Midway State, The - Unaware Lyrics

unaware we would fall
been a week since you called
i went to your house
they said you were out
i pushed my way inside
my heart froze
as i saw
the pieces of your clothes
lying on the floor
by your bedroom door
i saw you try to hide

but the moment i saw your face,
my body drowned
and my heart floated away
left my body sinking down

i was unaware and unprepared
for what i walked in on baby
i was unaware and unprepared

i was unaware that you were lost
and that you held it all from me
i was unaware and unprepared

remember when i would steal
you away in the night?
you'd go in my car
how we drove so far
forgot about the time
and to kiss your sweet lips
and we layed so helpless
to the love we found
i was on steady ground
when you were by my side

but the moment i saw your face
my body drowned
and my heart floated away
felt my body sinking down

i was unaware and unprepared
for what i walked in on baby
i was unaware and unprepared

i was unaware that you were lost
and that you held it all from me
i was unaware and unprepared

i couldn't say anything
i thought you were my everything

but the moment i saw your face
my body drowned
and my heart floated away
felt my body sinking down

i was unaware and unprepared
for what i walked in on baby....

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  3. jean iba-oc

    Team Julie and Frank <3 ;D - The OC

  4. Marie Sasse

    one of my favorite music moments on the OC *-* beautiful

  5. Vic Die

    Is this a cheating song? Was she fuckng someone?

  6. martiiiiiiiiiiii1000

    my lov come back to m<3

  7. Jazmin Cuevas

    I miss the OC days :(

  8. Jorge Merma

    BRING BACK The O.C.!!

  9. The G.O.A.T

    this song remember me the O.C.

  10. TheAlyward

    /watch?v=MY1_ngACKKs is the other version if any one was looking for it

  11. jkjkjij22

    the beginning of this sounds a bit like 'coconut records - any fun'

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  13. parispros3co

    @pillowhog123 description box dude ...

  14. cocodizzy

    @parispros3co Hey would you mind sending me this song? I have wanted it for sooo long

  15. cocodizzy



    to be honest the other version is crap compared to this. I find these lyrics are more meaningful and the instruments really complement his voice. <3 midwaystate

  17. A3801993

    i cant find this version. can u please give it to me?

  18. Jessica Santos

    I have the other version, but i like this one better. Could i please get this song?

  19. chakra honey

    what is this song talkin bout??

  20. Jing

    where can i find this song?

  21. kcowneduall

    her changing :P

  22. Sidse Ra Gerdrup-Skov

    hey ! - could you perhaps send me this song? I like this version way better than the other!

  23. Jade Ware

    i saw them in friday with Stereos. They were more than amazing, words cant even describee! <3

  24. blaabyman

    then y did u search it?

  25. Ryan M

    Just use Ares...Limewire *IN MY OPINION* (note what's written in caps and starred) isn't that great of a program...in my experience I got crappy search results, slow speeds...not to mention it's packed with spyware 'n such.

  26. Natasha

    i love this version!

  27. Jalisa Mathers

    can someone put THIS version on limewire?
    its my favourite , i dont like the other one:(

  28. ManuelsonMandela

    This song is fuckin´ amazing...^^

  29. keana guianan snell

    wow. this song is really low. he sounds like a fifty year old man. "unaware we would fall, been a week since you called" says the fifty year old man in the video.

  30. parispros3co

    yep the midway state has two versions of this song

  31. Jessie Xu

    The other version?
    Who's it by?
    The same?

  32. Alex Dutkiewich


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    Good song I liked the other version better though =/