Midnight Beast, The - Sweet Sixteen Lyrics

It's my party
It's my party
It's my party
It's my party

Gucci carriage, pulled by one direction
And a few more a cup bras to add to my collection
We don't just want one party we want plenty... the girls want to be us
How you gonna tell me diddy got his son a bentley... and I got a prius
Mum that's not fair, gonna kill myself and you don't care
Should've got me dappy from n dubz
Instead of h from s club (it's steps)
Wanted an iphone 64
You said you had one sorted
You got an iphone 32
Bitch you should get deported

I asked for coke and tequila you got sherbet and ribena
I wanted moats 'n a castle you got fucking pass the parcel
I know I'm a bit of a brat
But you can't have a party with that
Do you like when I look like a twat
When I ask for a dog and you get me a cat?
I asked for coke and tequila you got sherbet and ribena
Gonna get a time machine imported
I'll go back and get aborted
How would that make you feel?
Do you know how you made me feel?
When you bought me an automobile in turquoise mum when it should've been teal

It's my party
It's my party
It's my party
It's my party
You would cry too if it happened to you

It's my birthday, it's my birthday
Spoilt bitch contest I'm in first place
It's all about party swag
It's all about party slag
The party you wish you had
The party that's paid for by daddy
Shaking our fatty bombatty
Like lindsay lohan
Drunk drive my daddy bucatti
Like lindsay lohan
Or paris hilton
Hit it like I'm chris brown
Drink so much till I'm yellow like a simpson

When it comes to my party (party),
Everybody better come early (on time)
I invited everybody to my sweet 16
And they turn't up when I turned.. hey
Don't check wikipeadia, (nope)
Everybody lies in the media,
Tell 'em what they wanna hear
See your not fat your curvy aren't you amelia? (yeah),
I said scratch, itch, come along it doesn't hurt to dance,
It doesn't matter if you haven't got a perfect ahh
You're so sweet, everybody deserves a chance
Under the circumcision I mean circumstance
They say I'm rude (who me?) and mental (what me?) I make 'em "feel the love" for one hour
I said you, me, bedroom, she said what's the magic word, I said "wa lah"

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Midnight Beast, The Sweet Sixteen Comments
  1. Adama Bamba


  2. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    I never knew that Stef looked cute in a dress. Also Ash and Dru look lovely.

  3. Doodleberry

    I’m just seeing this now? Wow YouTube

  4. Sorta Steyley

    it's like no matter what stefan does; old make up/ covered in blood/ dressed as a girl, he's so damn attractive lmao

  5. But Then What?

    Good song, obviously different than others but still nice. Video is killing it 10/10 (and nice use of Lesley Gore)

  6. Kay P

    It's been 4 years and even though I must have listened to this at least 1000 times, I've never looked up who Sway is

  7. Crazy Little Kitty

    All Brits are brats lol

  8. Talie Roseann

    how much money would it cost to book you for my 18th party please

  9. Talie Roseann

    hope my 18th is like this x

  10. Ross purdy 11

    sweet.love it :) :) :) :) :)

  11. Ash Stella

    i love mel and he martinz

  12. Am Lame

    you all are pretty hot in dose dresses ;)

  13. mae martinez

    is this melanie martinez

    Am Lame

    macdawg03 no she copied them 😭

    Jaimee Foster

    The actual song is by Lesley Gore, from the 1960s, they both copied it...


    Little Vixen Sampled, not copied. There's a big difference because all three songs are about different scenarios.

  14. Riana Banana

    You guys still slaying the gender roles after all these years xx

  15. Merribitch

    The Midnight Beast, describing real problems yet again

  16. Crafty Chameleon

    Dru pulls off a dress best tbh
    But also, why did all of you wear shirts under a dress??? What???

  17. Fairytale

    TO BE FAIR. A cat is nothing like a dog and if i wanted a dog and got a cat i would fucking flip a table

  18. Jake

    Was this the last song of the show

  19. Frank Lombardo

    The midnight beastttttt

  20. Mary Celeste


    Am Lame

    Mary Celeste ok but they made theirs first xD

  21. mia m

    Ahhh love this you guys and this song soo much so good xxxx :)

  22. Charline Bouche

    on dirait melanie martinez parfois

    Am Lame

    Charline Bouche what are second of all look at dates they were first if your saying this is a parody

    Niv P

    Charline Bouche
    Also the melody was from a song by lesley gore

  23. Lauren P

    Anyone else think a TMB party would be the best fucking party ever?

