Midnight Beast, The - Ubercvrrnt (Swaggerliciousyolohelladopeness) Lyrics

It's the clash of the titans
Masked vigilante looking camper than brighton
Magic like I'm dynamo, 12 inches like a dominos
Top level you're a bungalow
Put a cape on a garden rake
Superman that hoe

No superpowers just a really big cock
That I found in my garden 'cause it flew from the flock...
Meow! goes the pussy... the only pussy that you'll ever get
If you lock it outside... pussy wet

You know they back mo'fuckers
Oh god they' back mo'fuckers
They made their own word mo'fuckers
It's ubercvrrntswaggerliciousyolohelladopenes­s

Hit 'em with that hashtag rap
Three amigos with a great look... hanson
We turning in to a cult bitch... manson
Strum yourself when the light's out... mandolin
Diarrhea leaves you like an xbox... red ring

My mouth gets me in a pickle... branston
And that's why I'm still a virgin... branson
Still photogenic with no filter... mayfair
Drop off my kids in your mouth... daycare

Moving double speed like we're on a travelator
We said that we be back... now we're here... terminator
The dope's in our genes and I don't mean the levi's
We riding on the track with no helmet... circumcised

Killing it like samurais... still doing it when we're forty five
We got more honeys than a motherfuckin' beehive
Frosty like an eskimo, lion king mufasa though
Crooked teeth in need of dental... minty fresh we fuckin' menthol

That ain't a sandwich... that's a wrap

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