Midnight Oil - Don't Wanna Be The One Lyrics

I'm an innocent victim, I'm just like you
We end up in home units with a brick wall view
I can't believe the perfect families on my colour TV
If I don't make it to the top it'll never bother me

And I don't wanna be the one
And I don't wanna be the one

I'm an innocent bystander caught in the path
Waiting out the back while the corporate attack
Assaults the senses with relentless scenes of passion and delight
I cut up all the options and went running for my life

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Midnight Oil Don't Wanna Be The One Comments
  1. Bill Blezard

    Now this is the Power & the Passion !!! Ohh we've gone backwards, notice how with no phones, people are experiencing this in the moment, not recording it for the future, No wankers in Hi VIS telling people to calm down & behave, No aggro, nothing but a good crowd gettin off on Great music out in the open, I wonder if those PA stacks would be allowed today, possibly too Loud by OH&S standards mmmmmmmmmmmmm !!! Thanks for all the memories of Awesome gigs, concerts & activism OOOOOOOOOOIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLSSSSS


    Still listening in 2019, wish he kept going

  2. Rolf E

    The Oils are LEGENDS, awesome Live! The negative comments are from people whom do not like Peter, because he was a Politician trying to help the environment, but some, very unfortunately passed away under the hurried insulation scheme)-: Thanks for all the music and years of service though. Long live MUSIC, especially LIVE (-: Politician by Jack Bruce and Rory G is an awesome example (-;

  3. UnleashedTraining101

    Big Pete was ripped back then. I suppose dancing like a lunatic is great exercise. They went hard back in the day.

  4. fleafly25

    1:15 sliding in to pickup a fallen mic stand, the roadies are just as high energy and passionate as the band itself... that's dedication!

  5. Danny Playamaqui

    impeccable show!

  6. Flavia Adriane

    Perfect body! 😱

  7. Luca Wilson

    The songs midnight oil make mean somthing even me (typical 7 year old) knows!

  8. Frédéric HORVAT

    From Paris after the fabulous concert @2019!
    thank you Midnight oil:
    True humanists
    True punks
    True Humans!

  9. John Phillips

    Wow what an Aussie classic👌

  10. Dustin Bradshaw

    What an insane performance. ROCK N ROLL!!!🤘

  11. Andrew Copeland

    Legends !! Thank you

  12. Mick Guy

    One of their more underrated songs probably. Always a fave for me

    Josie 4

    The first Midnight Oil song I ever heard. I was 12 or 13 at the time. I'm now 51 and currently sitting by the Brisbane River watching live versions of it on YT. Same electrifying feeling! If I had to name a favourite song, this is probably it.

    Mick Guy

    @Josie 4 remember when my cousin recorded it onto a cassette about 1985

    Josie 4

    @Mick Guy Was it the first time you heard this band? I found it a transformational experience. I still have the album! Played it last year on a record player I was gifted. Problem is you cant jump around on wooden floors without it skipping!

  13. Patrick Martin

    My teenage hero worship band...I'm 52 now...

    Josie 4

    51... and same.

  14. Brendan Farthing

    Absolute genius! No one like Peter before or after. And checkout the speaker stack for that tight concert at the beach, friggin amazing! Sorry i missed it in person.

    Luca Wilson

    Brendan Farthing that’s ok

  15. Justin B

    All white crowd. Bliss.

    Red Sword

    it was not an All White crowd or anything of the sort. sorry to wreck your Himmler fantasies. it was bliss and Wanda belongs to the Gweagal of the Dharawal nation

  16. bigmaxy07

    Look at that crowd go!

  17. Tim Wright

    Thank you

  18. Paul Smith

    Oh Wanda..the place that once had beautiful sand dunes :(

  19. Christopher D W

    Hell yes!!! No tubbers and NO DAMN CELL PHONES!!! FULL BLOWN EXERCISE! Thats all you need.

  20. Arturo Jara

    Peter is such a weird guy

  21. Ned

    I don't wanna be the one.

    Luca Wilson

    Ned me to

  22. Foxswoop

    Amazing, Pete's dancing, Wow. Them were the days!!!!

  23. bad mojo

    Amazing live performance of this in the 1984 movie thats showing

  24. Bruno Gibbanov

    Where are all the mobile phones? where are all the fat kids? it was the 80s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when Australia was Australia.

    John Possas

    Bruno Gibbanov damn straight

    dan chippy

    Could not agree more......the times have changed.....I don't like it any more than you do....

    Red Sword

    i was there


    Where are all the old farts whingeing on Youtube? Only here.

  25. Garry Myagui

    This video needs a donkey walking across the stage mid song.
    They probably had it in mind, but scraped the idea due to the danger posed to the animal by peter's dancing.

    Edgerton A Hightower

    Laugh My Donkey Off

  26. Steve

    Peter Garrett doesn’t age he looks the same, timeless...

  27. Kara gardner

    Fucken great crowd!!!

  28. Richard Gladle

    YOU ARE THE ONE HA HA HA one awesome Australian Band of Music men MIDNIGHT OIL.

  29. Simon Burns

    That's a big P.A

  30. Frank Philpott

    That's a take.

  31. ElliS OWENN

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  32. 123Injuneer

    I bet that dude could clear a mosh pit. If I saw him coming, I'm running!

  33. oon TV

    This is when he smoked a flair

  34. Bobby Been Shaw

    I got fucked in the pencil sharpener

  35. OkanyDeLaOka Official

    Good 🎶🎵🎶