  24. Christie

    this has always been my favourite

  25. Megan Jones

    Turning 16th this Saturday so I'll be playing this 😂

  26. Taba Pugh

    I seriously love these boys ❤️

  27. Squeaky Belle

    im... not sure if i like it... or if i should like it... either way, gotta love satire

  28. Evalentgrace MissAnime

    now I can't hear this without thinking of pitty party

  29. Leah Fennell

    I'm gonna listen to this ALL day, finally sweet sixteen 😂🎈 #happybirthdayme

  30. Alexander Thompson

    love this song! 2 of my favourite artists on 1 song

  31. Tamia Cook

    today is my 18th birthday but I'm gonna rock to this song anyway.

  32. courtney tamara

    Where was this song when I was 16 😂😫

  33. HeyItzJalei

    my fav. part about this songs is when Stef said "I'll drink so much I'll be yellow like a simson

  34. Benthe Aline

    Love the fact you are all still hot while wearing dresses.

  35. Anon

    When I was 16, I was a D-cup 😅

  36. Jessica Cloquet

    I love I how I only realise that one of my friends are in this and she never told me😂😂❤️❤️

    Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    Oh damn that's bloody amazing

  37. Morgan Osborne

    Stef is still very attractive in a dress
    BTW midnight beast if you see this I am slightly very obsessed with your channel

  38. Kate Hunter

    I'm just gonna be playing that on Friday, coz Friday's my 16th birthday so I'm gonna be singing it all day 👍😂

    The Midnight Beast

    @Kate Hunter happy sweet 16

    Noah Narog

    +The Midnight Beast
    you guys are so fucking gay Ahaha ur singing sounds like my grandma trying to take a shit.....it's my birthday and birthday sex...,.I bet when u guys have sex it's sounds like constipated ape ....dead😂😂😂😂😂

    Tom Mailling

    +Noah narog if I was you I'd spend less time listening to your grandma trying to take a shit and spend more time removing the stick you've clearly got firmly wedged up your arse you'd learn something about good music.

    Rex Rait

    +Tom Mailling fucking roasted marry me dude

    Am Lame

    happy late birthday :)

  39. Emmikate

    Still cooler than my school dance.

  40. Mica Ervin

    I hate pastels, but, srsly! Where do they sell Ash's dress?

  41. Sundus Mudassir

    Lol....I'm 16

  42. My Life As An Imposter

    I first came across TMB 4 / 5 years ago then sort of drifted off youtube. Nice to check back in and see you're still going strong guys. Still hilarious x

  43. Sophia Shaw

    I want one of those swagalicious costumes like the dog or cat

  44. Aya W.

    Anybody else think that this song sounds a bit like Pity Party by Melanie Martinez? Or is it just me...


    The line "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" comes from its own song so they are both gonna sound pretty similar since they have the same melody


    +Aya J. White OMG yes i thought so as well!

    Am Lame

    Aya J. White sheee copied denn


    Aya J. White It's because just as Melanie, they sampled a part from "It's my party" by Lesley Gore 😉

    Tom Alexander

    They both sample It’s My Party by Lesley Gore

  45. TomFeltonsprincess

    You boys never fail to amaze me and make me laugh! Love all three of you! And please keep making these fab music vids!

  46. Aimee Ray

    So glad my friend introduced me to you guys! Your So talented and funny!

  47. sasha price

    i💙stef he is😎

  48. Kimora Davis_

    Stef 🙊😂❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💋💋💋💋💋

  49. itsmeas

    Just discovered this one yesterday and found out today that it makes an excellent running tune. Awesome song guys!

  50. Dylan King

    Darude sandstorm

  51. Declan Connolly

    They're so fab

  52. Luci Gee

    can you throw my sweet 16?

  53. Hanna

    The wrong "your"s in the cap

  54. amber alicia

    Playing this for my cousins 16th😂

  55. Taylor Townsend

    this has to be the best song i've ever heard!!

