Midnight Oil - Cold Cold Change Lyrics

Cold cold change, we were so excited
But you came and went so soon
Cold cold change, we were not invited
We smiled all the while we were taken in

Cold cold change, bringing in the winter
Freezing up the water, closing up the mind
One more danger, gonna have to deal with
One last moment fading all the time

But no lasting change, well we were turned around
We jumped in the air to see over the wall
No master plan, it's a bad design
Significant time in spite of us all

Cold cold change, we were so excited
Waiting on the outside, waiting to begin
Left us all angry and bewildered
Laughing at the way we were taken in

You better lock the door, turn it off (the light)
We'll leave the nights alone, better keep me hoping
That the change is over, the ice is gone
And when the weather's warmer you can hear me shouting yeah

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Midnight Oil Cold Cold Change Comments
  1. Yotis Kos

    Punchbowl Boys '82 in the car deciding who was going to go in the bottleshop at the Greenacre hotel, listening to the oils, finally deciding it's me doing the deed. Walk down the driveway,ask for the grog, attendant looks at me and says "right I know your 18 but what about your mate". Never forget it especially since I was the one 16.


    When you said 'While we were taken in' I misheard it as 'While we'd take a nap'

    Med-E-Cin -Mick

    Thats funny .


    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Henry Hawk

    Oils at their best before they got politcal. Great fucking band before they descended into crap.

    Millicent Bystander

    Henry - listen to the lyrics of this one - it IS political, and bloody good!

  5. mel bruce

    I can't explain how the lyrics to this song and melody influenced and made a profound difference ( change) to who I'd eventually become.
    I'm flying down from Tokyo to Sydney to see them live/perform at The Domain on the 17th.
    It's such an indulgence that I can't afford.
    It's a master plan! Bet ya they don't play it. Ha ha.

    Henry Hawk

    Were you dissapointed? I was.


    That's what happens when you pay to see a hypocrite

  6. Sandro dos Santos Silva Santos

    Seria um louco se não córtice esta. Banaca

  7. VHS and DVD Lover Est. 2001 AVGCP

    This band and this song is awesome and it is very underrated in my opinion and Peter Garret is awesome

  8. Michael King

    Fuckin a

  9. Linda Jones

    +Conchita McBeth.........it's said the Oils are going to reform and tour next year (2017), I'll try to find the link. Cheers.

  10. Millicent Bystander

    This grabs you by the throat and slams you against the wall! Are they still playing?

    Eduard Antoniu

    Yes, fortunately, reunited in '16, after a 14 years gap already.

  11. Linda Jones

    +Kenneth Lawrence.........I'm not in the habit (these days) of checking singles but still have my (near mint) album. This track is an old favourite, the Oils earlier work up until 10,9,8 was IMHO, their very best. Saw them live often, sensational live act. Cheers.

  12. Tone Boss

    i have had Oil respect for a very long time because of their social justice thematics and rock craft Garret and co are dear artists

    mel bruce

    Tone Boss clear..... clear artists and dear.
    Very dear.

  13. Kenneth Lawrence

    Try and find the original 45 rpm of this track. Very rare !!

  14. David Ashby

    @R34GTRR35 same , first time I have heard it since then too. It's decent

  15. R34GTRR35

    1st Album :)


    Second. Check out their self-titled album.
    Search for tracks; 'Surfing with a Spoon' and 'Powderworks'.


    @Geekman333 My first album i ever bought - Cheers 


    Ahh sorry. My mistake.

  16. Rikitocker

    This is my shit ... grew up on this back in the day ... nothing like North Shore days in the early 80's!


    Melbourne early 80s here. We thrashed all their stuff.

    Freddy Guignard

    Rikitocker dead right mate