Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The - How Why Wuz How Why Am Lyrics

I used to talk to cab drivers, now I just don't bother.
I'd empty out my pockets if someone asked me for a quarter.
There was a time I'd give the time
To the old, the weak, and the weird.
I just don't know why this is so but I've never been so scared.
Am i getting older?
Are things getting harder?
I used to never cry when I would think about my father.
The years went by so goddamn fast,
You know, I've left a lot behind.
My devil may care attitude, you know, I just can't seem to find.
Once upon a time I never minded very much.
I never let it knock me down or grind me out of touch.
Once I had an outlook different than it is.
Full of dreams and schemes, it seems they just do not exist.
Once I told myself he will not be missed.
I never thought I'd see the day I'd ever feel like this.

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Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The How Why Wuz How Why Am Comments
  1. cj222100

    I saw these guys as part of a lineup in a festival back in the 90s, & I remember being fascinated by the band member that neither sang nor played an instrument, he just simply danced around the stage

  2. RowdyMajor18

    The soundtrack at the retail store Gabe's that I used to work at brought me here. All they would play in that store was 90s stuff, and I absolutely loved it. Every time this would play in there, I would always think of the AFV I grew up watching, and would always be waiting for the narrator to say, here's your host, TOOOOOOOOOM BERGERON!!!!!!

  3. hawaiisunfun

    good reflective question

  4. The Scarred Archive

    My dad told me to listen to these guys when he heard me listening to the aquabats

  5. Jimmy Munro

    Brings back memories of madness but a million times better.

    Jimmy Munro

    Madness were an 1980’s group in Britain, just in case anybody didn’t know.

  6. albert speer

    Pop ska. Lol

  7. Dustin Taylor

    the 90s were so diverse and you actually had groups that played their own music and it was all over the place... 1987 i became woke and ever since been on point

  8. Hector Cabrera

    Can't stand ska


    Than why did you go out of your way to listen to it?

    Hector Cabrera

    @jrburger95 a friend posted it on fb


    @Hector Cabrera Your friends are awesome

  9. Brand

    Who is thinking about a Disney celebrity drawing the Mickey mouse head with a brightly colored sparkling stick while this song is playing. Cause if so you've found the right song.

  10. racoon killer 7

    Wow time flys by.... :(

  11. Wendell Cotham


  12. Damian Denis

    Who is watching in 2019???

    Damian Denis

    I mean 2020

  13. Dida 021

    Top... Marcaram época... E ainda tem uns funkeiros dando deslike... Só pode. 😂

    Carlos Henrique B.Conceição

    Foda, né? Ouvi essa música ontem no rádio, vim pesquisar, curti !

  14. Sammy F

    Anyone still listening to this in 2020? Shit, these dudes just get better with time, went to see them a few months ago, they rocked the place!!

  15. DTizzel21

    Original skater music

  16. Andy C

    Ska is the music of the mandance. Troofact.

  17. Ronald Ames

    Please let me know when there is a job opening for "dancing guy" with the Bosstones. Thank you.

  18. Dan Outdoors

    Just watching friends and what do I hear in the background? Yep a bit of mighty mighty bosstones

  19. Reeve Savage

    *skanks into obscurity*

  20. Moped Sports

    It sounds a little OCD

  21. GNP 7Z117

    *R a d*

  22. John R

    I’ll never forget how much this song meant to me, I got sent to rehab for the first time after my 4th overdose from heroin, me an my girl split up I lost everything, my girl, my dog, my apartment, my car, my job everything...and I sat in this rehab listening to this song after not hearing it for years. Now that was probably about 7yrs ago now but I’ll never forget that time. And I been sober 4yrs now

  23. Ref Garnet 2 Lisa Boogalo

    Tmw you narrowly avoid being blown up by a nuke

  24. Anarchy Blu

    I wish ska was still a thing lol

  25. BuddyBoy600alt

    I love Digimon!

  26. osvaldo luna

    My friends say this isn't rock music! Exactly it's called Ska!!! and I love this song, Take me back to the 90's baby!!!! ; )

  27. サラ

    In my elementary school band we had to play clarinet before switching to saxophone in high school and this song was the reason I picked up the clarinet, never learnt the sax though.

  28. BigRig FullofRock

    A dream last night brought me here... "never had to knock on wood"

  29. Kride

    Played Donkey Konga, now I,m here.😅

  30. trouty42

    Gary Busey's slightly more sane younger brother has an interesting singing voice. What is it, gravel in G minor?

  31. lathanlalane

    Damn this makes me want to watch Clueless! https://amzn.to/2ufTwpK

  32. world dueling federation

    Ok so am i the only one who remembers this being in that one digimon movie or am i just remembering things wrong

  33. Kennedy Wilson

    There’s a mixture of the Disney channel music and afv music in this.

  34. SuicideNeil

    Digimon: The Movie has brought me here many, many times. Long may it continue.


    I was looking for this comment, so thank you 😊

    Cory Parrish

    You my friend, are a man of quality.😁

    Rowan The Architect

    HUZZAH! A man of quality!

    Cory Parrish

    @Rowan The Architect finally, somebody gets it.😁

  35. Scientia Sophie

    My song in junior high school 😁💖

  36. Dick Dastardly

    Got to love the designated hype man


    skanking man is the best

  37. Brian M

    Knock on wood MAGA. That wood feels so good.

  38. ObiWanShinobi85

    2020 awesome song!!!!