  56. Courtney100


  57. Danii Brown

    It's my 16th birthday today, perfect time to listen to this song again

    The Midnight Beast


    Danii Brown


  58. Anna ZIM

    Best sweet sixteen party!

  59. GraceDaBoss

    This song tho !!

  60. Fallon Power

    This is gd

  61. Howlofthewolves

    I still think they're hot even in dresses tbh

  62. bayleigh kierans

    I really like this song and TMB but no offense the video is really rather bad.

  63. Ashlye Ziggy

    Is it weird I think Drew kind of makes the dress work? #sexyright  

  64. T.I.T.S McGee

    Stefan's middle finger is so sexy.

  65. Olivia Broughton

    OMG I love you guys so friggin' much!!! You guys look great in dresses btw! xxxxxxxxx

  66. IfBethCouldFly

    you me bed not
    whats trhe magic word

  67. dijonbabe

    + I played this on my birthday xD

  68. IfBethCouldFly

    love stefan omg!!!!!

  69. freyfrey7676

    i will play this at my bday


    and i will tomoz :)

  70. Dawn Porter

    This tune and video always cheers me up

  71. Emma TMB xxz

    Need to play this for my 16th birthday party only 2 years away yay

  72. A Cukierman

    Me alegran la noche!

  73. King C

    I feel like the only person who is actually just grateful the still make music rather than complaining that it isn't the same as their old songs. Artists change with time and so does their sound.

    Crystal Ridgeway

    I agree with you and well said

  74. strawberrae

    73 people got sherbet and ribena

  75. Christina Mock

    This should be in a birthday card
    Heck! It should be a birthday card!!

  76. haley belleville

    Ash literally looks better in a dress than I do.

  77. Chris Whiteman

    Lov u vid and tv show

    Chris Whiteman

    love this song

  78. Chris Whiteman

    Lov u vid and tv show

  79. Sophie Rodell

    I love how they updated this song

  80. Sophie Rodell

    I love how they updated this song

  81. ZeroCouch

    SWAY kills this

  82. Austin Clark

    Sway!! <3

  83. God Right Upacut

    too many effects, i skipped to sway and didnt even know he was in the song, plus why his vocals so low?

  84. CraftyMiner88

    Do a happy by whats his name!

  85. Jeon Jimin

    Stefan I love ur poka dot undies and I also love u and all ur songs😘😋😍🙌🙋😚💏💑👫😽😻👱👼👰👸👯💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍✌👊✋👌💜💓💛💚💙❤💋👙🎁🎂🎈🎇🎉🎊🎆🎤🎵🎶🎧🎼🍑🌹🌈💎💍💌💐💒🔊;-) :-P :-) B-) :-! 

    Crystal Ridgeway

    They have doughnuts on them not poka dots, sorry it was bugging me

    Jeon Jimin

    Its fine I didnt have my glasses on anyways

    Crystal Ridgeway

    @victoria rocha sorry I had to point it out but I agree with what you said, I love these guys but Stefan's the best

    Jeon Jimin

    Its ok and I know right

  86. Ainara Soria

    wow i love it <3

  87. Latesha Porter

    Omg LOL

  88. Latesha Porter

    Omg LOL

  89. Precious Boo

    Is it just me or do the boys look good in dress

  90. Campbell B

    You guys are so talented 😃

  91. B.ArtFilms

    Leds ring on lens ;)

  92. Sam Cain

    "Instead you got me H from s-club"
    *it steps*
    Hahaha pure brilliance

  93. It's Anazing

    COME TO THE USA I WILL LOVE YOU! (specifically Chicago or Iowa) You will make my life! I love you guys <3 Thank you...

  94. hayley rebecca

    ♡ love this

  95. love good music

    I love this song and I think you shouldn't change anything

  96. Erin X

    pause at 0:26

  97. Flamur Broja

    the midnight beast movie?

  98. Jennamb007


  99. daddiopage

    Guys, I love your shit. But it call seems kind of the same. You guys should do a bit more pop-electroish more music like Begging or Plenty More Fish. Let's go for another season!!!