Midnight Oil - Armistice Day Lyrics

You're watching people fighting, you're watching people losing
On Armistice Day

The watchers do the wincing, reporters so convincing
But the TV never lies
I went looking for a war, but the only guns I saw
Never used in anger

You're watching people fight, say they fight, oh say they lose
On Armistice Day

The fixers do the fixing, the locals do the lynching
The papers deny
I went looking for a headline, got talking to the backline
They'd never seen the action

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Midnight Oil Armistice Day Comments
  1. Joel WW

    Lest We Forget. WW1 was such a pointless war, lives were lost that shouldn't have even been on the battlefield.

    Also this song was so ahead of its time, you can definitely hear how Midnight Oil influenced a lot of 90s & 2000s alternative rock bands. This song could've been released in 1995, 2004 or even today and it wouldn't sound dated at all.

  2. drew sale

    No more brother wars.

  3. Mike Wish

    101 years 2019

  4. sg0238

    My favourite Oil's song...those guitars.

  5. iAsbestos

    banger tune

  6. Jason Barbush

    this tune is quite similar to Jimmy Sharmen's Boxers.

  7. matt Donnelly

    Lest We Forget

  8. holden4ever

    100 years ago today. Lest We Forget.

  9. Colin james Mcintosh

    100 years ago tomorrow.

  10. Ethan SCHULTZ

    great song