  39. rafe lemay


  40. Renegade24


  41. Jake Lockett

    2020. Still smacks!!

  42. artstuffs yt

    my favourite 90’s song and you can’t change my opinion

  43. Peopled Diagram

    Wow! New sub.

  44. Leroy Adams

    From stuff I have heard of ska I expected this to be far worse

  45. Oliver Hel

    .. 'lizberh

  46. Chris Frickson

    True jams

  47. GhosT sheLLz 75

    Heavy Heavy tune right there! #GODBLESS


    They all look a little cracked up

  49. ThatTcgGuy

    Just gonna call is this song is gonna be in the 3rd Tom Holland Spiderman Movie

  50. cityscape17

    I'm here because of Bruce Greene

  51. Andy B

    honestly one of the best post-60's songs of all time

  52. Roger Murphy

    Where can I get a job as a background skanker in a ska band?

  53. The Grammar Crusader

    Some songs can just never be loud enough.

  54. Kaitlyn Estrada

    I miss ska

  55. Nel Allred

    Hate me for saying this idc but
    Ska > any other music genre

  56. david hopkins

    happy new year because if this list was updated "2020" you either time travelled or are in another time zone which means if its 2020 there "HAPPY NEW YEAR" i still have 6 hours

  57. preyat94


  58. CADJewellerySkills

    Still skanking in 2019!

  59. Eddie's Games

    Better then all the songs now to be honest

  60. Get over It

    "I'm not a coward I've just never been tested
    I'd like to think that if I was I would pass
    Look at the tested and think there but for the grace go I
    Might be a coward
    I'm afraid of what I might find out"

    Thats some deep shit

  61. Joseph Corridon

    Oh so THIS is why everyone makes fun of ska.

  62. Vincent Umana

    Can we just talk about how amazing the singing in this is. Even when he screams it sounds great.

  63. B Z

    Ska sucks...........

  64. Nathan Anderson

    I was told by my parents that this was the song FM radios played after 9/11

  65. Nathan Lerud

    The alphabet is that the Hebrews couldn’t convince people there was meaning in the letters in case they won you beat them at their own game and say gagged

  66. Bruno S.A. Valente

    A trilha sonora da farra.
    The Soundrack of FARRA.

  67. Titaniam_w0lfie123 AJ gaming

    My parents always said music isn’t has good has it once was. But seriously the 90’s and early 2000’s were better. It’s all pop and such now. Am I right!? Music was better then

  68. diesaltrading

    Ska: A genltemans genre

  69. Chuck Rawld

    I think knocking on wood is bad luck

  70. Aron

    Do these dudes emerge from milk in the first shots?

  71. Alex Orozco

    Why does this slap so hard

    faster than you Black

    No one knows. Its just a great song!

  72. Slayer8615

    1:44 didn't know Anderson Cooper played in a band

  73. Dylan Sullivan

    If you ever need a synopsis of ska music, listen to the AFV opening theme

  74. Kill Everyone

    I'll never stop skankin' to this.

  75. Matt Perkins

    Do they have to pay the guy that just dances?

  76. tatakai no kaizen

    nothing like a song you love when you first hear it,
    then as you listen to it years later, it means something completely different to you,
    and you love it even more.

  77. Apex of Manhood

    A man met a Zen master and told him, "I never had to knock on wood," then knocked on wood and became Enlightened.

  78. OVI-Wan Kenobi


  79. Briggs

    I hate when People ask what genre of music I listen too like every genre of music has good songs

  80. Andrew Valenzuela

    I'm listening to this at work, I wanna skank so bad

  81. Jacob McCabe

    how many gecs is this?

  82. Manuel Manallaye

    Have you ever been close to tragedy
    Or been close to folks who have?
    Have you ever felt a pain so powerful
    So heavy you collapse?No?
    Well I've never had to knock on wood
    But I know someone who has
    Which makes me wonder if I could
    It makes me wonder if
    I've never had to knock on wood
    And I'm glad I haven't yet
    Because I'm sure it isn't good
    That's the impression that I get
    Have you ever had the odds stacked up so high
    You need a strength most don't possess?
    Or has it ever come down to do or die?
    You've got to rise above the restNo?
    Well I've never had to knock on wood
    But I know someone who has
    Which makes me wonder if I could
    It makes me wonder if I've never had to knock on wood
    And I'm glad I haven't yet
    Because I'm sure it isn't good
    That's the impression that…

  83. Calypso Handjack

    This song is what its like to snort cocaine while having autism.

  84. Runnin Amuck

    Every time i look at Dickey I think of Gary busey, am I the only one?

  85. Brian

    Ahhhhhh ska!

  86. NemoUberKitty

    I love the dude just dancing around

  87. y tho

    Never had to (comma) knock on wood

  88. funfunfun

    unironically love this song


    Listening to this song in 2019, and got all thrilled

    Joseph Franks

    Same here, man.

  90. -_-

    it's impossible to not love this song always brightens up my day

  91. Black Caesar

    Memories of 8th grade right here.

  92. Jason Hayes

    To bad the singer didn't take care of his voice .he sounds rough now

  93. Jaydeep Gamit


  94. Benni hanna

    1:57 I didnt know Adam Sandler was in the band, makes sense though as big as it was. :)

  95. Spoiled Sushi

    Im old.

  96. Mike Manuel

    2019 and still kickin

  97. Walton Simons

    Amazing they ever made any money as a band with so many members

  98. m0rdecai89

    Ben Carr is the OG hype man.