so really not much longer
I put the pencil in the shot glass and I buttoned up my blazer
I stepped out of the bar in to the cold October sun
I must return the notebook it's not important what I wrote

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Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The I Wrote It Comments
  1. canoshiz

    Is this song about itself? It seems like Dickie borrowed the notebook and jacket from someone and then that person disappeared before he could return the items. Thinking about it at a later time, Dickie then wrote the song in the notebook.

  2. Jeffery Bennett

    Why aren't the MMBs the most popular band in the universe? Oh wait, maybe they are. My experience is limited to earth.

    Raul Duke 2nd

    I like your style

  3. lordvishnu

    Pure nostalgic revelry. Gotta love it!

  4. notyoursavior78

    Great song! I am seeing them tonight, I hope they play some stuff from this album!

  5. Jairo A.H.

    One of the best lyrics I have ever had the pleasure to come across

  6. nonquintessentialone

    ohhhhhh . . the song I met a girl I loved at first sight to at memorial park on 4th of July Eve... this whole sesh of songs has been straight money.

  7. Raul Duke 2nd

    Fuck your opinion with a smile algol291

  8. algol291

    didn't bother buying this. It isn't a good album. If you haven't heard late 80's/early 90's Bosstones and like this, pick up any album before 'Lets Face It'.


    I actually love lets face it, got me into the bosstones... but I'm only 32 so maybe I'm dating myself.

    Philip Georgiades

    Although it doesn't have the hard core element of previous albums its still pretty good ska.


    I like Nate Albert, former guitarist. He could rock with his own sound, and was perfect with the Bosstones horn section, which is the best in all of ska.
    I guess once you hit 45, you can't rock as well.

    Justin Pollock

    what the fuck are on , they wrote this for u , if u get to old to rock you dead, wait a minute .....lol still here ,Im over 45 , lota of bands over 45 the play and write good rock....



  9. Hass C

    I LOVE THIS SONG! I love Boston! I love the Mighty Mighty Bosstones!

  10. paul1060

    love this one

  11. TheCharleyman87

    Their best album I'd say

  12. Dustin Cassidy


  13. hambone9119

    I like The Bosstones and Lynyrd Skynyrd and this kind of sounds like 2009 Lynyrd Skynyrd crossed with some ska, I fucking love this song, Incredible.

    Chris James

    hambone9119 x

  14. kingleper

    The Bosstones never disappoint. One of the greatest bands EVER! This song gives me that special feeling inside that only the Bosstones can do to a person. Here’s hoping for another album from them. I can’t get enough. Cheers!

    John Phelps

    well said

    John Phelps

    well said

  15. PolletFTW

    Best music ever.
    Mutch better then that all that
    50 cent / Leki commercials just to make money
    Big up for u guys. Love you. And always will com to ure shows
    if u com back to Belgium.

    ps. Mighty's @ Groezrock was fantastic.

  16. mattaki

    it's my personal taste, but this is my favorite album from them. just straightforward and rockin'. great!

  17. mari rea

    well my hubby like it and i am staring tooo

  18. Luk P.

    ......cartoon by soul asylum

  19. M Duffy

    it kind of disturbs me that this song that came out in late 2009 has the first song ive heard where the topic was about the geat recession... i mean, wtf, is corporate music completely out of touch with thetimes or what?

  20. Kachopsticks

    this song is sick!!!!!!!!!!!